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  1. Not losing this will be a decent result, something that will build confidence for the season ahead. The game was lost at home, what's important is winning the league this year - nothing else matters
  2. Mistake playing Morelos, never going to win this, should probably have started with Stewart up front. All we are doing is making a move away less likely or at a significantly lower value. His time at Rangers is over, the future is Roofe and Itten
  3. For how much tough, on recent showings we'd be lucky to get 5m
  4. Come on, sneak a goal now and the second half gets interesting
  5. With the improved Sottish coefficient (thank you Stevie G) do we have two CL spots next year? or is the the Europa League again for us?
  6. If we want to sell Morelos he could do with a goal or two tonight. Might be wrong but don't think he's scored for us in 2020 and looking off the pace
  7. Rangers looking quite sharp, other than Alfie who again looks a little off the pace (and carrying a few extra pounds). Much that I love him, I think it would be better if he goes and we reinvest further in the team. Concerned that he may be damaging his resale value - cue hat trick from Alfie
  8. It's a game that we aren't expected to qualify from and I really can't see that happening. Hopefully we will give a good account of ourselves and can kick on into the new season. The bench does look frighteningly weak though, other than Hagi, I can't see anybody that you could bring on to turn a game around.
  9. Strong first half. Second 45 not great, but we won a difficult opening day fixture away to the sheep. Something to build on, I'd have taken one nil before kick off.
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