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  1. I smell a rat.
  2. Hope they announce it soon. Still worried we'll get it all the way to the line, only to have it derailed by visa issues.
  3. Really starting to get tired of rumour merchants on social media playing at being journalists. It's easy enough to make educated guesses (e.g. 'we've made another bid for Walker') and claim to be 'in the know' because every 5th or 6th punt is roughly accurate.
  4. Two members of the first-team squad just told my mate "it's closer to being over the line than you'd think". Sorry for being a shit-source wanker, but absolutely no reason to doubt him (and know for a fact he's friendly with both of them).
  5. Moving at some bloody pace, aren't we?
  6. Might be talking out of my arse, but I thought someone on here said it was today.
  7. Well remembered.
  8. Sorry, gents. I always have a hard time distinguishing between the ageing centre-backs we've signed who didn't make any appearances for us, and the ageing centre-backs we haven't signed who didn't make any appearances for us.
  9. Absolutely - think he could be our star player this season if we get him.
  10. I'd be happy with that. Think Cardoso and Pena will be important signings - less convinced by Herrera and Gomes (but hope to be proved wrong, obviously). Also think it's extremely important to bring in a talented striker, but not sure how likely it is (unless both Waghorn and Garner move on).
  11. Onyewu? Another classic Warburton signing.
  12. Why did you write that?
  13. Word on the street is Pedro's crafting a huge stage at Ibrox to announce all the signings on. The giant, red-white-and-blue curtain he's hand-stitching for the big reveal is proving to be a bit tricky. Unsubstantiated, but I've also heard worrying rumours that DK is refusing to sign off on the extra £1.2M Caixinha wants for fireworks and backing dancers.
  14. Great if we can make some money, but even if we're just breaking even, the main thing is slimming down the squad.
  15. If this is true, and we've got four 'first choice' signings having medicals this weekend (one of whom is Cardoso), this will be the best window we've had in years before it's even started!