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  1. They Gnu

    The next two weeks

    Match fit he will be a big player for us, no doubt about it.
  2. They Gnu

    At First

    Aye me too (not the he touched my erse in 1981 meetoo though.
  3. They Gnu

    The next two weeks

    We should rest as many as we can V Ayr but keep a strong bench.
  4. They Gnu


    He’s been spinning defenders and laying off great passes since day one.
  5. They Gnu


    He was excellent today, a fuckin joy to watch.
  6. They Gnu

    ****Official Good Guys v St Johnstone*****

    It’s rather good. the Lord smiles upon his righteous Protestant People.
  7. They Gnu

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    What a crank.
  8. They Gnu

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    From who.
  9. They Gnu

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Don’t care how many cocktail waitresses he’s pumped I’d love to see him back at the top.
  10. They Gnu

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    What the Old Course?
  11. They Gnu

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Probably the Old Course. Haven’t played the Pestana Groups courses but had a coffee on the patio of Alvor GC, course looked great and very quiet. Since Dom Pedro bought out Oceanic they’ve changed start times from 9min intervals to 8min, doesn’t sound much but it’s an extra 12.5% volume of players. Also played Vale do Lobo and Quinta Do Lago courses, they’re excellent. Only ones I’ve not really enjoyed were Christy O’Connor/Faldo courses.
  12. They Gnu

    ***Official Golf Thread****

    Yes a few years ago, very American feel to it, was one of the Oceanic Courses with The Old Course, Laguna, Pinhal, Millenium etc but they’ve all been taken over by Dom Pedro Golf. Done the Algarve to death so we’re going to Costa Del Sol next year. Same sort of 5 night 4 rounds of golf deal is £200 cheaper.
  13. They Gnu

    Graham Dorrans

    Linda Lovelace quote?
  14. They Gnu

    Graham Dorrans

    Don’t you think we have enough in midfield?