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  1. 30 years on and they're still ragin Get it right up them.
  2. Superb. Only just went through this thread. Was getting nervous as fuck seeing post after post saying we hit the post, hit the post again, just rattled bar, hit the post yet again. Was just waiting for a 2-2 post. Thank fuck for the third goal. I should probably have taken a leaf out of big Marve's book anyway Well done lads.
  3. Happy birthday Graeme. Took no fuckin prisoners did Souness. Love the big, handsome bastard. That tackle against Steau Bucharest FFS Only got a yellow for it too, WTF?
  4. Wooooffff........pick that oot
  5. Knew about Goodison but never realised just how many other football grounds he designed, very impressive list. Nothing will ever compare to the main stand at Ibrox though, it sets the stadium apart from any other.
  6. According to that Sun article Morelos "lashed out" at the big fuckin mongo spacker. No if, buts or maybes. But TV pictures "appear" to show the cunt rake his studs down Morelos' Achilles. They media here are sleekit bastards.
  7. Only 3 wins, possibly 5 mate. Still got Killie on Saturday and sheep after split. Optimistic/deluded Loyal Fucked it.....possibly 6 as got Killie after split too.....if they finish top 6 that is 😂
  8. That's absolutely brutal and sums up Scottish football, approximately a quarter of a season against just 2 teams FFS
  9. Ref was beyond woeful tonight but we only have ourselves to blame for dropping points in a game we should have won at a canter..........again. Poor finishing, not being able to kill pish teams off when we are pummelling them and too many players who's arses collapse when we concede an equaliser is what cost us tonight. Ref was honking to be fair.
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