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  1. I think Gerrard needs to find a way of playing Morelos and Defoe. It doesn’t make sense for an in-form striker to be on the bench and you can’t leave Alfie out. If Ojo and Arfield were offering more then I get it, but they aint. Stewart playing out right with either Jones or Kent - whomever is showing form would be first choice for me - but until they get their fitness back why couldn’t we fit in Defoe with Barisic providing the width on the left and Helander/Katic covering back.
  2. Totally agree! Would be disappointing not to win the title this season, but our best hope is sticking with Stevie. I believe the board will back him if we pick up some silverware and continue to progress in Europe. Most fans will be behind him, although a significant % wont.
  3. Firstly, I agree, we are a work in progress and steadily improving. The elephant in the room though is the title expectation THIS season. Where does Gerrard stand at the end of the season after more progress, let’s say League Cup winners but not the league. Do the board continue to back him and, as importantly, do the fans?
  4. Fair play if that’s your opinion mate
  5. Why? Shows class, something they don’t have.
  6. Airfield has to start! I don’t think many can match him when it comes to receiving the the ball in the box, man right on him, no time and space to swing for the ball yet he finds a way to stab the ball in the net. There will be situations a plenty like that tomorrow. Edit : well, okay, apart from Alfredo
  7. You’re right CB, why no bans last year? can only think that they didn’t have a delegate at any of our games to record any unacceptable songs/words as evidence. The fines were for other incidents (non-sectarian) - that I’m sure most clubs pick up now and again, and not deemed serious enough for the club to warn the fans about....or did they, I’m not sure?
  8. If we’re going to swap in Jones for Ojo, which I agree with, I’d probably also swap In Flanagan for Barisic. Don’t think we need both of them on the left.
  9. Anyone - but yeah would prefer to avoid the big guns and/or furthest away teams. Pumped for the draw tomorrow
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