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  1. I think Tav needs dropped for a break more than anything else. He looked tired and sluggish the 2nd half, and made some poor balls in which were particularly bad even for him. I'm first to say when he has a bad game but today he actually looked knackered.
  2. He was my highlight of the day, great to see him performing. Solid 3rd option should the need arise.
  3. Outstanding going forward all day, still patchy in defense but always improving. Happy days
  4. From Mcinnes downwards, Aberdeen are a club of cowards - today was a long time in comming and it was beautiful
  5. Good to see we have a reliable 3rd choice if injury/suspension take their toll later in the season
  6. I dont think its wise to completely change our centre backs around. Possibly Goldson and Edmundson is a better choice. Other than that I agree with your picks.
  7. Mate I would massively appreciate that, can you message me to meet or something? Sorry I am new to this board.
  8. I'm not able to buy the whole Europa package because of work commitments but I want to make the Feyenoord game next week. Anyone know when tickets for this game individually will go up? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. To be fair, SkySportsNews would probably quote this as a reliable source during the transfer window
  10. 50% is a piss take, Liverpool are absolute chancers man
  11. If he hadnt jabbed Lego boy he wouldve been 2mil cheaper probably..
  12. 20% off 100Million isnt bad I suppose lol
  13. I read on twitter before the deal was confirmed that they had a hefty sell on fee in the region of 50%. That was from an unconfirmed source, however, so may be total bollocks. I've had it in the back of my head that they would have a sell on clause since reading that tho.
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