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  1. TheHammer_WATP

    New Tops released (official pics included)

    The home one is a belter. Potentially a classic. Love the orange one. Not a big fan of the white. I don’t really like the diagonal bars personally. Probably still buy it anyway I’d love them to do a founding fathers tribute for our anniversary strip when it comes around.
  2. TheHammer_WATP

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Couldn't care less if he battered his Granny if it means we win 55 and skelp the Tims tbh.
  3. TheHammer_WATP

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    We should destroy both of these pish teams.
  4. TheHammer_WATP

    Hummel gear RFC crest

    It bugs me that the badge is on the wrong side.
  5. TheHammer_WATP

    Harry Forrester

    Where have people seen this supposed “talent”?
  6. TheHammer_WATP

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    Got my old man one of the pathway brick things. Just got the certificate through not too long ago, I believe his in in the Lorenzo Amoruso area.
  7. TheHammer_WATP

    Broxi rocking the Hummel

    Not high enough. Would prefer if the neck of the shirt was red tbh.
  8. TheHammer_WATP

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    He should be held to the same standard as every Rangers manager. The requirement is to win the league. The aim should be to win every competition that we enter.
  9. TheHammer_WATP

    Dave king statement

    Exactly. He would've considered the reply he was going to get prior to putting out a statement, he has his faults but he clearly isn't stupid. I wonder if he does indeed have some dirt on the SPFL and is currently in the process of feeding them the rope to watch them hang themselves. Surely he has got something substantial to be putting out all these statements recently, when for the past few years he's been quiet on a lot of things. Who knows, they could be playing right into his hands with that statement that they've just put out, particularly the speed at which it was released, that raises an eyebrow for me.
  10. TheHammer_WATP

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Gotta admit, I did not expect them to do this. Well Played, I like it when Rangers actually have some backbone.
  11. TheHammer_WATP

    sfa bigot exposed

    I like the how the SFA dragged up a historical case against us, failed, changed the goal posts to save face whilst expecting no blow back. What do we do? Go back even further to use something against them It works both ways you corrupt fucks at the SFA. Difference being, we done nothing wrong. Under normal circumstances I’d say it’s water under the bridge, however, due to the past 6/7 years of prodding the bear with a stick, I say fuck them. You reap what you sow, hope he gets sacked and hounded out of his other positions too. Time to drop an email to the other companies that he’s involved in. I like DK’s comment on this too. Calling out the SFA and the bias within. You wanted a fight to try and put us down? You e got yourselves a war.
  12. TheHammer_WATP

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Don’t pay out his contract. Don’t send him out on loan. Make him play in the development squad and clean the first teams boots. Ban him from any interaction with the first team squad and any squad news. Fine him at every opportunity possible. We should run his career into the ground as much as possible.
  13. TheHammer_WATP

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    No. He made his bed, he should go lie in it. He was a club hero on our Euro run, he chose to throw that standing away.
  14. TheHammer_WATP

    Forbes Tailoring

    That's an absolute certainty. One of the first things Gerrard done with the Liverpool youth team was make wearing a suit mandatory for any match day. The club trackie should be kept for training. Suits to and from the match.
  15. He better no be on anymare than £3.50 and a box of Tunnocks tea cakes a week. As much as I think he’s a prick for leaving, if he had stayed and then got sold anyway, it wouldn’t have mattered to the club because the SFA took every penny that we received from transfers for players which signed up then got sold. For what it’s worth, the only way we would’ve gained anything is if all the players done what Wallace done. In my eyes any true Rangers fan would’ve done so and never abandoned the club.