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  1. Well it’s the exact same as last time, did the previous ref strike not kick off due to the the fantasists across the city hounding the guy for a decision that he actually got correct?
  2. Agreed. The lads does absolutely nothing for me. Gets caught far too often in possession.
  3. I love the lad too but that was just idiocy from him tonight, there’s no defending him on this occasion IMO. I feel that we’ve had no width at all tonight. Middleton has been quiet, there’s been near enough no overlapping by Tav/Candeias. Its just all a bit flat.
  4. We’ve been absolutely terrible all game so far. As for Alfie, he’s a fucking idiot. He should be hammered for that one, it was stupid to throw the arm across, there was nothing to gain from it. Either way, didn’t see us winning this with 11, certainly don’t see it with 10. We played them off the park twice by keeping a hold of the ball and playing it on the deck. This game we seem to be punting it all the time.
  5. WTF is Arfield thinking there? You’re asking for trouble going for that ball. There was no need to do so. We’re 2-1 up and now we’re playing the final 20mins with 10 men. He’s experienced enough to know fucking better.
  6. Tav and Ejaria have been horrific. Get Ejaria off at half time and Jack on.
  7. Anyone ever had problems with RangersTV going full screen on your computer/laptop? Can't seem to get it to work for some reason.
  8. Why is Katic not playing again? Hes our best CB. Worrell should be back up as he’s a loan player, develop our own.
  9. Hands up. Things are going well for now and they’re timploding. It may only be one point, but we need to take advantage and really turn the screw. Gerrard likes to mention about smelling blood, being ruthless, relentless, it’s time to put that into action. Plus I have a beautiful royal blue home top, and lovely mandarin orange top on its way so I’m fucking delighted right now.
  10. Fucking dire performance. Absolutely nothing has changed from last year when we play them. Not even a contest, an utter embarrassment.
  11. Regardless, we’ve played fucking shite today. Gerrard has got his game plan all wrong.
  12. How that wasn’t a foul I don’t know. Rogic has kicked Jack in the back of the leg?
  13. Don’t know what to make of that first half. Surey has to have been part of Gerard’s plan to sit in for the first half and save the legs for hitting them in the second? If so, it’s worked. However, if it wasn’t part of his game plan then it’s a hugely disappointing first half. I’d also say the the ref has been very lenient for us and fished them a couple of yellows that were harsh. Not that I’m complaining right enough, it’s about fucking time.
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