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  1. This crap playing the same system no matter whose on drives me insane. We have a middle 3 who offer zero threat but when we have our 2 1st pick full backs bombing on we get away with it. Last 3 games we haven't had tav yet the system stays the same. He done the same with jones getting him to playing inside forward..the mans a winger. Fucking idiotic.
  2. I thought that lot were slight faves before tonight. Now id say it's a 60/40 game. You cant win stuff with a back line like ours. Thats not even factoring in the arse collapsing which we saw. Mentally weak.
  3. Cant bring myself to watch. Feels like ive saw this movie before.
  4. Whats it going to take for stewart to be given a chance. We always seem to have a cm as one of our front 3. Drives me fucking nuts.
  5. They 2 cant play on sunday. We will get destroyed. But i have doubts that gerrard is capable of making these kinda decisions if it involves an untouchable. His subs and timing of them was pathetic again today.
  6. Nah id take winning both. I doubt the tims would accept a draw at aberdeen and then a cup final win. They'd demand to win both and thats why they are winning shit. Heard this perspective pish last season and we won fuck all. No excuse for losing a 2 goal lead to a shit aberdeen. Its the pathetic reaction that scares me. Too many losers still and a gaffer shit scared or simply clueless on when to make a sub.
  7. Rusty117


    Spot on!! Clearly bullshit. Ojo was a total waste of a sub.
  8. Whats the fucking point of gerrard saying that men have to earn the strip. Stewart should have been on before ojo but gerrard sends him on knowing fine fucking well he wont do shit. The 2 cb's are fine as long as your not asking them to actually defend. Cowardice with the late subs too.
  9. Rusty117


    Zero threat at all. Lacks the pace, touch and finishing of a player in that position. Why gerrard doesnt grow a set of balls and start stewart, who granted wont offer as much defensively but will cause far more trouble i'll never know. Its going to cost us. Could arfield have done that pass to defoe vs hamilton?? Not a fucking chance. I reckon we have a team capable of winning this league. Whether that team is on the pitch is down to the gaffer.
  10. Same issues as last season are happening. Gerrard sets us up vs tough away teams to try and contain and work into the match. He still doesnt realise that dont work. Give these teams a sniff and their tails are up..we need to stamp out any hope. He's too negative. Kamara and davies aint needed in a middle 3. Arfield aint a forward player. If he cant force his way imto the middle then drop him. Ojo is utter pish.
  11. Its the players picked thats the issue. Arfield aint a forward 3 player. Should be kent and stewart up with buff. Stewart is better in every attacking department tjan arfield. Gerrards too negative in the spfl and wants arfield as he helps the midfield.
  12. Why the fuck does he have to hit every cross so fucking hard..pick a man out. That goal he cost today was a joke.
  13. Haha well thats me stumped with that deadly reply.
  14. Its not a myth..he is a poor defender. Even at the weekend he almost fucked up vs the sheep. 2 up just before half time..a hopeless punt from them up the park. Tav with loads of space and time tries to take a ball which has just re-entered orbit down on his thigh..his thigh!!! Ball bounces 10 yards away to an aberbeen player who thankfully was pish. Does that vs that mob and were losing a goal. Their is a reason that nobody came looking for him in the summer depsite his best season...they know he cant defend.
  15. Does shit like that way too often. Thinks he's better than he is. Sure he puts in a good ball now and then but i want my RB being able to defend. Tav cant. Id be looking to get someone else in. He will cost us again.
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