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  1. Well in Spain... La Liga will not be awarded to Barca for their current league standing. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18317809.celtic-vs-Rangers-title-race-precedent-set-spanish-fa-wont-award-barcelona-title-coronavirus-ends-season/ There’s no way they could crown celtic champions on current standings if the big leagues continue to put the kibosh on it.
  2. Fucking hell. That’s new levels of stupid by Sutton. He must be on a belter of a retainer from the tims...
  3. It’s got to be voided. We win our game in hand, win both old firm games and the gap is down to 4 points. That’s all ifs, buts and maybes but so is them saying they would have won it. It can’t be proven so it simply can’t be awarded. Void the league, all other incomplete competitions and write it off as an unprecedented season. There’s no other way. Tough titties to any other team affected, including Liverpool. Shite, but one of those things.
  4. Talk about misinformation. This is your opinion mate, nothing more. I’d be all for it, I don’t disagree. But it’s purely your own conjecture.
  5. Funnily enough, was just about to post that I hope they go bust. Them, Kilmarnock, Hibs and the Sheep for starters. Would be delicious.
  6. Which cost an arm and a leg that we likely don’t have the budget for. Nor does it fit into our ideal model of buying a few youngish players, developing them and then selling them on for substantially more. 2-3 months ago, it looked like we were nailing that approach. Now, not so much...
  7. Totally. Gerrard has mercilessly and absolutely dismantled the guy’s confidence. With a better, more experienced leader/CB beside him, I reckon we’d be looking at a young £10m+ regular Croatian international. It’s shameful how he’s been managed.
  8. In fairness to him, I’d very much exclude McGregor from that statement. He completely gets it. Everyone else, fair play.
  9. We are ridiculously meek. Going out with a whimper here. We’re a shadow of ourselves/what we’re capable of.
  10. If an opposition player did that, we’d be screaming for a penalty. He lifted his arm. Stonewaller.
  11. Regression? I literally have lost count of the number of times he’s kept us in games and competitions. It’s insane however just got how many times he’s had to react to a complete mindfuck of a mistake by one of his defenders which then reflects badly on him/gives rise to him being partially at fault. Tynecastle being a prime example. For me, McGregor’s easily got another year or two left in him. Also, fat chance we’ll find a better keeper without spending serious, serious cash. They’re just not out there.
  12. Seriously, hope you’re fishing. Otherwise, just actually fuck off. Utter fucking nonsense.
  13. Actually, on the contrary, both have spoken about how it wasn’t a great situation whatsoever. A number of players in the squad at the time raised concerns but got on with it. Amoruso’s spoken about it countless times since and it not doing any harm is far from being the case
  14. Absolutely, anyone that thinks there will be, or should be, a change in captaincy at this point in time is mental. It’d be totally counterproductive.
  15. I’ve always liked Davis to a large extent but I found his part in that press conference very disappointing. For me, he seemed too defensive given he’s a player, in a team, who have both been so below par domestically it’s not even funny. Never really took enough responsibility on behalf of the players and drove home the point that these standards are absolutely not acceptable at all. I don’t think there’s much he could’ve said that would’ve made anyone happy but that was weak as piss. Never a leader.
  16. Totally. It’s like when you’ve been going out with a lass that you really like, everything’s going fucking great, and then, inexplicably, it all falls apart.
  17. Disagree, as do a number of others on here. Our domestic season fell apart big time that year. Similar to now so yes, there is a comparison. How you can even say ‘Absolutely no comparison’ is just over-exaggerating, churlish nonsense.
  18. Mate, I was/am an Eck fan. His first title win was my first year of having a season ticket. Loved the guy for a good couple of years and actually felt his 433 was, at times, some of the best attacking football we’d seen in years (including Advocaat’s team). That 2003 season was incredible. Sadly it finished completely arse over tit.
  19. Eck’s final season, which this is sadly beginning to resemble, was just as bad, if not worse. That was a horrific season given where we’d been the previous year.
  20. One thing I’d say is that if SG does resign, as I think he will, even though the past few weeks have been horrific domestically, he’s undoubtedly left us a stronger, more attractive proposition for other managers than when he agreed to take the job. The successes in Europe show those on the outside that there is some talent there and perhaps some managers looking in would see the mistakes SG’s made and think ‘I can improve them’.
  21. I think his comments in his interviews are very telling. As was said above, he is a winner and equally, he takes responsibility when things aren’t going well. That includes resigning. I’ll be absolutely gutted if he does go. I’ve loved Stevie G and while he’s made mistakes, the players have shafted him these past few weeks. Sadly though, I think he’s clearly leaning towards going and I do now expect him to. Our shitebag players have fucked us.
  22. Na mate, just na. Think you’re overthinking it to be honest. Not having a go as we’re all feeling emotional and lost right now but I think you’re seeing things that aren’t there.
  23. Having seen both his RTV And Premier interviews, I’d say he’s going to walk. So many sound bites from each scream that’s the case. He’s definitely no shitebag but his players most certainly are.
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