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  1. 4 mins injury time? The refs windows are definitely getting tanned tonight.
  2. Premier sports coverage, while better than listening on the radio, is brutal. Patterson about to swing a cross into the box and they show the 4th official holding up the injury time board. Or showing multiple replays of fuck all as the game is continuing. WTF? Does my tits in.
  3. He left his foot in, knew exactly what he was doing. 100% deliberate imho. His intention was to 'do' Alfie.
  4. Not even a little bit surprised tbh. Would actually have been astonished if the cunt did get a ban. Regarding appeals we have won in the last couple of years, it doesn't change the fact we've had players wrongly sent off in certain games and had to play the remainder of said matches a man down. It's not even just the sometimes ridiculous reds our players get (blowing kisses FFS) it's also the amount of yellows we pick up for incidents that opposition players don't even get spoken to for. All those joke yellows eventually lead to a suspension at some point in the season. Th
  5. Dave McPherson, the only player in Scottish football that can control the ball with both shins
  6. Can't believe I forgot about that goal Absolute peach man
  7. Tbf, we're both old enough to be a grandad
  8. HP sauce bottle shoulders?
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