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  1. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    It doesn't bother me 1 bit but I'm glad he posted it. Each to their own though.
  2. Is this what Pena thinks of Rangers

    That's his wife's Rangers shorts. He's just checking to make sure another man hasn't marked his territory on her.
  3. Nacho Novo

    Got some very good memories of Novo. When I heard what happened I thought we would have another Ugo Ehiogu scenario. Was very relieved when I heard he was ok and alive.
  4. World Blessed With Another Griffiths

    Feel sorry for the thick whores who have to see his face contort as he shoots his demon spunk up their soiled cunts.
  5. Jamie Murphy top

    Far superior player to our other die-hard Halliday.
  6. Who is on the Flight........so far

    Got a fear of flying. Looking at the day 1 photos, there's plenty of sunshine and some in t-shirts so better than Scotland lol
  7. Nacho Novo

    Shit first Ugo now this. Glad he's stable and speaking. No Surrender Nacho
  8. They only concentrate on one, the other is a decoy
  9. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Male or female brawnsie?
  10. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    So hairy arse turns you on?
  11. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Proper next gen graficks
  12. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    I'm half and half don't discriminate. One half of me will cook your tea and the other half will fix your car. Anyway, welcome to the best club on the planet Jamie!
  13. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    I'm not a man numbnutz