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  1. close to finished now. this shouldn't make me so angry. fuck sake, on this day Joey garner scored a hat trick against this mob. raging
  2. surely troop, nicks or british knights are ahead of gola
  3. Stu1909


    had to take the opportunity to give oudaurd a dull one given he was just on the park. linesman has a nightmare but we should be capable of defending better. 2nd challenge that led to their only other chance was criminal by goldson in terms of positioning and decision making.
  4. At least it was free? Shite non the less and does nothing to advance the case. Guys got talent but 32 needs to get a shift on.
  5. Probably never know but cyber pint on offer
  6. Bellew or haye could possibly beat wilder. I think whyte would also have a great chance. Wilder has power in those long levers but no footwork or defence and even in attack is so reckless. A decentish boxer puts him away
  7. Bang on. Wilder is garbage. Easy fight for Joshua or fury and I don't like either of them
  8. Ok. Top man. Thanks for the interaction
  9. Every Time you leave Denny you leap 150 year forward! How's your new town centre? Up there with cumbernauld now
  10. Glad you enjoyed buddy. Watch out for the jet lag. hit me like a train for a week this summer.
  11. Clarification is required. Think of the children
  12. Your a disgrace Wings over scotland are offended. Nil by mouth are offended Kranky has called a summit Poor wee Rosales sands is so offended she pegged it. It's a disgrace I tell you
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