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  1. FFS mental amount of money back then. I think Hendry pumped Jimmy White in the world final 3 times, including that incredible 10 frames in a row comeback. White fans must hate Hendry with a passion
  2. You're spot on bud. White was leading 14-8 and Hendry won 10 frames in a row including 7 century breaks, he was fucking awesome in his day.
  3. I said to the Mrs during the game last night what the fuck do we do at training all week, how the fuck can our "efforts" at goal constantly be so weak/feeble/piss poor? If we actually decide to hit the fucking thing that is. Infuriating how often our players pass up good chances to have a pop on the edge of the box and instead try another fucking pass to someone who has 2 or 3 defenders marking them. Infuriating. We have a squad of professional footballers who between them all might have 2 or 3 decent shots at goal out of about 45 attempts. It's truly woeful.
  4. You've got to bud, otherwise we'd all go mad. Gallows humour. It's finally sunk in with me that the majority of our squad will never be fit to wear that famous jersey, never. I'm not one to ever call our players/staff all the c's under the sun. I understand when others do as we all care about Rangers so much, the clubs a massive part of our lives and it hurts like a bastard when we see performances/results like last night. That's the worst part for me, the performances. Even our great teams and squads lost the odd game to the "diddy teams", it's always going to happen. But our recent domestic displays have been beyond abysmal, way beyond. Shirt is definitely way too heavy for most of them.
  5. I see one definite split in the squad. Half of them are shite, the other half pure shite.
  6. I only saw second half but that was quite possibly the worst sporting performance I've ever seen, it was that bad.
  7. Apparently they would have gone farther in the Europa league then Copenhagen.........................except they didn't. Fucking ahahahahahaha
  8. Genuine fucking tears Trying to stop watching that, but can't.
  9. The contrast between the 2 situations couldn't be more stark.
  10. That was glorious mate. From almost jizzing himself at their pen, sounding like he was about to pass out he was so excited, to abject misery in no time at all Delicious
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