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  1. Oz

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Thread***

    Not confident at all in our ability to break down Livi. Can see a shitey 0-0 draw with our centre halves holding about 60% posession passing it to each other with Worrall occasionally trying to pull off a world class punt!
  2. Oz

    Darren Bent

    We should targeting better signings than Bent in my opinion. Waste of a wage.
  3. Oz

    Scotland fans in kilts and stupid hats

    There is absolutely no way i could stand amongst those group of people who hate my club, our players and us fans as people just because we support Glasgow Rangers. How any Rangers fan can stand with those cunts and cheer on Leigh Grifiths i will never understand. The hatred from the fans and people in position of other clubs and organisations throughout Scotland when we were in trouble actually shocked me. I will never forgive or forget in my lifetime. I will never support them and will do my very best to influence my young family never to support Scotland as a football team. Horrible fans, terrible football team run by a corrupt and disgusting organisation. No thanks.
  4. Oz


    Not fucken many....
  5. Oz

    55 will be this year - Lafferty

    I like the positive attitude, just wish it was kept in the dressing room. The performance at the piggery tells me otherwise, looks like we will surrender minimum 6 points to the beggars if we play like that again. Stop talking and motivating every other team we play ya big fanny and show us how its done by winning full points out the next run of games.
  6. Oz

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    There lies a problem unless Coulibally gets back soon...
  7. Oz

    Proud of my team.

    The results in the league are not something to be proud of to be honest. Struggled to contain Motherwell who are shite, dominated by them today, the Europa League results have given us pride back but the start of the new league season is a fucken huge disapointment. Been a tough start with tbe fixtures but still a disapointing position we find ourselves in after 4 games. Need a good run of wins against some of the dross we are about to come up against.
  8. Oz


    Was clearly fucked after Thursday n should have been subbed after the goal. Passenger for second half, legs were gone. However the squad isnt strong enough to bring on a straight replacement. I would even have brought Halliday. Needed fresh legs in the middle of the park. Not Ejarias fault i genuinely think he was just exhausted.
  9. Oz


    His performance against Werder Bremen was world class.
  10. Oz


    Probably the best signing Gerrard made. Time to move on and get fully behind him.
  11. Tough one but who cares. LET'S GO!
  12. Oz

    Halliday & Gerrard

    Buzzing watching that. Well done Halliday.
  13. Great news, well deserved.