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  1. He can play right on the edge, but falling for that thick prick Brown’s antics is not playing on the edge, it’s putting us on the fucking edge, all the fucking time. We can find someone else to bang in 25 goals as season, we are Rangers!
  2. This image may have quite a long shelf life I feel
  3. I don’t think I contradicted myself - I gave the rationale for being reliant on him because we have been one dimensional. I’m not saying Lafferty is the answer, but some new key players in the summer and we’ll be fine. Morelos is not the be all and end all mate, but yes this season we haven’t done well up front without him for various reasons that I hope we remedy next season, without him. I was a big fan of Morelos, but as I’ve said, his behavior has been as much as a burden as his goals have been a benefit.
  4. Agreed mate. It’s time to move on from this utter fucking shitstorm.
  5. I can’t wait for a season without Morelos. We’ve been too reliant on him, we have a one dimensional formation because of him and he lets us down time after time. We didn’t put up with Negri (who banged in more than Morelos in half a season) so why should we accept Morelos? We can and will do better than him, he’s not bigger than the club and when you kick the gaffer, your team mates and the fans in the baws continually, it’s time up. If anything, I can see a real united RM forum on the topic of Morelos’s future, so either we are all clueless or you’ve been smelling too many hotdogs. he just doesn’t deserve his place.
  6. We’ve had better, more prolific strikers and we will have in the future so I won’t lose sleep when he leaves, hopefully this summer.
  7. Defoe, and possibly Laff, now have a few games to show what they can do. I’d be happy if Morelos doesn’t get another game this season. I’ll take 8,9,10 million for Morelos - whatever we can get. He’s had his last chance with me.
  8. Good post, and I agree Morelos will be gone, and that would be my vote. I also agree that Gerrard must take some of the responsibility for not eradicating his petulant side.
  9. Shows how much he’s let down the fans. I can understand their sentiments, can’t you?
  10. It doesn’t matter, does it? That’s what Legi wanted, he got it. What is it you don’t get about that?
  11. Fucking disgraceful - that’s all this is
  12. Gazza but close call with a few others. Given the current team we have Gazza would have the most impact IMO
  13. Flanagan was free mate and served a purpose early season. better options now which is why he hasn't played.
  14. I'm thinking the same way after tonight
  15. who are the "4 or 5 continuing losers"? not trying to argue but that was our strongest team out there and most of them have produced MOTM performances recently.
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