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  1. Company law is weak as piss in this country, that said I can’t believe none of the cunts were jailed for criminal deception.
  2. Easy to prove there was leaks.
  3. Findlay isn’t a tax lawyer mate.
  4. With his knowledge of British Tax Law.....
  5. Never forget never forgive.
  6. Fuckin wanks everyone of them.
  7. The wild Rangers Blogger The Man The Bheasts Couldn’t Tame named the cunt.
  8. And never underestimate their hatred for Rangers , they get with their mothers milk. They are programmed to damage anything Protestant at any opportunity.
  9. A waste of a life, just go somewhere quiet and die you paedo cunt.
  10. The hand of Dr Death is all over this whole thing.
  11. That ship sailed 20 years ago mate.
  12. Was it the Cali or Medellin Cartel who tried to bump JJ off?
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