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  1. rabc10000

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    If it stays like this we only have a single win vs teams in the top 6 that's more worrying for me
  2. rabc10000

    After 7 games last season

    what i find worrying again is despite the back 4 looking pretty solid and a massive upgrade from the last few years we still have the worst defensive record of the top 6 AGAIN. ofc early days and i do expect that to change over the season but many on here love good stats and this one is worrying.
  3. rabc10000

    Garbage 2nd half

    what i dont understand is many who laud gerrard for his high pressing game. now im no football god however personally ive found, even at our best this season the pressing has been very poor at best and even st mirren last week gave us a lesson in spells regards a high pressure press. not sure how true it is but i have a few friends who support motherwell and they have all said they couldnt believe they never got turned over today and a few think this is the worst motherwell team for a few years now
  4. rabc10000

    "We're in a good place"

    worrying part is if they win today they will still be above us and thats with them in so called turmoil and stuggling for form. as i mentioned before worst case scenario is we lose next week and have our worst start to a season since i was a wee boy.
  5. rabc10000

    "We're in a good place"

    its not just week after week, its month after month that turned into year after year. some cunts just cant see whats put in front of them for whatever reason
  6. rabc10000

    "We're in a good place"

    i dont buy into this at all and nothing so far in the league this season suggests otherwise. as it stands we are an injury or 2 away from struggling very badly
  7. rabc10000

    Inviting pressure into ourself

    worrying part is if that happens it would be our worst start to a league campaign for what 10+ years?????
  8. rabc10000

    Totally Unprepared

    of course he gets the free pass. worrying thing is if he performs to his usual self next week we will get fucked off they cunts AND tavernier will get the free pass.
  9. rabc10000

    Totally Unprepared

    i dont think we were unprepared at all, unfortunately i think we have been riding the stevie G hype. for me we were literally outfought all over the park and tbf that goal was coming 10-15 mins before they scored. disappointing as it is given the performance a point is a decent result.
  10. rabc10000

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    really dont know a thing about this russians, however what i will say is they singlehandedly are probably the worst european team ive seen at ibrox in a very long time. they literally had no interest whatsoever in attacking and were happy with the 1-0 loss. that aside i thought bar keeping possession for the sake of it we had no real cutting edge and at times really struggled to break them down for most of the match which is worrying considering haw fucking awful they were. a performance like that a week on sunday and we will get fucked. thought jack was good tonight as was ejaria but we desperatley need an AMF to create chances. genuinely think next week will be a struggle and they must fancy their chances now but would be delighted with a 1-1 across their
  11. rabc10000

    F$$k your coefficient

    Doesnt really matter what any of those fuckers do. I thought the Co efficent changed so it was only your own clubs results that mattered??
  12. rabc10000

    Still worried about our midfield

    yeah, not for one minute saying he should come back but thats the exact type of player that would be suited
  13. rabc10000

    Still worried about our midfield

    agree, can see jack being a massive player for us this season
  14. rabc10000

    Still worried about our midfield

    when you talk about deep lying play makers jack is 110% not that. the position your talking about is guys like say pirlo in his prime ( not comparing the 2 players ) who could make the simple pass 2 yds to a player but could also fire 50/60 yard passes onto a players toe. i get what your looking for but imo it certainly aint jack
  15. rabc10000

    Farewell Josh Windass

    exactly. i said before under gerrard willing to give anyone a chance but he just didnt seem interested. stark contrast to tavernier who i thought was outstanding tonight and WILL change many peoples mind about him