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  1. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Just heard a version of events which I take to be accurate. Didn't mention Nicholl at all. A meeting was requested by the players and Murty and Allen were in attendance. Both players felt the level of commitment at training and in games was well below satisfactory level. Murty felt like they'd gone above his head by involving MA and there's a general perception in the squad that he wanted to play the big man and take them down a peg. KM's already been told to look for a new club. LW is awaiting "deliberation" from the club but feels pretty betrayed by us over the whole thing. Who can blame him? There was a bit more to it but, all things considered, the version I heard plainly made Murty sound like an arsehole.
  2. Jason Cummings

    If we can get a proper manager in - and sign Cummings permanently - we’ve also got two very talented strikers near the start of their careers who could very easily develop into a lethal duo. Morelos just needs a talented man-manager to curb his attitude and Cummings just needs a half-decent coach to tell him to stop drifting wide.
  3. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    He's taken a mediocre squad with the 9th largest wage bill in the league straight up the table - beating both the Old Firm sides in the process. They'd almost certainly be competing with us for 2nd if he'd taken over in the summer.
  4. Scott Arfield

    I think that's the issue. Wilson and Bates have probably been our best options at CB this season but, arguably, neither one of them would start in a title-winning team. Underlines the importance of moving on the others. Basically time to start again from scratch in centre defence.
  5. Scott Arfield

    Is that right? Would be very reassuring if we can get at least one new CB of a good standard announced ASAP. I imagine the plan was to make Martin permanent then bring in one more but I sincerely hope Allen (and/or the new manager) can identify that he's not done enough to earn the move.
  6. Scott Arfield

    Aye, much more dubious about McArthur, seems a bit too good to be true.
  7. Scott Arfield

    So frustrating that we're inevitably going to be lumbered with Pena beyond the summer. Aside from that, we can also wave goodbye to Dalcio, who'll probably be snapped up by one of Europe's elite clubs.
  8. Scott Arfield

    The problem is if we're going to bring in someone of that standard it'll be at an earlier stage in their development and so much more of a risk. That said, it's managers like him that make me think we shouldn't be too quick to dismiss left-field options like Graham Potter, as they might just have that special something.
  9. Scott Arfield

    If we can bring in a half-decent manager: they should really be able to do something with Arfield, Dorrans, Murphy, Jack, Candeias, McCrorie, and Windass as midfield options. Edit: add McArthur to that list and it’s looking even better.
  10. Scott Arfield

    If I was arriving as a new manager I'd probably be pretty pleased to hear the club had signed a player that's made 18 league appearances this season for the club that's 7th in the EPL for me.
  11. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    "A reasonable job with Dundee" shouldn't qualify you to be Rangers manager. As much as I like McCann, we can't take a punt on someone with so little managerial experience (and none at our level), and if we were considering that sort of applicant I think we'd have to favour Jack Ross. I'd be happy enough with Steve Clarke. He's worked wonders at Kilmarnock with a mediocre squad, has experience at massive clubs, and clearly knows how to win 'big games'.
  12. Jason Cummings

    Really hope we manage to sign him permanently this summer. Clearly capable of becoming unbelievably prolific if we utilise him properly (i.e. partnered with another striker who can hold the ball up a bit).
  13. Scott Arfield

    We had Holt, Windass, and Halliday feature in our midfield this weekend and people are really turning their noses up at Scott Arfield?
  14. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Still can't believe we actually signed Senderos.
  15. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Totally agree. GK and CBs were basically our most dependable positions for years before admin, but we haven't properly filled them since then.