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  1. Why should I, I don’t want to pay for a British version of CNN, they are politically bias and their Brexit position was ridiculous, for a supposedly neutral National Broadcaster. BBC Scotland’s treatment of all things Rangers is beyond parody so why would you choose to pay for it.
  2. If it brings in revenue I don’t care if it looks like a formula 1. Drivers kit.
  3. He’s a transparent troll begging for a reaction.
  4. The Swedes, who the Feminazis hold up as the Nation we should aspire to be, tried pushing engineering on females and fuck all changed. Women went into nursing and men into engineering.
  5. As Moonbeams was fond of saying he was just the custodian, likewise the current board, our Club existed for 140 years before they got involved and it will still be here long after they’ve gone. I think they are wrong to associate Rangers FC with a toxic racist group like BLM. Seems to be a hint of Fascism in the air with the hive mentality that’s so pervasive at the moment, if you don’t agree just keep quiet.
  6. Truth is the most disadvantaged group in the UK is young working class white men, so IMO the vast majority of this racial equality narrative is complete bollox. As for not stating an opinion, is it ok if the opinion ok if it agrees with you?
  7. You’re a fuckin idiot who believes everyone must have the same view as you. All Lives Matter and anyone who disagrees with that is simply a cunt. Rangers Fans got behind various anti racist Kick it Out campaigns with no problem, where were the loud Rightwingers then. I doubt very much if you are a Rangers Fan. When I watch the team I don’t think of our players colour, it’s immaterial to me and the identity politics you and other fucknuts subscribe to is the most socially divisive thing that’s happened to this country for many decades.
  8. Get an adult to explain it to you I’m done with you.
  9. Yeah MEGA LOLZ your opinion is right Dr King was wrong.
  10. Of course I only have an opinion and it’s not my place to decide how our players protest ya fuckin racist. That’s why I said in my post IN MY OPINION. Please stop separating our players on racial grounds, it’s embarrassing.
  11. Yawn, no it doesn’t make them Marxist it shows that, in my opinion, their judgment was poor on this Here’s the thing, unlike the absolute cunts who run BLM I don’t play their absurd identity politics game, if a player’s judgment is wrong I’ll say it’s wrong irrespective of the colour of that player. The only colour that matters to me is the colour of the jersey. Like MLK said, a man should be judged by the content of his character not the colour of his skin.
  12. Fuck off, they are a self confessed Marxist organisation, didn’t hear one dissenting voice in the crowd when they’re spokespeople are boasting they’ll end democracy. Fuck Black Lives Matter, Fuck anyone who excuses their extremism. They are a social cancer and all the bandwagon jumping idiots who couldn’t wait to show support for these extremists should hang their heads in shame.
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