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  1. I'll be pleasantly surprised if we spend £2.5M.
  2. Nice change to see him answering questions instead of asking them...
  3. Really enjoying watching this. Brilliant seeing our manager celebrate like that too!
  4. Get in! Think they'll crumble now.
  5. How did he miss that?!
  6. Wasn't expecting huge changes in the lineup, but I'm hoping for a very significant transformation in our attitude, style, and decisiveness in their half. Think we'll go ahead fairly quickly then stall in the second half. 3-0 at HT and FT.
  7. Can someone post the lineup?
  8. Told you...
  9. In another system, under our new manager, I think he might turn out to be "just okay". Don't see him ever achieving more than that.
  10. I'd rather take a punt on the potentially-brilliant, potentially-shambolic bullfighter than embrace the sure-fire mediocrity of a McLeish. Pedro's some distance away from the perfect option but with our budget we were never going to get near the likes of de Boer.
  11. That would be a giant surprise.
  12. Think what you like, but - as I said - a very reliable source has all but confirmed this meeting took place today. Once again, I was given no indication of the content of the meeting.
  13. Correct, apparently McCoist's over there too. I should have been clearer - absolutely no suggestion that the meeting was related to our vacant posts, but have no grounds for doubting this source. Could have been a social call, but I'd guess it's more likely he's 'consulting' in some way.
  14. Hearing horrible murmurings from a pretty good source about a meeting between King and McCoist today.
  15. If we get de Boer, or a manager of similar repute, I'll be astounded. I know he's said he's not 'money motivated', but I still very much doubt we can afford him.