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  1. This! We haven’t had a decent run since returning, we will not win the league without consistency. 3 wins out of is nothing more than a good start, but we need to keep winning.
  2. Thank you! Someone who's willing to provide a little bit of information to kick-off an official match thread
  3. Not sure I agree that it's a shite situation to be in. Unless I misinterpreted what Gerrard said or he was lying, we do not need to sell our start player. However, if we receive a bid that meets our valuation then he must go - everyone has their price and for once we are able to make big money from selling - this has to be our business model whether we are challenging or dominating the league. We are in a very goos situation in my view.
  4. Balogun instead of Helander for me, otherwise good to go.
  5. I think Alfredo will start, in which case Jack will occupy the one DM role with Airbo and Hagi in behind the front 3, with Kamara dropping to the bench. The front 3 will be Itten, Morelos and Kent. McLaughlin Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Hagi Jack Aribo Itten Morelos Kent Sounds like McGregor has a niggling issue from Leverkusen and Roofe needs another 7-10 days to get up to speed.
  6. This would be my starting 11. Tav won't be left out though.
  7. 'Itten' and 'Roofe' is an anagram of 'Ten Fire Oot'. Good sign!
  8. Yep, I ordered shorts and top for my son (separate orders) - registered MyGer and only had one email to say the shorts have been dispatched. Received nothing yet!
  9. He's on the wind up mate, don't give him the reaction. Obsessed!
  10. Last chance to experiment with some fringe players in competitive game and give some players coming back some match sharpness. Not expecting miracles, juts hope we don't lose, can be proud of our performance and keep the momentum going. Clean sheet and a goal or two would be great!
  11. Game 1 - Sheep Away - 3 points - very happy with that. Performance wasn't bad, wasn't great, but as a first competitive game back after 5 months - gotta be happy with that and the other positives from the game. But we do need to improve, and we do need another striking option...fast.
  12. No, it has nothing to do with having under 100 posts, it's the fact that you're so obviously not a Bear. You didn't see the game yesterday AND came on here to ask how we played, is the biggest clue. You're very odd, and use the term Timmy, that's the other give aways
  13. This transfer window is an odd one with it starting late and ending very late. If Morelos is sold, I would assume we'll invest it back on the team - to improve the starting 11. However, I have my doubt that we'll get what we want for Morelos. If Lille come back with the supposed 17m, we'll take it, I'm sure. If the offer is much lower, I don't think we sell him, knowing another good season and we can get the 20m as per our valuation. If Morelos stays, then I think plan be would be to bring in a cheaper striking option e.g. Dykes or someone in that price range or perhaps a loan. However, given the transfer window, I think we need to be patient. Defoe is probably just two week out and despite calls for him to be 3rd or 4th choice, he's proven he can be 2nd choice - and case easily chip in with 15 goals a season, even from the bench. Our fate lies with Morelos, he need to do much better than last season (league form) because if he stays and doesn't improve, we're doomed. My preference is to sell him (no lower than 15-17m) and have one direct replacement i.e. a Roofe or Maja and a loanee.
  14. yes, but look at that closely - studs up - that's a dangerous challenge IMO
  15. I was thinking the same earlier. If he doesn't deliver the title this season, he's gone - he cannot survive for a fourth season IMO. If he does win the title, I think he'll also go and there won't be a shortage of takers.
  16. If considine hadn't gone in with the studs, Arfield wouldn't have had to jump up and out of the way to avoid a serious injury, so I'm not sure I get your point.
  17. Well spotted, that could have been even worse if he had connected with Hagi. Got what he deserved in the end.
  18. Sorry, fair enough, you didn't say that he had his studs showing, but you did say he 'jumped in' two footed. He may have jumped to avoid that horrid tackle, but certainly don't see anything untoward from Arfield there. Is that better?
  19. 100% Rubbish mate, I don’t know what you were seeing but Arfield was not showing any studs there.
  20. He'd be good, but in reality I'd take anyone to not have Andy Little every other week!
  21. I thought Tav looked good tonight, some strong runs forward and bossed his area. We need him to hit his best form this season.
  22. Does it not do landscape mode? Just downloaded the app and it looks like it’s just portrait, odd considering it’s a video app.
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