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  1. Should just about manage bud, thanks for your concern though.
  2. Just put a quid on Morelos next goal about 30 seconds before their second FFS
  3. Trevor Steven FFS Pedantic Loyal 😁 Was funny right enough 😄
  4. 😄 Dubious FFS. Either the twat can't grasp one of the easiest laws of the game to understand (a game he played professionally for about 12 years) or he is just being a cunt. Wonder which one it is.
  5. Calling it disallowed too. It has to be given in the first place to be disallowed you daft bint. Has she no seen the angle on the line yet FFS. BT are amateur 😂
  6. What's that mate, can't quite make out what your post says.
  7. Did have a bottle of buckie in the fridge for tomorrow but it's been tanned 😂⚽️🇬🇧
  8. The SAS pay Katic protection money
  9. Cunts that have blatantly dived with absolutely no contact whatsoever but the commentators and or "expert pundits" are giving it not sure if there was contact or not. Fuck off, just say the cunt dived FFS.
  10. Just listening to Cyndy Lauper the now, spooky 😂 Cyndi.
  11. Hope they have a great time and see Rangers rattle in a few goals at a packed, bouncing, rocking Ibrox. They will be hooked for life mate if they do, trust me.
  12. Why don't commentators and pundits ever just call it out?......inconclusive FFS. Divin bastard.
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