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  1. rangersross

    Matt Polster

    America's answers to Stanger and Ponroy.
  2. rangersross

    Andrew Gutman

    He's a finalist for college football's player of the year and has won numerous "best of" awards this season apparently. Also his college's top goalscorer this season (11) and seems to have been coached into the LB position after starting out as a striker. Anyway, that's the key points I've gleaned from twenty minutes skiving off work.
  3. rangersross

    united sack jose

    Mad if they don't at least try for Pochettino.
  4. rangersross

    Herbie Kane

    Hear he's got some engine on him.
  5. rangersross

    Vassilis Lambropoulos

    Sounds like a Greek version of David Bates.
  6. rangersross

    Players Moving On

    If Mark Allen can get someone to take Pena and/or Herrera on a permanent deal it'd be nothing short of miraculous.
  7. rangersross


    Gerrard’s commented on both recently. Seems conflicted on Docherty because he knows he’s developing well with all the game time he’s getting but also sees the advantage of having him here. Sounds like he’s not that interested in Pena.
  8. rangersross


    No chance. If I was MA, I’d be anonymously sending that YouTube compilation to every club in China and the Middle East hoping beyond hope someone will take him for free just to take him off the wage bill.
  9. rangersross


    It’s a ‘yes’ from me. He could be our third/fourth choice striker (behind Morelos > ? > Lafferty) and probably be on lower wages (and be more dependable in our league/cup) than another risky loan like Sadiq. If he does great - brilliant - we’ve got a young goal-scorer who loves the club. If he does terrible - big deal - he’ll have cost about the same as a loan but, unlike a loan, we can recoup some money by selling.
  10. rangersross


    Best thing for us would be him retiring. He’s clearly lost his love for the game and drive to play. Fingers crossed he just packs it in.
  11. rangersross

    Inverness Caley Thistle

    Centuries of institutionalised sexual and economic exploitation of society’s most vulnerable is one thing but this... Well, this is over the line!
  12. rangersross

    Ross McCrorie

    In my opinion: our most convincing midfielder this season has been Jack (by some margin). He’s a player I’ve always liked but, having gone through multiple windows and managers since he joined us, I’d have hoped we could’ve brought in another CM who was AT LEAST as good as him. McCrorie has lots of potential but we need an upgrade on him (and Coulibaly, Ejaria) for the remainder of the season.
  13. rangersross

    Nathan Oduwa

    Just fondly reminiscing about being at the best club in the world. Who could blame him?
  14. rangersross

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    One thing that did occur to me toward the end of the game: if we'd had Murphy and Dorrans available (coming off the bench or otherwise) I do think we'd have easily grabbed at least two more. Two midfielders who can run or pass with genuine creativity and we're unfortunate to be missing both at once.
  15. rangersross

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    To be fair: Gerrard didn't exactly look over the moon with that so I'm sure he's thinking exactly what we are. Also very nice to see 'Not Allowed Near Primary Schools FC' drop points to Lennon's 'We're Irish and Unwashed Too XI'.