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  1. The guy hugging the cop after the goal 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. But that is the point...he doesn’t know what it takes to win a title. Takes something different to win a league than it does to win a trophy - even if it’s the champions league.
  3. I get what you’re saying, but ramping up the pressure on them and turning their fans against them will be just as crucial going in to the second half. Our players will already be on a high...we don’t need media coverage to add to that. But if they can implode on February, which I think is their hard fixture month, then it will take the pressure off of us.
  4. My favourite moment was their fans dedicating a tifo to the Paras
  5. I do, for one. How can you find any confidence from that? Talking like he’s terrified of what he’s about to face.
  6. Well, he’s starting today so let’s see if the old Arfield is back! Here’s hoping.
  7. Does first place then start later in the competition? If not, then fuck this obsession with two places - our objective should be to win the league season after season.
  8. Good find...this definitely explains a lot. With a stronger permanent squad we should be moving away from such risky loans.
  9. The gap would close faster if we were to get the only CL slot. Therefore, the answer is simple: win the league.
  10. Frankfurt surely must have to play in an empty stadium after their game tonight...let’s see how UEFA rate their behaviour against a few songs
  11. All the best to you and your wife, mate.
  12. Guess that’s always the danger when a new manager comes in
  13. Fuck...feared this when we started doing the time wasting games at 55 minutes. Their Defence is as bad as ours, we need to be attacking them
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