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  1. TheHammer_WATP


    I think this could be interesting. I fully believe Gerrard will give Pena a chance, clean slate like everyone had at the beginning of the season. It will be up to Pena if he wants to make the most of it and play European football for the next couple of years. Didn’t one of the backroom staff (Culshaw?) formerly coach in Brazil(?) he’ll be able to tell Pena exactly what he wants on the training ground, and push him.
  2. TheHammer_WATP

    ***The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread***

    Anyone ever had problems with RangersTV going full screen on your computer/laptop? Can't seem to get it to work for some reason.
  3. TheHammer_WATP

    ***The Official Rangers v Rapid Vienna Match Thread***

    Why is Katic not playing again? Hes our best CB. Worrell should be back up as he’s a loan player, develop our own.
  4. TheHammer_WATP

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hands up. Things are going well for now and they’re timploding. It may only be one point, but we need to take advantage and really turn the screw. Gerrard likes to mention about smelling blood, being ruthless, relentless, it’s time to put that into action. Plus I have a beautiful royal blue home top, and lovely mandarin orange top on its way so I’m fucking delighted right now.
  5. TheHammer_WATP

    Ryan Jack calls for Willie Collum to be demoted

    The fourth officials don’t make decisions mate... Anyone who says that it isn’t a foul, away fuck off back to KDS. I won’t blame it on the ref for losing the game, as Ejaria should’ve took one for the team and clattered on of them at the half way line, then Tav and Kent doing the fake jogging back is what cost the fucking goal. Tav, Ejaria and Kent should be dropped as their attitude in the lead up to that goal was shocking.
  6. TheHammer_WATP

    Calm the fuck doon.

    Fine i'll forgive today. However, the facts stand that we are sitting 7th in the league, with only 1 goal scored, more than conceded. Whatever way you slice it, the start to this season, Europe aside, is shocking. As far as i'm concerned i'd rather we didn't make the Europa League if it means we are going to be flat on our feet for every league game and concede stupid late goals.
  7. TheHammer_WATP

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    If Gerrard honestly thinks that the way that team was set up to play against them was acceptable, then I’m sorry, but he does not understand this club as much as he says he does. For those who say Walter was set up similar, bullshit. At least Walters teams would attack them on the counter, that first half we done nothing. Second half was terrible also. For me, our performances as a whole, compared to the first couple of games, have went backwards. We’ve moved forward a little from last year, but we seem to have dipped in the last 3/4 games. Not good enough. If we continue like this, Gerrard will be under immense pressure come Christmas.
  8. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    We shat it there. Fucking bottled it.
  9. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Fucking dire performance. Absolutely nothing has changed from last year when we play them. Not even a contest, an utter embarrassment.
  10. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Regardless, we’ve played fucking shite today. Gerrard has got his game plan all wrong.
  11. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    How that wasn’t a foul I don’t know. Rogic has kicked Jack in the back of the leg?
  12. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Don’t know what to make of that first half. Surey has to have been part of Gerard’s plan to sit in for the first half and save the legs for hitting them in the second? If so, it’s worked. However, if it wasn’t part of his game plan then it’s a hugely disappointing first half. I’d also say the the ref has been very lenient for us and fished them a couple of yellows that were harsh. Not that I’m complaining right enough, it’s about fucking time.
  13. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Kinda gutted we’ve not got the orange strips on today.
  14. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Lafferty playing them at their own game. I’d prefer we didn’t, but since it’s them, fuck it.
  15. TheHammer_WATP

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Seem to be sitting in, hope it’s the game plan to only do this to ease into the game.