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  1. So we dominated yesterday, so what? We’ve always agreed that the result is all that matters. If anything good comes from yesterday it will be the biggest reaction we have ever managed - to get through on Thursday and go on a sustained run of wins including the Dec 29th game until we go top of the league again AND stay there. Lose at their dump in December and we build up the psychological barrier we broke down last season.
  2. Funny how we come up against world class goalies so often. The reason we lost is that we didn't take our chances. Morelos managed to have his worst game in a Rangers shirt. How should have score at least one of those, and if not one of the many from open play, he should have done better with the penalty, that was a shite penalty.
  3. Actually, I think we’ve both improved since last season, but if we play our best, we win. We should have no fear you’re absolutely right.
  4. 2 players for every position is what the plan was and why we have those guys. The time will come when we need them and hopefully they’ll deliver more than one of the youths.
  5. Of course mate, I’m not supporting them every fucking game to help the coefficient - but if one win helped us then fine. My argument to SEMA was that his position wasn’t totally thought through because there maybe occasion where we might need them to win ONE GAME to benefit us. I tried to explain the point with an example of us winning the title - bad example but he couldn’t answer it anyway. So, now that we have established that it’s one game on rare occasion - I think his answer is still no, is that right SEMA?
  6. In ordinary circumstances, yes agreed we hate them love to see them lose. My point was that on the very rare occasion that we would want them to do us a favor - that would greatly benefit us - e.g. being the difference that made us reach a CL campaign vs EL campaign or worse EL2 campaign, then I’d say we’d gladly suffer their one win for our greater benefit. SEMA said he would rather they lose even if it meant we don’t benefit from place in the CL and all the financial trapping that comes with. And I will maintain that no real fan would wish that.
  7. Did you answer my question? I explained my position - which would be the same as Gerrards, the players, the board and real fans. You’re trying to hard to win staunch points. Grow up for fuck sake
  8. Still wrong, but you’re deliberately twisting the point, so no there’s point in trying to argue this anymore.
  9. Not the point I was making at all.
  10. Nah mate, you just can’t understand the point I’m making.
  11. You’re strange, and have the same mentality as them. they’d prefer us dead so they have no competition and can romp the league year after year. Cowardly.
  12. Okay that was a bad example, which I did point out. But there could be a scenario where celtic winning would mean the difference between us playing CL or EL qualifiers the following season - you’re saying you’d prefer them to lose and we lose out on CL? I don’t think so. I get your sentiment mate, but I don’t think you really thought it through.
  13. You don’t understand the point mate obviously
  14. Okay, what about this scenario....AS UNLIKELY AS THIS IS.....but just to make a point: Last day of the season, we are one point behind the sheep who are one win away from their first title since Fergie days. celtic are further behind but if they beat the sheep on the last day , we win 55. Fuckin right you’d be “mon the Tic” . Get a grip man.
  15. My point was aimed at the first comment in his post - “Hope they get beat regardless, and whatever that means for us so be it we go into whichever euro comp that results in.” I’m not suggesting I want to see them win, however I’d prefer that they contribute to the coefficient IF it meant the difference between us playing in EL1 or EL2. The big European games at Ibrox is what gives us the goose bumps and the hopes and dreams. So I would care if it came to it making that difference, if not, then of course I’d hope they lose too. But SEMA would rather they lose even if it meant that difference - so if you think my patter is more honking than that then i’m sure I’m in the same boat as everyone of the players, management team and real fans. I actually don’t even believe that statement of yours, because if true, you are no Rangers fan.
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