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  1. You are no Rangers Fan and should fuck off back To Kiddyfiddler Street.
  2. sfa bigot exposed

    Quack quack still ducking ya mug
  3. Thing is you really are a useless trolling clown. A useless trolling clown who’s ducked the question; how did you feel when the SNatz elite visited a Tarrier Slophouse in Govanhill for a photo opportunity. You should just come clean and admit you loved it, as all SNatz voting clowns did.
  4. And brings the Timposters out
  5. So tell us where he’s wrong
  6. Why don’t you point out where the OP is wrong spunk bubble.
  7. You really are a useless trolling clown.
  8. Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Is that because he’s from Greenock?
  9. sfa bigot exposed

    Wanting parity of treatment with other sections of society is not paranoia.
  10. sfa bigot exposed

    The MOPEs laid out the ground rules for this faux offence shite, sadly we have to play by the rules they created, consequently this particular Bheast has to go. It’s all wrong but had the positions been reversed we all know what the outcome would be.
  11. down-to-a-tee

    I thought this would be about golf.........
  12. Well done the Rangers charity foundation

    What a great thing to do, well done everyone involved.
  13. Pressure from taigs

    The scum who try to claim some twisted moral high ground over EBTs while facilitating a Nonce ring, shut the vile cunts down and erase them from all Scottish football records. Luadrupsleftfoot is a wrong un.
  14. Pressure from taigs

    Paying the Licence Fee is wrong, no decent discerning Protestant should fund this disgusting organisation.
  15. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    Not one Bheast Top in the Algarve had a false alarm 2 nights ago but it was a Sporting Lisbon top