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  1. Ryan Christie is banging in goals for them the now
  2. Thought BB was absent on Wed as he was being rested for Sun?
  3. DM: "It's just a wind up LOL play along"
  4. All he ever seems to do is get hacked to be fair. I see a player in him but deffos not for Scottish football.
  5. I know all about people's opinions on Tav, don't worry. Been his biggest crticic since he joined the club. That being said, I'm not totally biased to just see the negative in him - I juist dont happen to be talking about his positives right now. I'm not gonna argue any more about the free kick cos its boring but in my eyes it wasn't decent.
  6. This would be a good argument if Tav actually scored from a free kick once in a while. Fact is Morelos is on plenty of goals this season
  7. This is how desperate I am to avoid doing any work today
  8. If it was such a decent free kick it wouldve been a goal. Barisic wouldve buried it. I dont care how much he "tries"... since when was trying and failing a passing mark for Rangers? He has you all fooled.
  9. you can't deny it was so obvious what he was going to do...
  10. My point was even if he has hit a decent free kick or two in the past few weeks, for every good free kick he has 5 shockers.
  11. 1 in 10 free kicks isn't good enough when there are clearly more capable players on the pitch. Also, his ratio of good corners to bad is probably closer to 1:20. Either Tav's ego gets in the way or Gerrard is blind to his lack of ability from set peices...
  12. I'm not saying it was the easiest position to score form but the lack of variation and imagination in our set peices with Tav is laughable! This was our best chance at a goal in the 2nd half and it just sums up our fighting spirit that Tav goes for a bog standard top corner effort, doesn't find the back of the net (obviously) but everyone is fine with it because it was a "tough position to score from"? It's moments like that which define captains - and Tav is defined as a loser.
  13. It was telegraphed tf in my opinion. Lewis made it look like a good save cos he is a big show man, but Tav gave him no challenge at all - A waste of a free kick. Have a look at it again and look at Aribo's position. Could have slid the ball in for a cheaky goal but Tav has to always be the protagonist!
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