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  1. If he gets the 4 game ban I reckon he's played his last game for us anyway
  2. Wasn't sure as I was the last post prior to u posting
  3. This is exactly why I've been arguing with friends about all afternoon. Forget the fact morelos deserves the red nlthey all seem to stick up for brown despite the fact he stamped on morelos ankle to start it all of.
  4. Directed at me??? My opinion was not very popular at all but personally I would loved to have seen warnock in charge. Couldn't care less about fancy football atm rather win ugly. Whether he would have done any better god knows but it's irrelevant anyway
  5. Yeah I get what your saying and that's easy to say but not so easy to do. I also think that takes away a lot from his game as well but either way I don't think he will be out problem anymore. In fact I think if he receives the 4 match ban he's probably played his last game for us
  6. Fuck I'm 42 and lose my temper at the slightest thing that annoys me so can relate to an extent. One thing for sure if I was in his position today and got a red card for that with brown sitting laughing at me he would have ended up in the Royal
  7. I wasn't happy at Gerrard being appointed however I'm behind. However I can't see much progress at all. When Gerrard first came in he spoke about various formations and having players to fit those formations which has never really happened. The scary thing is we have the players that would and should fit better in other formations but for whatever reason we have never really went down that route and by that I don't mean game here or their out the blue to shoehorn players in just for the sake of it. This summer could well be one of the most important in over 20 years for not just us but they cunts. I'm happy to wait and see how the summer transfers pan out then come October/November see how the league looks. I firmly believe if we are 5 or 6 points behind those cunts then it would just be a waiting game. Worst part for me is if we fuck up this transfer window and lose/sack Gerrard then 10 is a cert for them so it's a hard position to be in for the club and King ( I've always stated I can't see us winning anything under him but that's not what's being talked about)
  8. Tbf brown has been making an arse of the wholetem and us since we came back up strolling through the majority of games with no one touching him, but yes I agree in part with you. He is stupid at best but today was his first deserved red card which I don't think cost us the game however it probably cost us the win. I think it's harsh to blame him for a few of the results earlier in the season for unwarranted red cards
  9. Not the only player tho in our history to let the team down, however when we have our own fans saying he needs chased out the team , some even saying we should release, him what fucking hope do we have. Yes he's a liability at times but being honest today was probably the first red he's had for us that he deserves. He's the type of player that everyone loves to hate and I'm sure when he leaves us he will not get very many red cards. Fwiw I think we should cash in this summer
  10. rabc10000


    Singled out tavernier as this was a thread dedicated to the player, what was that you were saying about idiots?? Point proven. Shall give my opinions on others in the appropriate threads rather than derail this one
  11. Depends on what u class as progress. However I think we need a few more than that to turn our draws into wins. We certainly need 2 quality wide forward players minimum to start along with 2 cbs and RB plus lb
  12. rabc10000


    Right fucking idiots on here praising him as well despite bottling it so many times. Not slating the guy whatsoever but he does have a very bad record vs them and on of the players who I would punt due to his loser mentality
  13. I never said I didn't think it was a red just that even if a penalty had been awarded I don't think the player would have walked. But I do think it was a red
  14. Sadiq??? But it was a clear penalty all day long but I don't think player would have seen red tho
  15. rabc10000


    I agree as well, still reckon tho he's not a big problem in midfield it's the other midfielder bar the dmf. We are crying out for a 2nd box to box cmf to play along side arfield. That saying I would be quite happy if arfield ended up being a squad player next yera with 2 better players bought in but we need far better forwards first
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