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  1. Have u seen the movie passion of the christ?? True story on the life of jesus so clearly the guy was real
  2. Unfortunately Attitudes like this is why we are stumbling towards independence. Guys like him are given a platform to spout pish which a neutral takes as gospel and slowly turns peoples thoughts towards what they want u to believe likes hes been doing with our club. But its ok as a very small insignificant few think hes talking pish eh
  3. Tbf it's not a great deal more than we spent last summer. Couple of million at the most??? Plus we have managed to shift a few earners on loan etc to free up some space. After record season ticket sales and europa league again it was the very least I expected us to spend
  4. Tbf last season we had our worst start for well over 20 years so I would have been really surprised if we didn't have more points at this stage
  5. I was confused as well,I thought I had replied in a dif thread
  6. Could we afford to leave Morelos as back up as it stands tho?? It's a tough call tbf
  7. That person will cost quite a bit tho and certainly won't be happy being 3rd choice
  8. I don't think they wanted it more as I think they actually came expecting us to batter them and set out for a draw unfortunately we gifted them the game
  9. Also a lot of us were complaining last season we were poor at set pieces and never looked like scoring the majority of the time from them
  10. There were quite a few in the match day thread late last week, can't recall exact names
  11. Aberdeen game is the Sunday after a euro game iirc so wouldn't be surprised to see dropped points in that game
  12. Unfortunately it takes a result and performance like yesterday to open people's eyes. Sat and read all the comments about how we were going to smash the by 4 or 5 easily, how they have a shit manager with a make shift defence etc.
  13. Unfortunately I agree with everything here. I can't see anyway back for Gerrard if they win the title this season especially if they cruise close to or win it by double figured.
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