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  1. New Manager... Who?

    He seems to like a challenge and, as you say, instils a winning mentality wherever he goes. Seems beyond the realms of possibility at the moment but I'd love to see an appointment like this.
  2. New Manager... Who?

    Totally agree. I think there's zero percent chance it'll happen. I'm just drifting into the realms of nostalgic fantasy because his previous reign was the last time we had a decent squad and a good manager.
  3. New Manager... Who?

    If, hypothetically, Walter Smith was in a position to commit himself to managing us for 3-5 seasons, there wouldn't be a better, realistic option for us. That's all I'm saying really. I completely agree that we're not going to be able to compete for the title until a major investment is made. I'm not remotely confident that such an investment will be forthcoming before 2020. That said, with our current spend on wages and transfer fees, we should be securing second place comfortably and competing in at least one cup final a season. I believe there are at least half a dozen realistic managerial appointments who could deliver on those lowly objectives and I believer any manager who is failing (or fails) to deliver them should be under intense scrutiny.
  4. New Manager... Who?

    Exactly. There's more to football management than having the best set of individual players - just ask Ranieri. This is spot on too. Not saying his transfer record was flawless - and we'd no doubt have wasted wages on a few duds this summer - but there's every chance the money spent on Pena, Cardoso, and Herrera would've been used to bring in Moult, Walker, and others (McLean?). We might have had a more boring, predictable summer but we'd be having a far more successful winter.
  5. New Manager... Who?

    Well, he'd certainly improve on our recent record. This is someone who got to the final of the UEFA Cup with Kirk Broadfoot and Steven Whittaker in his team. I'm more than confident he could take a team with Dorrans, Alves, and Morelos in it and grind out a cup win over a Motherwell team that counts Cadden and Bowman among its standouts.
  6. New Manager... Who?

    Imagine if we could get a manager like Smith now. He’d sort this lot out in a heartbeat.
  7. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    Oh aye, right enough, why didn’t I think of that? Let’s just ‘get a board’ that’s willing to spend millions of pounds on new players immediately. Sounds so simple when you read it. Can’t believe it never occurred to me. Problem solved.
  8. New Manager... Who?

    As far as I can tell Al-Gharafa haven’t even replaced him yet. We could offer them Pena, a £3M player, as a sweetener to take him and his coaches back.
  9. I hope 'Pedro's backers' wake up now

    We’ll need significant investment before mounting a serious title challenge. In the meantime, we need a manager who can comfortably secure second place, reach multiple cup finals, and have a decent go at qualifying for European group stages. Until yesterday, I was willing to believe Caixinha could be that manager, but now he’s failed two of those objectives and seems to be struggling with the third. It’s also clear that we’ve squandered much of our limited transfer budget on dross. The several million spent on Pena is looking particularly galling as it could have bought us Moult (another “good finisher”, but who adds so much more) several times over. I’m now finding it very difficult to believe that McLeish or McInnes (both relatively uninspiring choices) couldn’t do better.
  10. Our DOF Mark Allen

    Just in the door - doubt he’s had much of a chance to make major changes to our infrastructure, footballing philosophy, or commercial approach. We’ll know in several years if he’s doing well.
  11. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    I've seen people say "probably for the best, they'd have beaten us" which is a level of defeatism I'd never associate with Rangers. The gap in quality between us and celtic is far smaller than the gap between us and some of the teams in the Champions League knockout stages, but - back when we were in that tournament - I can't imagine any of us would have said "probably for the best we didn't make it through the group stages, we'd have just been pumped out by Barcelona or Chelsea anyway". Not the Rangers way - especially when it applies to them!
  12. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Two quick points: I'd expect three or four wins in a row (not sixteen) and £10M might be peanuts elsewhere but, in Scotland, it dwarfs the investment of every club bar one.
  13. New Manager... Who?

    I thought McInnes was a stick on, but now I'm thinking we should - at least - be giving this Benitez guy an interview.
  14. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    There's a difference between expecting a 'team akin to Barcelona' and expecting a team that can string together three wins in one of Europe's worst leagues. As I said earlier, our infrastructure, wages, transfer spend, and squad talent demands much, much more than we're getting. I think, after that win, there will be Motherwell fans saying "I quite fancy our chances against celtic actually", whereas I'm seeing Rangers fans basically saying "this is a better outcome because celtic would've gubbed us". It's completely out of character for our fans to go into an Old Firm game expecting a loss or, worse, actively wanting to avoid playing the game. I remember more expectation when we played (and beat) them as a Championship side under Warburton!
  15. *** The Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match Thread ***

    Absolutely mental to hear a Rangers fan insinuate anything to the effect of 'better getting beaten in the semi than face an unbeatable celtic team in the final'. That's the absolute antithesis of this club's ethos and spirit.