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  1. Agreed. Although I think we couldn’t have asked for a more gentle restart than tonight. Get the sand out of the boots and carry on where we left off
  2. Stressing the standards that he represents by means of contrast with the exact opposite. No shoehorn required.
  3. 179 consecutive games at a time when barging into the keeper was not only allowed, it was mandatory, is an amazing achievement. A man who typified the standards and culture our great club stands for. As one pervert after another from across the city belatedly find their way to court and then jail, the contrast between the clubs could not be more stark. RIP Mr Brown, a great Rangers man, a standard bearer and example for us all. 😔
  4. Docherty has the engine to play RB if there’s any truth in this. If the choice is Patterson, Polster or Flanagan, then it has to be the kid.
  5. Be better if he’d been part of a pillar on the motorway.
  6. So gutted that my daughter is already married and missed out on this guy. He sounds like a real catch.
  7. When I’m having a beer with mates, I sometimes discuss Rangers players and the transfer market. Oh Christ, I feel so ashamed.....
  8. I appreciate that but the point is that the total number of games he will be banned for will be, by an incredible coincidence, exactly the same number of games absent through injury.
  9. If they’ve given him a three game ban instead of two, that must mean his injury is likely to rule him out for a third game instead of the original two anticipated. If his injury was minor and would only mean missing one game, then, of course, the ban would be for one game. Would be good to hear Clancy also got a three game ban for “missing” the offence.
  10. Chill out FFS. It’s a bit of fun. The kind of thing you kick around over a pint with your mates. If you have mates, that is.
  11. Iniesta couldn’t get a game in our midfield these days
  12. Occasionally I have to put one of the scum in his place in open forums and I’ve found that the line which really gets under their skin is about McNeill but can be applied to Stein as well: ”he could lift a European cup but couldn’t lift a phone “ Really rips their knitting
  13. He’s 46 now, should be available for minimal fee IMO.
  14. Goram Jardine Gough. Butcher. Numan Greig B.Ferguson Baxter de Boer Laudrup Mols Subs: Klos, Cuellar, Bougherra, Papac, Souness, Gascoigne, Cooper
  15. What has the Queen’s English ever done to you? ”off” ”gone” ”to” Did you go to a taig school by any chance?
  16. Met big Kyle at BP garage in EK on Hogmanay, just said “you never know”
  17. Any way Jones could play on the right solving two problems at once? And we definitely need another striker, preferably a promising youngster willing to learn under Morelos and Defoe. A striking equivalent of Edmundson sort of thing.
  18. Setting aside the historical inaccuracies, the article is fundamentally positive and God knows there are precious few of them around.
  19. I’ll give you another prediction, mate. If we win this title and/or the Scottish Cup, the self-boycott by Pacific Quay CSC will miraculously end. They will not want to be outside looking in through the glass when the greatest comeback since Gerrard’s team in Istanbul finally happens and the big party starts. Might be that they will have to offer Gollum as a sacrifice but the national broadcaster cannot be seen to be absent at such a huge sporting story so something will have to give. A note with “we fucked up, we’re really sorry” written in his blood is not too much to ask IMO.
  20. I hope the club have plans in place for next year, the 50th anniversary. It is a milestone and should be marked in some way, perhaps a charity match before the winter break. Another option might be to plant 66 trees once Edmiston House is down and the site cleared. Many of those affected are still here and this is a big anniversary. I’m sure the club won’t let us down.
  21. Enjoying their mental disintegration almost as much as the victory. Almost but not quite.
  22. How the fuck can they challenge it? The footage is crystal clear. What’s their defence? He felt an itch and scratched Alfredo’s balls instead of his own by mistake?
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