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  1. Seems like a veiled warning shot to me. Letting the spfl know that a return to the norm wont be allowed. Would have to assume the spfl will contact us at some point soon. Fully expect us to tell them this aint over.
  2. We have to go down the court route. Lets see how loyal these diddy team chairman are to the spfl exec when a court case starts hitting them in the pocket.
  3. Having just read it i think its excellent. Sure most of the stuff was already in the public domain but collated in one place makes it really hit home how utter useless the spfl are. The nuke was never going to be in it..that will get found when any investigation takes place. All these things add up and matter. Christ they took capone down on taxes ffs..no silver bullet there but results are what matters.
  4. Looks a 442 and we score within minutes. Problem we have is gerrard just reverts back to 433
  5. Seems he's staying. Cant lie im gutted. Im fully expecting us to win fuck all next year. I see no reason to think he's suddenly going to change his approach to the spfl. If numerous fuck ups over the last 2 seasons hasnt made him then what will. They tramps were furious when lennon was appointed despite having just secured a treble and having previous silverware in the bag. We have fans desperate to keep a man whose won fuck all...how we've falling.
  6. Yeah im choking for attention off randoms online. Fuck off loser. Rangers dont accept this kind of shite. Too many fans have let standards fall since 2012. Losers.
  7. Get him to fuck. Why would you actually keep him.
  8. Utter shite. Can this team only sit in and player counter attacking football in europe? Seems clear as day we need a spfl system/style and a European one.
  9. What i always find amusing is under gerrards style having 3 cm who mainly provide cover for the centre backs, in his playing days he'd prob not fit into our style. He roamed way too much.
  10. Most goals are caused by mistakes by someone though. So at what point does the manager get blamed for poor results.
  11. We were pinning them in and swamping them when he made the change at ht. Took the lead and instead of putting boot to throat and getting that 3rd, killing the game. He reverted back to what wasnt working and allowed them to gain momentum.
  12. But players will always make mistakes. No manager would ever be sacked if we just said the player fucked up.
  13. If were battering teams like we should then the fuck ups become less of an issue. Plus most teams give up when 2 down. Were getting 1 up and gerrard wants to hold out.
  14. If he doesnt start trying a new system with whats left of the season he has to go. He is far too cautious. Aribo, hagi, kent, alf and kamberi should all be starting and told to unleash fucking hell. Let jack and the defenders take care of what comes the other way.
  15. Yeah can go for me. My mind was basically made up after the sheep game. What ive saw since and today just reaffirms it. Hit his ceiling..one system and is too negative. I despair at the thought of him here next season
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