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  1. Stands to reason, doesn’t it?
  2. Absolutely astounding that one of our own has been attacked and there are supporters insinuating it's his own fault for not yachting in fucking Martha's Vineyard.
  3. I’m excited to have him back. Good player who’ll offer a creative outlet off the bench.
  4. I'd absolutely love them to keep Lennon. Probably too good to be true.
  5. Hope they gave you good odds on Katic scoring, mate, given that he won’t be in the country.
  6. I think he’s more likely to look at this and think “I’ll never get into the team in this league” rather than “I better sort my disciplinary issues out”. Just nudges him closer to the exit in my opinion.
  7. Very interested to see the lineup. As much as it’s inconsequential I do want to finish up with another win.
  8. Excellent business. For me, the most gratifying element is seeing us prioritising the allocation of resources correctly, with the bulk of spend going toward centre-backs. That was the area that we had to fix and we managed it.
  9. Seriously doubt he’ll be back next season but hopefully at some point in the future. One thing’s for certain: he’s one of us for life now.
  10. Bit of extra quality in the summer and we’ll thump them next year.
  11. Fucking hell - they’re pure arse. Can’t believe they beat us to the title.
  12. Hilarious to see that brain trust try a trick corner. Like watching a donkey try to play chess.
  13. Absolutely. Impressive that Arfield can totally match him for aggression and fight and then is obviously a far superior technical player.
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