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  1. A big part of me is obviously amused to see Kilmarnock cock it up so spectacularly but, on a more pragmatic level, it's infuriating that their staggering ineptitude impacts our ability to claim an additional CL slot and later qualifying entry slots.
  2. Good sub. Would’ve expected us to slow down now but that might lead to another goal or two.
  3. I think it must be that. Official reason is because we wanted to field senior players and a stronger eleven but Murphy’s the only one in there and he’s obviously recovering from injury.
  4. "And you said reinforcing our wicker chairs with steel would be a waste of money..."
  5. 5XL already sold out. Some size of support we’ve got.
  6. Stevie's been sneaking sugar onto his lunches at Auchenhowie to put potential suitors off.
  7. He was only okay last night and we were playing against a very poor side. Too early to say he’s turned a corner.
  8. Players need game time against decent opposition so I’d field a strong eleven for at least the first hour. Also hopeful of seeing Arfield back in the lineup.
  9. Nine goals scored and none shipped. Not a bad start to the (pre)season all things considered!
  10. We're obviously the superior team but what we need is urgency and athleticism. Let's get Morelos, Aribo, and maybe even Docherty on.
  11. Aside from anything else: this is comfortably one of the worst halves of football I've watched in months. Their tactics, the pitch, pre-season grogginess and our unwillingness to take the game by the scruff of the neck have all combined to make for a truly tedious spectacle.
  12. If you're the inferior team in competitions like this, all you're trying to do is drag opposition down to your level, and so far they're doing an excellent job of just that.
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