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  1. No got it for me. Poor decision making and slows us down far too often. Looks decent when we play well but when we need someone to step up he's never going to be that player.
  2. 2 mistakes from Tav have fucked us tonight. 2nd one last minute was a shocker sums his season up imo. Of course the leagues more important but we all still get a buzz off a european night and after a 1st half like that got to expect better.
  3. Superb first 60 mins faded after that but fuck it who cares we got the win.
  4. Needs a spell on the bench. More shite than good performances in the bigger games since he joined.
  5. His formation and game plan was shocking set up to try and keep it tight played right into their hands. Players cant get away with that performance either though too many massively off the pace the day.
  6. Tremendous so far this season. Always thought he was good but he's just getting better and better.
  7. Kamara off for someone to play higher up either Hastie or King.
  8. We've a big enough and good enough squad to compete in both. So going out early wont makes difference we lost the league after xmas last season. And the European games bring a massive buzz amongst the fans.
  9. Looking superb so far keep it up.
  10. Always a cracking feeling getting a late winner like that. But need major improvement for the rest of the season that wasn't anywhere near good enough.
  11. Shocking from Tav he's fucked a cracking 2nd half performance. Morelos had a lot to answer for aswell ridiculous.
  12. Fine isn't good enough we need to be better than fine to win the league.
  13. It's both that's the problem I said that in my original post.
  14. That doesn't make us solid at the back a few clean sheets. We've bossed a team all night then conceded a cheap equaliser that's cost us again.
  15. Nothing to do with luck we're rotten at the back always look likely to concede and going forward we just cant kill teams off. Been the same for a few seasons.
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