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  1. Cosgrove should be off. Should already have had a stonewall yellow for leaving the foot in on Davis in the first minute. They are beyond woeful and a bunch of cloggers. We will score at least another 2 in second half.
  2. RS4_wul


    15 million for Morelos FFS What a fuckin gimp.
  3. RS4_wul


    Obviously yet another example of anti Irish racism bud I'd much rather have Morelos stay with us, rag dolling cunts left right and centre for a few years yet than sell him for however many millions of pounds. Will be gutted when he leaves.
  4. RS4_wul


    His second header was an absolute peach. Reminded me a little of Torres' header for Liverpool at old Trafford years ago. The wee, mad bassa is fucking awesome. Don't know how much longer we'll have him for, but I'm going to enjoy every moment. I'd rather he stayed than get X amount of millions for him but know that he will be away one day.
  5. Rob MacLean spewin Get it up ye.
  6. So true. Although not all, but a significant number of modern day "footballers" are utter twats.
  7. Luckily for me I support Rangers, not Hull
  8. McGregor is superb, but Goram was on another level all together for me. Short (for a keeper), fat, 2 dodgy knees and an alky but fuck me what a fuckin keeper. One on ones he was ridiculously good, one of the best ever. Games against them he was almost unbeatable, more often than not. Love them both.
  9. 10-1 v Keith at pittodrie 7-0 home v hivs 7-0 away v St. Johnstone 5-2 away v Dunfermline Can't think of any more right now.
  10. Should just about manage bud, thanks for your concern though.
  11. Just put a quid on Morelos next goal about 30 seconds before their second FFS
  12. Trevor Steven FFS Pedantic Loyal 😁 Was funny right enough 😄
  13. 😄 Dubious FFS. Either the twat can't grasp one of the easiest laws of the game to understand (a game he played professionally for about 12 years) or he is just being a cunt. Wonder which one it is.
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