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  1. Definitely the right thing to do. Well done 👏👏👏
  2. Fucking rotten again. But of course he'll play every single game for the remainder of the season whilst select others are punished for errors.
  3. Another summer clear out and rebuild needed regardless of who's in charge.
  4. Think Gerrards time is up after saturday you would think that was it penny dropped, time for a change in tactic but no. Still the same shite with a few diff faces thrown in.
  5. Didnt think it could get worse than Hearts at the weekend but well done Rangers you've proved me wrong.
  6. Just one of 14 poor performers for us out there today.
  7. Spineless bastards the lot of them absolutely shocking not 1 player out there giving a fuck.
  8. How the fuck he can't see what we all see with this formation and sticking by the same players who are playing shite we've got a squad for a reason. I want to stick by him but he needs to get this sorted quickly.
  9. Shambles of a team. Fucking awful again the norm for the league since the break.
  10. What a result still buzzing with it. Hopefully this gives us the confidence to go on a cracking run.
  11. He needs to change it up a bit and show us he's actually got a plan B. That's the difference with good and great managers knowing when and how to change the game.
  12. Granted Davis has been pish since the break but so has every other midfielder we've got. Could make a case for any one of them to be benched.
  13. Shocking again at tynecastle no lessons learned after the draw earlier. Kamara fucking dreadful typical wanting too much time on the ball.
  14. Great result. Only downfall was no going for it more when they went down to 10.
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