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  1. But Boyd is a fuckin durty H@n bastard so he should say nuffin about nuffin.
  2. Put the laces through the ball, no over elaborate stuff in and around the box.
  3. Truth is every game we play is as important as the 3 points we won at the Stade de Nonce, no point beating the Bheasts then dropping points to the shite teams like St Midden.
  4. If only, sadly it was a couple of years ago and predated Alfredo’s murderous gesture which so upset the Swansea simpleton.
  5. It’s all about winning, silky football, relentless press or a scrappy OG in the last minute of injurytime. All worth the same three points
  6. He got very upset when I drew my hand over my throat to tell the waitress I was finished eating🙃😂
  7. Sat at the next table to Hartson in a restaurant, he’s a cunt who spoke loudly about how much money he’s earning.
  8. Of course it’s absolute shite, did you actually think I was serious furfuxsake.
  9. I play golf with a big English guy and every time he nails a drive he spins round on the tee and does a shite Scarface “meet my little friend”impersonation with an imaginary machine gun, does anyone know if the RnA would charge him with bringing the game into disrepute .
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