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  1. RS4_wul


    We're obviously playing the long game with this one
  2. RS4_wul

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    My mistake. 👍 Anyway definitely won't be 0-0 this Friday. Going for 4 or 5 nil.
  3. RS4_wul

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    I might be getting mixed up here but if memory serves Hearts pumped them 10-0 away then the following weekend we drew 0-0 with them...........at Ibrox
  4. RS4_wul

    Andy Murray Retires

    I disagree mate. Early in his career he did lack the mental strength of top sportsmen and often got frustrated, lost the rag. But I believe in the last few years he learned how to control that frustration more often than not. Those 3 players you mention are arguably the best ever to hold a racket and Murray was incredibly unlucky to be in the same era as them. All 3 unreal. I think saying he wasn't at their level is like saying a footballer isn't at the level of Ronaldo or Messi though I get what you're saying about needing that mental toughness to get to their level, I just disagree, I think Murray had that. Those 3 are just on another planet from any other tennis players........ever. Djokovic and Federer are both freaks of nature and ridiculously good tennis players, Murray done well to win 3 slams during his career challenging those 2 and Nadal. I think his mental toughness was exceptional and he never knew when he was beat imo. He had bags of character and determination. Sure we can both agree that he was a genuinely proper world class sportsmen.
  5. RS4_wul

    Andy Murray Retires

  6. RS4_wul

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Aye that Bale is utter pish right enough To be fair I don't follow either team or their transfers but only 2 world class signings is stretching it a tad. And Modric is the dogs bollocks.....even if he has been poor this season?
  7. RS4_wul

    Celtic Sign World’s Greatest Striker

    If he was in the same class as weah he would be in Dubai right now training with his new team mates
  8. RS4_wul

    Celtic Sign World’s Greatest Striker

    All well and good but were 39 other clubs in for him though? PSG's deadliest striker FFS
  9. RS4_wul

    The latest from Tom Irish

    Before you slag the deranged cock socket think of the "sporting integrity" Big, bad Rangers signing better players during a transfer window to improve our squad and help us challenge separate entity fc for the league title. Are there no limits to the depths we are willing to stoop? The guy is so mentally unstable, he really does need serious help.
  10. RS4_wul

    Defoe confirmed

    Walker plus £35mill and we'll talk.
  11. RS4_wul

    Defoe confirmed

    The twat is obviously unaware we've started using EBT's again
  12. RS4_wul

    The latest from Tom Irish

    Wait till 55 mate. Looking forward to all the haters having meltdowns left, right and centre. Guarantee all the smsm turn in to Vicky Pollard .......yeah but, no but, yeah but. Will be absolutely glorious.
  13. RS4_wul

    Defoe confirmed

    Can't help themselves, they're absolutely beelin' Get it right up them. Welcome to Rangers Jermain.
  14. You ain't seen nothing yet mate. Watch them and the haters in the smsm ramp up the pressure on refs as the season unfolds because they know we are a genuine threat, every little decision or incident in our favour highlighted. When decisions go against us, tumbleweed ........you could set your watch by it. If there was social media when we won 9 in a row........the internet would probably still be broken.