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  1. No fear of that for the foreseeable thankfully.
  2. Everyone, Anyone, Any where
  3. Totally agree, don’t think Gerrard would ever start a totally different 11. Five changes to start and perhaps two more if and when we’ve killed the game. Would like to see game time for the other two CHs, Barker, King and Stewart.
  4. James Rolle

    Left back

    Barisic has to come good, he just has to. I think he needs an extended run in the team to build his confidence - if that’s what’s lacking. He has shown that he has ability and I think we’ll see it more regularly if he gets a run. As the only natural LB he needs to make the position his own - and if he can’t - we need to go out and buy a LB in Jan. Halliday is a great squad player - he gives everything but cannot be the long term solution.
  5. We are so luck to have Gerrard, he’s a winner. Thank fuck we dodged a bullet with McInnes!
  6. James Rolle


    He’d have been sold this summer if any club had offered £15-20m. He didn’t do himself any favors with his red card count last season. We all know he has the potential to be a £20m +, and he’s started in the right way this season in proving that. If he keeps up the form, and his new found maturity, he could be away for £30m next summer.
  7. James Rolle


    Really happy for Ojo tonight - my MOTM. Seems like he suits the left wing - more dilemmas for SG 🤩
  8. We’ve played against a few world class goalkeepers this season already 😜
  9. James Rolle


    He’s started on fire this season and has also matured - we could be looking at 40 this season!
  10. This result tonight confirms that we’re right to be ‘quietly confident’ no more, no less. One game at a time, enjoy the ride. Let’s go!
  11. We don’t want Lennon’s head on a stick. We want him to keep his job at least til end of this season!
  12. Good luck fella, £120 is a lot to lose.
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