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  1. Maybe, and thats probably why he went to Qatar, but that didn't turn out so great. Chance to be a legend and play in front of 50,000 of the best fans in the world every other week (eventually) must be a draw for some. No fee, probably high wages, but if he’s still got it, I would expect us to be considering it. I just think we need some big names that have been there and done it at the highest level. Gerrard needs to win the title this season otherwise he’s gone and I dont think he’ll do it with the type of players he’s brought in so far.
  2. What about Mario Mandzukic? He is out of contract having just left Al-Duhail by mutual consent. Another big Croatian CF, bit older than Prso when he joined us, but has been a prolific goal scorer with some big clubs - Bayern Munich, Athletic Madrid and Juve. Has always done quiet well even when played on the wing rather than centrally. Dont know if his legs have gone or if he still has a season or two in him....
  3. If they do think differently, they are clinging to the hope that this ‘season definition’ gives them flexibility to end the season before 38 games have been completed. "Season means the period of the year commencing on the date of the first league match in a season and ending on the date of the last league match in the same season or otherwise as determined by the board and which excludes the close season." This rule simply allows the board to determine if the season has to end in the same season or not. However, rule C14 clearly enforces that teams will be entitled to 38 games in the season. “The clubs for the time being entitled in terms of these rules to participate in the Premiership shall, disregarding any abandoned or postponed matches, play in 38 league matches in any one season." The season definition cannot supersede this rule as it relates only to the ‘period of the year’ as to when the season ends - and only that can ‘‘otherwise be determined by the board’. In order to have the flexibility to end the season and hand out honors after playing less than 38 games, there would have needed to be a part in rule C14 that included “or otherwise as determined by the board’ as per the season definition rule. The SPFL do not have a leg to stand on if they think they can end the season now AND hand the title to celtic. I’m not a lawyer but it’s a clear as day to me.
  4. Null and Void is fair in equal measure for everyone based on this global pandemic. Tough luck that some were close, but the season wasn’t completed - anything could still happen. However, handing out titles, relegation, promotion based on probability is giving advantage to some teams over others. If a team was ahead and it were mathematically impossible to be caught, fair enough, otherwise it’s a bogey.
  5. Anyone accepting of celtic being handed the title does not support Rangers, IMO
  6. They are messengers of course, telling you what they've heard - all originating from people that are keen just to hand the title to celtic.
  7. It seems the people that have explained it to you, have started with giving celtic the title and trying to interpret the rules to justify it. If you start with the rules you cannot land with celtic being given the title. I hope we all agree with this and reject the rationale that we're being asked to accept.
  8. What about Falkirk - every chance they could too. What about ICT, Ayr, Dundee who played themselves into a play-off spot, same with Airdrie and Montrose and on down the leagues it's the same. I don't think you can say there's more for clubs to lose by voiding the league. Then you have the unfair situation of relegating Hearts, Partick who could easily survive wit the games left to play. Null and void upsets less clubs imo.
  9. If they are handed 9iar, yes it will have a bloody big asterisk against it....but their 8 iar already did. Wouldn't stop official records counting it though.
  10. Please explain your rationale for this.
  11. A better analogy is if a game of football is abandoned without playing 90 mins, the game is null and void and is replayed. Same should be applied to the league, as per the rules (38 games should be played).
  12. So what's the 'right thing to do' regarding promotion based on the pay-off positions? Do Hamilton automatically stay up and deny ICT, Ayr and Dundee the chance to win a play-off?
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