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  1. Honestly said the same mate, if they claim a title that’s not been won, that Europa league is ours 😂
  2. We don’t live in some utopia where everybody loves everybody, everycunt in this shithole country hates everybody, and In fact the only thing that brings folk together in this country is their equal hatred towards our club. Cunts going on about folk on here not caring about hearts staff etc taking a pay cut can fuck up as far as am concerned. If you really really care why not stop having a go at Rangers fans for not giving a fuck and help the desperate. I for one could not give a fuck. All and sundry wanted us dead and buried, why the fuck should I now care about them, to which they will reply “that makes you no better than them” oh but it does as We aren’t the ones trying to fuck them over the way they did to us, we are simply human beings who have other problems on our plate, and no time to worry about cunts that tried to bury us. I’ve no proof but I’m willing to bet 2 bog rolls that when we were at our darkest, the hearts staff were gloating and having a great laugh about it, so fuck em.
  3. No surrender big lad
  4. Moot argument though mate, because if we were ten points clear the taigs would be pushing for it to be scrapped so I’m not really having the “shoe on the other foot” point some folks in here keep saying. point of the matter is it should be cancelled. Nobody winning anything, nobody relegated, euro places for next season awarded to same teams as this season, as competitions didn’t end. Fairest and easiest way imo.
  5. Was just about to write that myself mate. Not a fucking chance the tramps would do that. hopefully they will show themselves up globally for the utter scum they are by greeting about a title they haven’t won.
  6. How can you sit there, as a so called Rangers fan, and say just give them the league. Fuck sake man they have won fuck all. League should be null and void and start again next season with a big dnf on this year.
  7. wont hear or see they smelly cunts anyway, they’re doing us the favour, means we don’t them breathing all over our beautiful stadium
  8. Ayrblue1


    I’m torn, I really really want to be optimistic, I mean it’s possible but will the scum drop points other than to us? And can we win every game?
  9. Aye we’ve got our sights set on the world club cup 😂
  10. Good post mate, only thing about today That’s getting to folk, I think, is that there doesn’t seem to be that spark that better performances and wins are on the horizon. I could be wrong I’m just going on what I feel like today.
  11. Would definetly be a nice consolation for the league 😂
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