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  1. Pleased but not surprised to hear we’re interested in Hladky. I’d be shocked if the filth don’t make him an offer too. He’s free and, on the strength of last season, could easily develop into the best keeper in the league by the time he’s 31-32.
  2. Hagi, Kent, and Aribo have unreal potential. It’s up to our coaching staff to ensure they realise it.
  3. A good investment, I reckon. The media might try to suggest that it's irresponsible - or somehow improper - to spend that kind of money in this context but, ultimately, players are assets and when you're presented with an opportunity to pick up an asset that's very likely to appreciate and generate a profit for the club, it would be stupid not to.
  4. Stewart thinks he’s entitled to weigh in on fields that take a lifetime to master - like finance and law - with his “I just skimmed the Wikipedia” level of understanding. Tells you everything you need to know about him. A dilettante.
  5. A timely reminder not to get excited about any player we’re linked with this summer on the strength of a compilation video alone.
  6. Aye, though still think he was on the right side of consistent for a winger, which can’t be said about any of his replacements. In terms of him leaving, I think he basically said wanted assurances he’d play regularly, but Gerrard said he couldn’t give him that, so they agreed to let him go.
  7. One of our most underrated players in the period since 2011/12. Always thought of him to Caixinha as Papac was to Le Guen.
  8. Wouldn’t mind us picking up Hladky from St. Mirren as our new backup keeper. His contract ends this month and he’s under thirty. Was arguably the third best keeper in the SPL this season and could still improve.
  9. To be fair, he’s probably just bored because the FTSE100 company or university department he runs is currently closed down.
  10. I hope they have plans to make a limited line of products available almost immediately after the announcement. Very keen to stick some cash behind the club just now as we're fighting the good fight.
  11. Worried about distribution, like others have said, but like the idea of working with an emerging British brand that’s totally focused on their partnership with us. You could be one of 50-100 clubs partnered with Nike, Umbro, or Adidas and basically just get a template, whereas this presents an opportunity for something really unique and memorable. Like anything where you deviate from the norm: it’s higher risk but potentially higher reward.
  12. He’s an unbelievable athlete but the most impressive thing for me so far is his mentality. So relentless in his will to win. If Rangers had leader with his drive in the locker room, we’d have kicked on after January.
  13. Listened to him listing this and that prick Tom English was quietly fuming that his XI were all Rangers players. How can you complain, though, when you look at the quality in that side?
  14. Wouldn’t be fair to award a title if it’s still a mathematical possibility for another team to win. ‘Likelihood’ isn’t a good enough indicator. For instance, when Leicester had a lead in the EPL title, most bookies and experts would still have said another team was “more likely” to win that title. The possibility of the ‘unlikely’ taking place is the very essence of all sport.
  15. I'd definitely be interested to hear more about the (likely) financial fallout from any decision so look forward to reading whatever you uncover.
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