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  1. That may be, however you wouldn’t normally look to mimic ideas from the manufacturers you’re directly replacing. I think they could’ve done a bit more in getting a more varied design but I do agree that in time, they’ll prove to be superb. In any case, I’ve now ordered a top for me and the strip for the wee man, so fuck it eh, it’s cash to the club!
  2. Just ordered for my wee nephew. Cracking store and pretty seamless to buy through with great options for paying. Like the strip and think it’ll grown on me more, but I’m not blown away by it. Not loving the ‘Stay In Control’ bit at all mind. Looks like they’ve lifted a fair bit of it from Hummel, which is a shame.
  3. Let’s hope it’s a grower but I’m the same, don’t like it at all.
  4. Na, not as many as that, and by the time Barry was playing with Goram, the goalie was nowhere near his former self. In his final season, Goram was a fat mess who was unrecognisable, in form or presence on the field. And as a keeper growing up, he was my hero/I idolised him. But he was was on a steep decline at Rangers by Barry’s time. It’s a bizarre team Barry’s selected but I have no problem with him clearly selecting players from the start of Advocaat’s time. Tha
  5. I’d take him on a year long loan simply because I can’t imagine the club will be looking to part with anything like £4m right now. I’d be surprised if Genk aren’t open to that either. But signing him is a no-brainer for me - tons of potential, if played in his proper position, and in a better, more robust team that isn’t as full of shitebags.
  6. I'd love to see the season voided and I do feel that it's the fairest action in all leagues. Even in those where clubs like Liverpool are miles ahead. I also don't see why it's significantly more problematic to do so than any other options which exist, as all are open to legal challenge. Fundamentally, I just don't think ANY club should be punished by relegation for an outcome that was never realised/confirmed due to a global pandemic. And if you can't relegate, you shouldn't be able to award titles. BUT, that being said, I still struggle to suppress my anger at our own players for absolutely bottling it since January and allowing this situation to arise. You can bet that this rush for awarding them the title just wouldn't exist if the league was much closer, as it simply wouldn't stand. Instead, they'd push for null and void as their worst case scenario. And for that, we can only blame ourselves. I can't forgive our players for the utter shitebaggery we witnessed in 2020. We were blowing it on a monumental scale.
  7. Anyone that thinks the club will be fined or deducted for this is absolutely mental. There’s no chance whatsoever as it would undoubtedly result in Rangers taking the SPFL to court which would lead to light being shone on the SPFL’s underhand and corrupt dealings. Which is exactly what they’re trying to avoid right now.
  8. Folks on here need to remember that this was ALWAYS going to fail and it was simply a part of the process to make sure we adhered to the correct guidelines/path for achieving the end goal. Nae point in being gutted. It's just another hurdle on the journey.
  9. Didn't know he had! "Rousing"... fuck me. Still, in do so, that speaks volumes. 'Nothing to see here...'
  10. More than likely. The tims definitely. Trying to take the moral high ground. So transparent...
  11. Yes, but not directly to ND. They allowed him to purport his narrative and use the French league as an example. Nor did they actually drill down into how is it possibly fair to formally relegate clubs under the current circumstances. By all means, award prize money based on placing a. But they should have asked how it was in anyway fair. Instead, they allowed him to hide behind his ‘I work for and behalf of the clubs’ which is basically a ‘don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger’ tactic.
  12. Absolutely. That’s the first time I’ve listened to BBC Sportsound in years and David Currie utterly failed at asking the key questions. Finally they had ND, who’s done his best Houdini act for weeks, on the radio and they barely scratched the surface. What happened to questions such as: 1. Why have meetings not been minuted, which is a dereliction of corporate duty? 2. What were the circumstances of your phone call to Peter, and who is Peter? 3. Gretna’s administrator says the club were advanced money, not loaned. So tell us again why that was impossible? 4. And on that Neil, you said it’s not in the rules for the SPFL to do so. Yet you’ve called the seasons in the lower leagues with the intention of following suit in the top tier. Was a deviation of the rules not required to allow that to happen? 5. And when ND justified Hearts relegation as ‘well, leagues are competitive entities which have winners and losers’, that should have been immediately challenged by ‘Neil, how can you say that when clubs are being punished, potentially gravely so, despite not being given an opportunity to complete games and due to a world crisis that should see no single entity unfairly punished when it is possible not to?’ And those are just for starters... As an aside, hearing Tom English say at the end that it is fair for celtic and DU to be crowned champions while unfair for Hearts and PT to be relegated. What utterly skewed nonsense. Null and void and what they’ve done in Holland is the only truly fair way when games can’t be completed and final outcomes reached.
  13. With all due respect, you don’t know the machinations of what was agreed between the investors. It’s very likely they were happy for him to be the figurehead during such tumultuous times, especially as King doesn’t shy away from a fight. So to level that against King is a wee bit unfair given what he was up against.
  14. I still see people on here getting worried about the EGM resolution failing. It if does go ahead, amazing - we’ve turned the tide completely. But it has no real bearing on the end goal and the club will be expecting it to fail. It’s about going through the due process until legal action is the only play. As an aside though, I’d be interested to know how the CEO and Chairman positions are selected for future reference given Lawwell will be back on the SPFL board next season, with SR dropping out. I can just imagine how he’ll try to take the moral high ground and begin to try and exert more influence again.
  15. King has undoubtedly been great for us and though he’s had his flaws, they’ve been heavily outweighed by the positives. But yes, he was a compromised figure who had too much baggage which meant he couldn’t front disputes relating to integrity, governance etc. However, make no mistake, King is still around, still heavily involved and will be behind/part of much of this. He just can’t be the face of it.
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