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  1. Love that he plays for us and, clearly, he’s a huge positive influence on the squad. No brainier.
  2. I understand people are bored but I’m actually pretty pleased with the last 20-25 minutes of the second half. This is a title winning performance. Not glamorous but lots of effort, physicality, and focus.
  3. I think we all agree that Kamara, Morelos, and Jack are very good players - they might just be better than we think. Goldson, on the other hand, seems to genuinely be held in low esteem by some posters here - even though he’s the core of our defence - so I think the biggest gap between how we rate him and how much he offers has to be him.
  4. Still very exciting to me that we were all praying just to get him back on loan and our club went out and bought him.
  5. Talking about 'the legend' Walter Smith shows his class. He's come here, completely immersed himself in the culture of the club, and truly gets it. Fucking love that man.
  6. We need to make a change to shore this up. That said, we've been in situations like this more than a few times in Europe, so hopefully those experiences count for something.
  7. Didn’t seem like he’d turn that corner but he really did. Next up? Grezda topping the assists table.
  8. Still find it hard to believe we've got him. Great professional, player, and guy by all accounts.
  9. Acres of space and we can’t do anything with it. Fuck right off.
  10. Jack really is my favourite Rangers player in years. Probably for over a decade. What a fucking guy he is.
  11. Really frustrated we're not a couple up. Hope we don't live to regret it!
  12. Three teams went down (U8s, U9s, U10s) and each played two games with two squads. Of the twelve games, Rangers won 11 and drew the other.
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