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  1. Like taking Fred West to task for the state of his garden.
  2. Did a pub quiz in Greece that summer and we gave the team name as “McDonald 88,90” English guy doing the quiz hadn’t a scooby. We won, of course, covered the evening’s beers.
  3. Always surprises and slightly disappoints me that Arteta rarely mentions what must have been very special for a young player. The filth have nothing like these days (2003 & 2005) to look back on and they really hate it when you bring them up. Very different but both days equally enjoyable, hard to pick a favourite
  4. Their tactics were simple. Knock it long to the big lad (Sutton, Hartson), go after the second ball and play for the free kick (Petrov and Larsson were superb at winning free kicks for nothing) and then bring the even bigger guys up from the back. Lambert must have pulled a muscle in his neck watching the ball sail over him time after time.
  5. Played there (and in midfield) a good few times for them and, to be absolutely fair, he was pretty effective in that match. MON liked the three at the back system and I think it might have been Valgaeren who was injured/suspended?
  6. A wee clue: the winning ground got fuck all help from GCC https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/international/which-scottish-premiership-ground-most-popular-thousands-fans-rank-12-top-flight-grounds-2530990?page=3
  7. Another example of a foreigner with no connection to Rangers who grew to love the club and cares more about us now than so-called lifelong Rangers men like McInnes, Ferguson, DJ etc.
  8. Think Vidmar scored against Parma from LB. Also remember Albertz playing there too, again as cover. Gio was deffo signed as a midfielder.
  9. Makes you puke. Sooking fenian boaby.
  10. A man who knows a taig when he sees one. Away back to KDS where your fenian pish is appreciated.
  11. He’s no Rangers fan, mate. Some of the stuff he’s posted in the last few weeks would make Phil embarrassed.
  12. What on earth makes you think this fenian lobbyist is vaguely pro-Rangers?
  13. Know he had a good scoring record but I really never took to him. In that final, we were really disadvantaged bringing him on for Caniggia.
  14. You’ve also got to remember that Eck was downsizing, having to replace real class with journeymen. O’Neill’s team had Hartson (6m), Sutton (6m), Lennon (6m), Thompson (2.75m), over 20m in just four players. Eck can hold his head up no problem👍
  15. Had Sutton not taken Caniggia out, we’d have won that game comfortably. Fucking Mr Bean on the bench gave Ross no out ball. I’d have brought Nerlinger or even Flo on.
  16. Normally, I’d go along with that but giving them the title and getting us all (scum, Motherwell, Sheep and us) banned from Europe as a consequence takes things to a new level. It would literally cost us millions. If that does not motivate our board into action, then what are they there for?
  17. Worse than spineless. Corrupt to the core.
  18. Watched it in a pub in Aberdeen, had to keep quiet but couldn’t drink my pint because I was grinning so much. Locals were fucking raging. Never heard sheep growl before.
  19. Been going to Ibrox since Colin Stein signed but gifting trophies to child rapists would be the end for me. Too old to let these corrupt cunts get to me so I’d definitely call it a day if this goes through. And if the people running Rangers just huff and puff from the sidelines, why should you and I give a fuck?
  20. I see the Queen is to address the nation tomorrow night. Scheduled for 8pm so that she disnae miss the first half and can do it at half time. God bless you, ma’am.
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