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  1. How it stands atm its reality tho
  2. Is this a ploy so they can own a larger share of the club for less outlay???
  3. Having the 11 best players does not automatically make you the best team or even league winners.so personally I couldn't give a fuck if none of our players would get in their team as long as we are champs t the end of the season.
  4. The fact he is only paid thousand suggests it could be under 10k which is exactly what I thought would happen. Meagre payouts that won't have any real impact on them financially
  5. Exactly this, fair 50/50 no arfields g fault the gk decided to stick his head in the way in purpose
  6. rabc10000

    Andy King

    Fuck being the flamingo how about those heels in the first pic, they must be in heaven
  7. I'm guessing Polster with auto correct fucking it???
  8. Yes it was an outstanding tackle but I must admit for a split second I was expecting the whistle to go. Reminded me in his red card vs hearts which I also thought was harsh
  9. You certainly have more faith in Scottish refs than me
  10. I really think we will win the title this year as well and will do it in style. What I love is the fact that those tarriers still continually write Gerrard and us off and think 9 and 10 is nothing more than a formality. Love the underdog status and that will make their meltdown even more spectacular come May
  11. Aye but the board wanted mcinness and he turned us down tho Gerrard was always second choice😝😝
  12. Arfields tackle to set up the goal I'm certain would have been a straight red if it happened in a league game regardless olthe fact the won the ball
  13. He will go back to what his value was before he joined us or maybe slightly higher but between 3-5m. Things is we don't know the ins and outs and I believe klopp is a more stricter manager so it's possible Kent with his stupid antics has pissed off klopp and being taught a lesson unless someone pays what Liverpool say they are paying? A case of the club telling the player we dictate where you go and not yourself????
  14. Tbf most fans outwith Scotland don't understand the rivalry between us and I doubt that most fans from places like Poland, Denmark and most other European countries give a fuck other than to get a wee cheer from our fans. As I pointed out before the same fans singing stand up if u hate celtic will be the same ones singing it about is when they play them. Legia Warsaw tho I get why they hate them despite them being the ones in the wrong
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