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  1. Katic will end up in a bigger league
  2. Forgetting to pull the choke out on the first has always hindered me, the boys know if they’re partnered with me not to pass the baton till the 5th. Probably should nip down the range before playing.
  3. It was the parents fault for taking their kids to the football.
  4. What a fucking wanky post.
  5. No they fuckin haven’t you silly cunt, over the pas 25 30 years a media driven campaign has made Rangers and anyone connected to Rangers hate figures within Scottish society. Because we are seen as a Unionist club the SNP have been happy to crank up the hate even more. I can remember the Scotland Squad (with plenty of Rangers players in it)going on the piss in Largs with no hassle from anyone.
  6. Proper order would be finding out who did it and sorting them out.
  7. Sadly you’re most probably right. A paedophile ring operating at a major Scottish Football Club, links to other paedophiles in football, the clergy and even Jimmy Saville yet it’s not generated a tenth of the media frenzy our tax affairs did.
  8. Hard to see how they will be able to continue, harbouring a Paedophile ring for decades surely must mean their time is up.
  9. Top man, I’m sat in a hotel in Granada, smoking a joint and watching the Teddy Bears, good second half is all that’s needed for perfection 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. The chanting from the stands has actually highlighted the industrial scale child abuse at celtic Park. For decades politicians and the media have downplayed what actually happened. A scandal involving a large Scottish Football Club, linked to sexual deviants like Cardinal O’Brien, Barry Bennel and Jimmy fuckin Saville. You’d think journalists would be falling over each other to investigate and publish this story.
  11. The fact he comments more on Rangers than celtic regarding this tells us all we need to ‘now.
  12. You happily support a corrupt political party who want to break up my country, who despise my football team and who cover up child abuse at their football club of choice. Why don’t you just fuck off you sanctimonious cunt.
  13. Maybe just try ordinary glasses then.
  14. Played it about 20 yrs ago, lovely course. Sotogrande is the best I’ve played in the area but it’s a fair drive down from Costa Del Sol.
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