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  1. And what about his own leadership in terms of game changing decisions/substitutions? It was clear things needed changed up early in the 2nd half and he did nothing. He actually came across initially as being not too dissatisfied with it. Not sure if he’s scared to call them out more forcefully ahead of Sunday but we were lacking in leadership and nous from top to bottom tonight. Sickening and embarrassing.
  2. BearInTheToon


    We’ve surely got to have the same loan arrangement for Ojo to play that we had with Worral. There can’t be any other reason. He wasn’t the reason why we dropped points tonight but he offers fuck all. A dreadful substitution.
  3. Tonight has been an utter embarrassment from us. Hate to say it, but celtic have shown how it’s done.
  4. Playing like they’re thinking about the cup final at the weekend...
  5. Totally lost our fluency. Criminal that we’ve let the game pan out this way.
  6. We’ve fallen into the trap of playing the game their game, not ours. Shambles
  7. Shocker of a goal to give away. We’ve been getting complacent. Fucking daft.
  8. He’s absolutely a level above everyone else that we have. His cross-field pass today from one wing to the other just totally underlined it. Was something we never see players having the confidence or belief to do. Sheer class.
  9. I reckon it’ll be quite some distance away from that line up. People on here seem to be seriously underplaying the difficulty of going there, on that shite pitch, and just how important it is that we get our first trophy. Strong team is a must.
  10. Absolutely, if only we’d gone at the tims the way we did Feyenoord. The OF game still grinds my fucking gears when I think of it
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