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  1. Bit harsh mate, probably true though
  2. I've earmarked Holly Willoughby to sit on my cock.................not happening.
  3. I was approaching my mid twenties and old enough to know better when we signed Gazza...........didn't stop me getting the haircut though It was unreal when he signed for us. His natural talent was off the scale. That and the fact we already had Laudrup, happy fucking days being a Bear back then. We were genuinely spoiled. 25 years ago but.............feeling an auld cunt Loyal
  4. I pray he thinks about that miss every second of every day I had just flicked the tv over to find out their score only to see the ball sitting on the spot. I have never shouted/screamed so loud at a penalty miss in my life. If memory serves they were already one goal up on us when they got that pen. Go 2 up and who knows what would have happened. Git it up him.
  5. Tacky shite. Diminishes the beauty/class/aesthetic of our wonderful stadium. Really can't stand seeing that kind of thing. Just naw.
  6. Not the slightest hint of sarcasm in your post
  7. The bit I've highlighted in italics should ensure a fair and impartial arbitration. FFS
  8. FFS Looking forward to his Dundonian 'accent'
  9. I wouldn't give them the steam off my pish if they were selling Messi.
  10. mentalist. You fit right in on here tbf eejay
  11. Was going to post how astonishing this appointment is, but it really isn't. Cunts are trolling us at every opportunity. Doncaster appointed to ethics board FFS You honestly couldn't make that shit up.
  12. Yep, fuck every last one of them though.
  13. This, plus the colour looks superb. The fact it makes our many haters foam at the mouth is just an added bonus. Sexually abuse innocent children over several decades and cover it up?.......barely a whimper from our rancid media. But bring out a strip that is orange and all hell breaks loose. Let that sink in. Abuse children, hardly any condemnation from any cunt. But the same said cunts get offended by a fucking colour. Get it up every one of our haters.
  14. We sold Windass a while back mate.
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