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  1. There was Black and Hispanic bands marching for dear auld Oirland 🤔
  2. I’ve been there on St Patrick’s day, just thousands of Scottish and American Plastic Paddies staggering about. Yank in Grand Central station said to me , hey you must be one of those Keltic guys. Was told am I fuck.
  3. To be fair Arfield is always willing to get in the box.
  4. What do you think the solution is?
  5. Are they A: A bit careless B: corrupt to the core.
  6. It’s tough to take but he’s only had one window and half a season furfuxsake.
  7. We need players taking responsibility and putting their laces through the ball. Very few clearcut chances when teams pack their box. Dig the fucking ball, there’s always the chance of a deflection or the ball breaking favourably for us.
  8. The way we’ve been shooting it could take a while.
  9. It’s not lack of effort it’s lack of craft and guile
  10. They are irrelevant, they bought into a media driven rivalry that doesn’t exist.
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