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  1. Tbf almost all non Rangers fans I know really couldn't give a fuck and think it's something blown out of proportion by our fan base in the hope of getting one up on them. Their is 1 guy who would love to see justice prevail and damages awarded but believes no sporting punishment. Only my observation from listening and talking to others and ofc not my own view
  2. I'm happy to allow Gerrard the summer to continue building his own team tho. Ofc their will be duds amongst the few good players
  3. Think iys a bot of an over reaction from op. We have lost far better players in the past and managed fine, why anyone would get worked up over a couple of players, esp tavernier I will never know I'm certain that if they are sold the manager will have a say and will only allow them to leave if they have suitable replacements. Ofc suitable replacements means we could end up with a full back that defends more and a winger that offers far more in attack that leads to further debates down the line. Either way all 3 are dispensable and nowhere near bigger than the club
  4. Presuming all the court cases with sd have been resolved now and in out favor with no severe penalties to come out with a statement like thatlive how the media don't push positive stories like this Edit not getting into an argument of king and rm over thisπŸ˜‰
  5. Possession doesn't win you games tho, yet he's still been part if a team that's Conceded 50 goals in the so called best league in the world over a couple of seasons.
  6. In a word whose better posted a few above To make a decision must compare both players so yes, maybe not you but they are being compared
  7. I don't think it's that, I genuinely believe that this so called 2 year investigation was one to remove and delete any form of incriminating evidence against them. The more I read about this the more convinced that they Will walk away scot free with no charges nor compensation and more importantly no apology made for what's happened. Happy for the government and polis to prove me wrong but I'm certain they wont
  8. Well it's no fucking tavernier until he starts doing it week in, week out against the best in europe, arguably with the best team in the best league in the world and plays numerous times for England. How anyone would compare the 2 is quite funny tbh
  9. I know you did lol that's why I replied,hence the tone of my post. I read the thread and wee spat and given the guys a newbie in here should perhaps learn to respect the long term high post members
  10. No need for this on a footballing forum lol we all know it should be spelt theireryr're to save the gramme polis coming out in force
  11. i have a bad feeling that this will end up the same way. a week or 2 max on the front pages then disappear without trace
  12. rabc10000


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    Aw ffs did I really deserve that
  14. Me thinks the guy could be fishing for extra votes from our support as well
  15. rabc10000


    Less said the better if you don't remember that one
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