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  1. 3-0 Rangers. Hopefully Broadfoot has a torrid time and leaves the pitch totally humiliated after his nonsense with Ruan Jack last season.
  2. Oz

    Double Signing

    Womans football is utter gash.
  3. Oz


    Ill trust Stevie Gs opinion....
  4. Oz


    Best signing we made. Has been a huge step up in what we had. MOTM tonight. Great to have a top class keeper again.
  5. Oz


    Well done tonight Andy Halliday. Job done. Did not let us down.
  6. I expect Maribor will be well aware our obvious weakness is on the left and will try to exploit it by putting Halliday under pressure from the start. Their RH side caused Flannigan a few problems with pace, and this is the only area that gives me the fear with Halliday in there. Need a strong performance from Halliday tonight !
  7. Oz

    Early days but.....

    Its great just being able to enjoy football again.... Ibrox felt the way it used to be once more last night
  8. I need to pick up a ticket for my mate at the ticket office. Does anyone know if I need to do this before 5pm or will ticket office open tonight until the match starts ? cant get through on phone lines....
  9. Oz

    Croats Kicking Off

    Well done to the bears that stood firm and gave the bastards what they deserved. No sympathy at all for the cunts who got stabbed. Couldnt care if they get flown home in a box.
  10. Oz

    Ally McCoist

    He is bang on the money. celtic are spending more on one player than our Dave King n co can offer Gerrard for complete transfer budget. The difference in the quality and depth of squads is plain to see. Until we can match it we are not going to beat the scum. Will be fighting out the season for 2nd place again. Board have made an absolute clusterfuck of our return to the top.
  11. Oz

    Kyle Lafferty

    It may also be possible that following revelations and opening up about his gambling addiction a pay cut might not have been an option...also would explain hid decision to go to FC Zion at that time. I suspect he would have likely been servicing huge gambling debts and not in a position to take pay cuts, etc. His own fault if that was the case but addiction is an illnesses and he is doing all the right things, which seems to conincide with a rise in form again.
  12. Oz

    Cardoso off?

    He is red hot pish. Goodbye.
  13. Oz

    Kyle Lafferty

    I hope we get him. Hed score plenty of goals and he knows what it means to play or Rangers. Its an Aye from me.
  14. Oz

    Europa League

    True but we dont have Pedro in charge either....