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  1. According to that Sun article Morelos "lashed out" at the big fuckin mongo spacker. No if, buts or maybes. But TV pictures "appear" to show the cunt rake his studs down Morelos' Achilles. They media here are sleekit bastards.
  2. Only 3 wins, possibly 5 mate. Still got Killie on Saturday and sheep after split. Optimistic/deluded Loyal Fucked it.....possibly 6 as got Killie after split too.....if they finish top 6 that is 😂
  3. That's absolutely brutal and sums up Scottish football, approximately a quarter of a season against just 2 teams FFS
  4. Ref was beyond woeful tonight but we only have ourselves to blame for dropping points in a game we should have won at a canter..........again. Poor finishing, not being able to kill pish teams off when we are pummelling them and too many players who's arses collapse when we concede an equaliser is what cost us tonight. Ref was honking to be fair.
  5. Fuckin love the wee man, will never tire of watching him get fucked in about every cunt and ragdolling centre halves for fun as well as his all round play which is superb and improving by the game. He is by far the best footballer in the country and I don't want him to leave. But leave he will and it will be this summer unfortunately. He's never hidden the fact he wants to play in the EPL and you can't blame him for wanting to. He will go with my best wishes even though I will be gutted.
  6. Don't you remember mate.......they pumped Bayern Munich reserves at their midden in a 2-1 loss
  7. RS4_wul

    Walter Smith

    Never gets old, could watch that all day Happy birthday Walter.
  8. Never really minded him one way or the other until these last 2 or 3 weeks. But he seems to have turned in to a bit of a miserable, moaning faced git. And a wank.
  9. Too right mate. Even though we went on to become the first British team to win the tournament, in style and playing some great football, scoring lots of goals with a number of our players showing how talented they are the scum hacks in the media will find a negative from somewhere or other. And if they can't find one they will just make some shit up. They are incapable of praising Rangers without getting the dry boak. Anyway, well done to the youngsters, made me feel proud and excited about all the promising talent we have at youth level.
  10. Watched the game on my mobile before I had to go back to work with a few minutes to go. Got to catch last 10 minutes and the penalties till 7 each then had to actually do a bit and missed the winning kick I was well impressed with the young lads and Kai Kennedy and NYC in particular. They both look a class above, hopefully see them both in the first team in the not too distant future if they continue to show that much promise/ability.
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