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  1. I don’t think he’s lost the dressing, far, far from it in fact. However I don’t think he’s managed the squad particularly well. For months, and especially at the start of the season, he continually banged on about needing a ‘squad’, that he would need all his ‘squad’ and it wasn’t about the 11 or 18. In truth though, he’s marginalised, often unfairly, a number of them (none more so that Stewart and Jones, for example) and instead kept playing guys that were out of form/not contributing. We were all crying out for Aribo, Kamara and Arfield, even Kent at times, to be dropped earlier in the season. And he steadfastly refused to do so. It took him until December/just recently to bench/omit Ojo, which is just insane. What kind of message does that send to your ‘squad’ that you so explicitly said would be required? I certainly don’t think he’s lost them but a few will be disgruntled, and understandably so.
  2. Eh, nae point arguing semantics. He’s highlighting, but essentially calling out, a refereeing error, which is something that he almost never does. And in the context of the past few weeks and months of outrageous refereeing displays, it’s an odd time to start.
  3. Of all the moments in the game to highlight/criticise too. Fuck me, there are no words... He’s got the whole ‘calling out refs’ things totally arse over tit.
  4. Alfie’s well off form but equally, getting fuck all luck.
  5. That’s the difference between the taigs and us. They score those.
  6. We’ve totally lost our way. Confidence is shot. Nothing coming off. Tetchier in-fighting/arguing. Same old tactics. They now really look like a team that don’t believe in themselves.
  7. Total shite from the manager. Once again, he stopped short of calling out Katic but you can be in doubt that’s who he’s talking out. The lad’s confidence must be shot to pieces. What about the front 3??? No fight, no calling into question the dodgy decision. It’s all too meek and he’s fast coming across as being clueless and devoid of answers. It actually saddens me more than I can say.
  8. It’s amazing the difference one man can make. Cos I‘d confidently say that if Walter was the manager, cheating refs would barely be an issue. They’d be left in no doubt about any of their questionable actions.
  9. Yeah, and He should’ve done it long before now. He, and we as a club, have a been a total doormat to refs, the SFA and other clubs. We’ve been complicit in this happening by our lack of action in properly standing up for ourselves.
  10. Walter Smith will be in charge? Mate, that’s never happening. Don’t let what you desperately want to happen make you think it’ll actually become reality. It won’t.
  11. That’s definitely a giveable penalty. Pushing a player whilst on the turn in the box. It’s a fucking foul
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