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  1. Wonder if Foderingham has spat the dummy given he’s not even on the bench?
  2. Only ourselves to blame. Wasted way too many chance yet again with poor crossing/a woeful final ball.
  3. Gotta be rescinded. When you see it in slow motion in the video below, I think it's pretty conclusive that McKenna hooks Morelos' foot towards him. In no way is it Alfie booting or stamping on him. Outrageous and disgusting comments by Derek McInnes and the media at large. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/47154887 (1:39 in)
  4. Walter with Davie Weir... that not a massive success?
  5. There’s no way SG is going to play Morelos on the right. We’d lose way too much of his play/what he does for the team and he’d almost certainly lose confidence. It’s just not his game/position and he can’t be shoehorned into it. It’d be utter madness.
  6. The drop ball, trying to smash the ball in Lego's coupon and stretching his arms out (ala Lego to Diouf) just sky rocketed my man-love for Arfield even more. Make no bones about, Arfield absolutely intimated the shit out of Brown, both in terms of the aforementioned instances and in terms of his play, in how he completely dominated him. You could literally see on Brown's face how totally rattled he was - he had nae comeback. Which is all pretty ironic as I met/sat and had a beer with Arfield 3 years ago down in Holmfirth when I got him and his mate comp tickets for a gig I was playing on. And he's genuinely the nicest guy you could ever meet. Which really is like getting the old Rangers back when we can say we've got absolute warriors who can balance having a bit of swagger while being humble, respectful guys off the pitch too. Unlike the other lot...
  7. Dorans is done mate. And there’s no way Murphy will come back as good a player after his ACL injury. That injury, for a winger, is a game-changer. But definitely missing the other two.
  8. Absolutely, and there’s no doubt SG will have said to them to take care/be wary of quick turns as the risk of injury is huge. It literally is a different ball game on those surfaces.
  9. Don’t think we do plastic pitches unfortunately. The team always look like they never fancy it on them.
  10. Northern Ireland invoked the 5 Day ban for him playing for us mate. Nothing to do with SG.
  11. These two interviews with Peat just leave more questions than answers. I’m still waiting on a competent journalist asking him why, after he’s said ‘he saw no problem with extending the season to help Rangers’, that never happened. Why did it not happen, when everyone inside and outside football knew it was plain wrong to ask so much of one club to play so many games in such a short period of time? Maybe he was influenced after all... It was and is an utter shambles.
  12. In the last 25 years+ of watching football, I honestly can’t remember a time like the past two seasons in which we’ve had so many outrageous decisions go against us. This season has been a joke already on that front and it’s barely started. I don’t buy into conspiracy theories, but it definitely feels like we’ve become a soft target for refs, without the fear of a WS and Advocaat to rip them a new one. It’s not helped either by the quality of our team having dropped compared to years ago, meaning these shocking decisions are having a greater, more negative effect. Frightening just how bad the refs have become though.
  13. To be fair, I think it's definitely a feature of virtually all of our games so far this season, which the likes of EL qualification or a 4-0 skelping today shouldn't disguise. That is we're giving the ball away way too often, too easily in every game and putting ourselves under needless pressure. Really glad to hear SG not paper over that fact because keeping better possession really needs to become a must, and fast. It's what made us fall into Motherwell's hands and drop points, not lay much of a glove on the scum and has been a big feature in Euro away games to some extent too. Nail that, and we'll be a serious team to come up against.
  14. Happy with the team, though the bench is a bit weak. Clearly has no faith in Sadiq whatsoever. Let’s fucking do this!
  15. Mate, we’d get destroyed with that team - our midfield would be totally overrun/ dominated by theirs. I reckon we definitely need 3 in the middle of the park for this game. Keeping possession for good spells is going to be key.
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