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  1. They Gnu

    Big Jock Knew

    Just like Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford etc etc, our press are complicit in covering this up.
  2. They Gnu

    Big Jock Knew

    Fuckin right, it was in the separate entity clubs newspaper The celtic View. Giving an award for services rendered to the completely unrelated celtic Boys Club.
  3. They Gnu

    Big Jock Knew

    You don’t know, Holy fuck.
  4. They Gnu

    8 weeks

    What a waste of natural talent.
  5. They Gnu

    Andy Gray

    Top man.
  6. They Gnu

    Gerrard & Arfield Post Match Reaction

    All groovy
  7. They Gnu

    Gerrard should quit

    What does it take before this rancid abuse facilitating club is closed. They seem to have a conveyor belt of Paedophiles.
  8. They Gnu


    And when he does he punches, that apart he is a very good keeper.
  9. Time this social cancer of a club was disbanded and closed down.
  10. They Gnu

    Pena returning is it a 👍 or 👎

    30k a week?
  11. Cardinal O’Brien, Jimmy Saville and Bennel all have links to celtic Park. There are too many coincidences. edit:and Gerry McCann was their club doctor
  12. Let’s not forget McNeils interview with the Evening Times “IT WAS AN OPEN SECRET AT PARKHEAD” the Bheasts all knew Torbertt was a paedo, Stein kicked him out for abuse, Stein moved on and the same people who knew what Torbertt was up to invited him back into celticpark.
  13. They Gnu

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    We’re too slow back to front, back four play it Square or back to keeper, Ejaria and Coulibaly take too long on the ball, we play best when we’re shifting the ball quickly down the wings.
  14. Middleton is quick strong and direct, hope he has a stormer tonight.
  15. I think trying to wriggle out of it will do their cause no favours.