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  1. A genuine childhood hero of mine. Been struggling to process it all day. God bless his poor young family.
  2. The statement makes it pretty clear he’s left on good terms and likely has a job lined up that’s nearer to home and probably pays better. All this speculation is daft.
  3. Read he’s only a “doubt” for Monday so hopefully nothing too serious. Fingers crossed he heads home now and recovers with us.
  4. There must be an opportunity for us to include new players after the group stages, surely?
  5. Frankly very selfish of our fans in Australia not to log on and tell us if he signs or not.
  6. The news we've all been waiting for - Dodoo's leaving.
  7. At least we know they haven't sent the social media team home yet.
  8. Club should sell branded 'F5' keys at the next home game.
  9. Someone told me 10:15PM a couple of hours ago - we'll see.
  10. Twenty-five minutes to salvage something. If we can’t beat this woeful celtic team we don’t deserve to win the league.
  11. Davis is still some player. Others have said it before but: if him and Defoe had arrived as for as they are now, we’d have won the league last season.
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