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  1. DanGer

    A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Panic over, it’s about parking
  2. DanGer

    Ryan Jack fitness

    My mate was sitting beside him on Tuesday, says he’s a top lad, didn’t travel with the team, supporters bus. Staunch!
  3. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    What the fuck yoy laughing at you creepy cunt. If you have a question to ask, ask it! Saves the the polis asking you why your a creepy looking cunt asking questions.
  4. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Aye, take a flying fuck you absolute bellend. The name isn’t Daniel and I make a point of pounding cunts like you to the ground for for even mentioning that. As for a sheepshagger, I might work here but doesn’t make me like the place! Away and sniff your maw you fucking tink!
  5. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    A few months months down the line and aye, thinking the same thing! Get it up......you
  6. DanGer

    Cummings is not good enough

    He’s just not got it, plain and simple. Hyped up to be this game changer but no, he’s just not. I took abuse when I said it months ago but I’m unhappily feeling I was right.
  7. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Yeah yeah, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. Head hanging in shame after the previous. Not a legend yet but let’s hope this is a start. Same again against the scum and I’ll keep my mouth shut forever more. Got that feeling back, it’s been a while but it’s back. C’mon The Rangers!
  8. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Right, ok lads, hands up. I was wrong. I’m not going to fucking argue with you though. Cumdog fucking amazing! Starter or sub against the scum?
  9. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Aye, the lad must of read my previous comment and made a point to prove me wrong. You done good son, keep it up. WATP.
  10. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Let the rest of the season play out, unless you can come up with something better???
  11. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Wise up eh
  12. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    I have aye, but still don’t see it. The shouting and anger the other week, fair enough if you were in a goal scoring position but no. I love a decent poacher, we’ve had some of the best over the years but sorry, I just can’t see it. I hope you prove me wrong so let’s just see eh. WATP
  13. Said it once, said it a million times. Get behind the man, get behind the club and fucking believe! He’s taken us places we wouldn’t believe and that was with half the support dismissing him before we even started! What are we waiting for? A miracle we know nothing about and pin our dreams on, are we done done with that already. I truly believe if we, as a club and as an institution get behind one man, the only man that has made a positive distribution to us in the last few years, give him the support that we are capable of, he can make us the greatest again!
  14. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Whit what! Seriously eh, the boy has done well to get here but has done nothing to prove it. Not a lot of game time I know but if he’s there to come on for the last 20 - 30 minutes to make a difference I’ve yet to see it.
  15. DanGer

    Jason Cummings

    Knew this was coming. Stats to prove me wrong please?