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  1. Looking superb so far keep it up.
  2. Always a cracking feeling getting a late winner like that. But need major improvement for the rest of the season that wasn't anywhere near good enough.
  3. Shocking from Tav he's fucked a cracking 2nd half performance. Morelos had a lot to answer for aswell ridiculous.
  4. Fine isn't good enough we need to be better than fine to win the league.
  5. It's both that's the problem I said that in my original post.
  6. That doesn't make us solid at the back a few clean sheets. We've bossed a team all night then conceded a cheap equaliser that's cost us again.
  7. Nothing to do with luck we're rotten at the back always look likely to concede and going forward we just cant kill teams off. Been the same for a few seasons.
  8. Thought he was class yesterday MOTM for me although could have been any the 3 in the midfield.
  9. If he's available at our price range he's a must buy he's been superb. Massive player for us going into the 2nd half of this season.
  10. He's got to be given 2 more transfer windows in my opinion atleast. His name and reputation should attract the players capable of winning us league and cups. His problems are his rotation of the centre backs and inability to change it at the right times but he's learning and should realise from these mistakes what's needed.
  11. Thought he was superb again though his finishing let him down in the end. Deserved a goal and the keeper made a few good saves but a couple of the chances he's got to do alot better with.
  12. The celebrations at tynecastle should've motivated us to keep winning but they've had the opposite effect. Players thinking they've made it cause we went top for a few days.
  13. Needing someone in that midfield 3 that can beat a man and create some space and hit a decent shot from outside the box.
  14. ArranRfc


    He needs to get a proper chance now we're badly needing someone that can create from the midfield can't be worse than what we had the night and weekend.
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