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  1. Sorry, lost the thread. Will check the series of The Rangers Journey Through the 60's videos on YouTube. For sure Wee Buds goal is in one of the videos (there are 4 in total).
  2. The game is on Youtube here: Maybe you can screen capture the goal.
  3. Happy birthday Walter, thanks for all the great memories.
  4. Fantastic servant. Must be turning in his grave reflecting on some of the utter dug shite that have been so-called servants of our club in the last decade.
  5. Agree with all of the above. A true gent and a Great Ranger. RIP
  6. Not too much over exuberance either. It was clearly quite a normal occurrence spanking the Mhanks in those days.
  7. Jelavic 2 - 1 2011 SLCF Apologies for quality of some PICS but great memories.
  8. The late great Davie 2 - 1 1978 SLCF
  9. Lets hope for a few of these tomorrow: Jim Forrest 2 - 1 1964 SLCF
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