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  1. Fuckin muzzle of a gun the cunt wants.
  2. That would drive me into a manic wanking frenzy.
  3. Not just football clubs, our golf club is teetering on the brink.
  4. Alex Millar, Terry Hurlock, Dale Gordon
  5. When people supported banning the Billy Boys I said it would make no difference, they want us dead and will take anything they can twist to discredit and hurt us. Step back from this and have a look at it. The word piggery is now considered anti catholic, even in these times of clickbait hackery its a hell of a stretch.
  6. They Gnu


    What a privilege to watch that guy.
  7. This makes the hack who wrote the piece look very silly.
  8. That imaginary Rangers fan would get his imaginary bollox booted if he ventured into ourRSC. The Piggery, The Brendanbeu, Stade Gadd. Stade du Nonce, Glitter Dome, Savill Row, Rolf Harris Arena. Torbertt Towers and the Midden are all acceptable.
  9. Wouldnt believe my fish n chips if it was wrapped in the Record.
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