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  1. If Helander was a bit quicker we couldn’t afford him.
  2. I was far more worried about the link with Newcastle. Seriously doubt he’d go to another of the “big” English sides in case it ruins his chances with Liverpool.
  3. Clearly missed a trick not calling their youth side 'Very Young Boys'.
  4. Not a step down? Well, he’ll be looking forward to years of playing in Bolton’s reserves then?
  5. Commentator’s way of saying he did pretty well in the last game.
  6. Gerrard’s unwillingness to sub Ojo is either an unforgivably glaring blindspot or some sort of contractual obligation. Neither is ideal.
  7. Second one was like an action replay! Delighted to go in ahead though.
  8. Would be very happy to leave here with a point on the strength of this so far.
  9. Dunno what’s happened to Kamara. Haven’t seen him exert an influence in any game this season.
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