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  1. James Rolle

    Scottish Cup on Premier Sports

    They will for live coverage outside the UK.
  2. James Rolle

    With the hysterics

    We’re not way ahead of schedule imo, I think we are where we should be expecting to be and certainly where SG expected us to be, both from a domestic and European perspective. Prior to the home game against Spartak, I’d have said we were over-achieving in Europe, but again I don’t think reaching the group stages was being well ahead of ourselves - it was expected. If we hadn’t reached the group stages SG would have been under immense pressure. Heck, he was under pressure even with qualifying for the group stage, given our domestic away form. I think there’s no in between for us, the fans either see us as under-achieving or over-achieving but I honestly think we’re bang where we should be. There has been no crises nor has there been any unexpected wins that have blown us away. That’s why we’re close in the league and we’ll have to muster up something brave to get through in Europe. I wouldn’t have expected anything less, and I happy with that, but not ecstatic.
  3. We will most likely need to win both our remaining games
  4. Feels like they’re going to score every time they surge towards our goal. Goldson and Flanagan shocking tonight. But again robbed by a bad offside decision. Hate watching this game...
  5. James Rolle

    Raging, Gutted, Angry, Emotional and Bewildered....

    Is that what happened to you?
  6. James Rolle

    Optimism gone

    100% mate! Morelos is some player but we could have done with him today. Hopefully today will finally teach him.
  7. Push. Which game were you watching? Two wee touches is not enough given the amount of possession in the final third. His movement off the ball was non existent, he never looked like he even wanted the ball.
  8. Sadiq shouldn’t have fucking started! Useless prick, offerered fuck all.
  9. Could’ve written that script for fuck sake!
  10. James Rolle

    Up front on Sunday?

    Agree, if there are others in front of him that don’t play in that role, he’s a goner. I’m not sure he would even get a chance off the bench unless we’re 3-0 up and we’re out of sight. One name that hasn’t been mentioned is Arfield, could he perhaps be the middle man with in a top 3?
  11. James Rolle

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    I actually though Kent could have taken a touch and drilled it in himself, he certainly had the space. Unfortunate from Grezda though.
  12. James Rolle

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    We didn’t disgrace ourselves tonight by any means. Clean sheet at home, dominated most of the game, created enough chances but just couldn’t take them. Effort was there and I saw a hunger, it just wasn’t our night. That’s football. We’re still very much in this group, but none of these games were ever going to be easy and if we can take 4 points in the next 3 - most likely would be a win in Vienna and a point in Moscow, anything at home to Villarreal would be huge. These European nights is great experience for the players and the fact we still sit equal top after 3 games is well good enough for me based on where we should expect to be at this stage in our development. Onward now to Sunday and looking forward to a hattrick from new striker Halliday. Okay, will probably be Middleton up front and we’ll win by 2.
  13. James Rolle

    Ian Durrant - “**** the pope”

    Plenty people say Fuck Trump or Fuck May or etc within political debates (which is deemed fine, freedom of speech and all that, so yeah it’s a fair point, why is Fuck the Pope viewed as unacceptable bigotry? But, still, idiot filming it and sharing it - as we know it is viewed that way.