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  1. He’s absolutely a level above everyone else that we have. His cross-field pass today from one wing to the other just totally underlined it. Was something we never see players having the confidence or belief to do. Sheer class.
  2. I reckon it’ll be quite some distance away from that line up. People on here seem to be seriously underplaying the difficulty of going there, on that shite pitch, and just how important it is that we get our first trophy. Strong team is a must.
  3. Absolutely, if only we’d gone at the tims the way we did Feyenoord. The OF game still grinds my fucking gears when I think of it
  4. Tbh mate, I don’t think the linesman saw it at all to even give a decision - he was completely blocked.
  5. I’d love to know what, exactly, Aribo is actually meant to be bringing us. He should be pretty fresh compared to the others and he’s an absolute passenger. Looks totally disinterested.
  6. We need so much more from Aribo, Barker and Ojo. They’re slowing the pace far too much
  7. Absolutely. Mols, prior to his injury, was out of this world and easily the best player in the league (even ahead of Larsson). He was hitting near world class levels. He was jaw-droppingly good. Negri was an incredible finisher but not the best out of the box. Mols’ overall ability and skillset means he pips it for me. Alfie’s already ahead of Jelavic and Prso, both of whom I loved. He’s got more to his game and is only going to get better and better.
  8. BearInTheToon


    In the past, you would've put your mortgage on him to score anytime we got a pen. Tonight, my gut feeling screamed that he was missing it, even before he started his run up. Like I said in the match thread, his confidence is shot and his imperious self-belief has deserted him right now. Has to be Alfie or Defoe on pens from here on in and for a while at least.
  9. Our finishing and decision making is pretty dreadful. This should be a cricket score
  10. Tav’s confidence is shot. Needs to come off penalties
  11. Flanagan definitely won’t be fit, he’s just had a hernia op 10 days ago.
  12. I think many people on here would disagree. It was obvious in a good few games Arfield and Ojo were blowing out their arse for a number of games, from about the 60 minutes mark.
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