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  1. keepers Goram, McGregor Full backs Robertson, Numan, Stevens, Hutton Centrebacks Gough, Cuellar, Moore, Amoruso Midfield Gascoigne, Laudrup, Durrant, Wilkins, Thomson, Tugay, Reyna, I.Ferguson and McCann Strikers McCoist, Hately, Prso and de Boer
  2. Hope you pointed out Messi is a Barcelona Cooper.. Crackin video, im just too young to really remember him playing for us but love seeing old clips of him. He really was something special
  3. Completely agree, Halliday isnt good enough but he doesnt pick himself. He deserved to be subbed but do it after 20 mins a la Advocaat/Ricksen Seen that as well, Brown does it every game. Swaggers about as if some cunt spat in his face and called him a fenian (unfortunately to my knowledge this hasnt happened yet) We need someone who will do to brown what Thomson did to keane. Kyle Bartley but better. After that he becomes anonymous. Murty, much like Halliday, just isnt good enough but has used up what good will he had.
  4. Congrats on your use of caps but in looking for the caps lock you appear to have missed the point... nobody gives a fuck about Halliday, he's shite! He shouldn't be near the squad never mind starting an old firm semi-final. The point being no matter who was taken off @ that point in the game was of no benefit to us as the person coming on had no time to make an impact. Oh and you've also just shown your hand to Brenda so he can address your tactical change at the half time break in 4 fucking minutes! Unless its for an injury subbing at that time only highlights to the opposition the manager/team are flapping, the taigs in the stands picked up on it and started chanting Hallidays name, it reminded me of the time we applauded Regi Blinker on to the park for them because we thought so little of them as threat. That belief filters down from the stands to the team, it did for us then and it did for them on sunday Finally just to be clear... Halliday? Shite! Subbing a player 4 minutes from half time? equally shite!
  5. Honestly get this guy so far to fuck away from my club! I cant stand listening to his shite anymore. As others have said comes across as a smarmy prick in this interview. Theres almost an arrogance to him now that wasnt there before. Not the good kind but more a defiant arrogance of i know im so far out my depth and everyone can see me drowning but im just going pretend everything is fine in the hope people buy it. How this cunt thinks he hasnt lost the dressing room is beyond me when his captain and most senior player have been suspended for (imo) rightly tearing strips off him, of course rather than deal with it hengoes running to that imbecile Robertson, you have players storming up the tunnel after being subbed or openly being called a bawbag by a player he just humiliated (what a way to instill loyalty). Also as if to underline his incompetence his openly admits he would make the same substition again if need be. Arrogance. Regardless of your opinion of halliday, a sub at that time only humiliates the player, as was the case at hampden the taigs lapped it up no doubt giving their team an unnecessary lift, our player coming on has all of 4 mins to make an impact/get up to speed with the pace of an old firm before half time comes?? Fucking clueless!
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