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  1. You know it’s a major fuck up when the knuckle-draggers aren’t even trying to excuse it.
  2. In my view there’s no point in fans drawing attention to incidental positional data which seems to suggest an ‘issue’ when the reality is the system is working. If we kept dropping points and I thought there was any chance our highly qualified coaches hadn’t noticed where our midfielders play (or that it wasn’t on purpose) I might think differently.
  3. Maybe we can start breaking out the positional data when we lose a point, or even a goal, against domestic opposition?
  4. A good, professional win for us. Just have to keep racking up victories to keep up with Ross County.
  5. Davis really is absolutely finished. Really important we find a new CM target ASAP after passing on Zungu.
  6. Still think there's a chance we can sneak a goal and win on the night which would be no mean feat against this side.
  7. Might still have a chance of overturning this if they both get sent off.
  8. Good exercise for our defence to face a team this good so early in the season. They won't come up against anything better.
  9. They've got 5+ players who would comfortably be the #1 performer in the SPL so it's hard to feel too aggrieved we aren't beating them.
  10. Was just thinking I hope there's something good on French telly tonight and they're not watching this.
  11. They're a very good side, to be fair. No shame in drawing with a side who've probably got 7-8 players worth £20M+.
  12. We look every bit as rusty as them so far. Like a side that's just started its pre-season. Hard to believe how sharp we were in the first half against Motherwell two weeks ago compared to this.
  13. If someone did that at fives you'd be giving them shit about it for days.
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