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  1. The man is a legend, the work rate, the tracking back, that burst of power. Superb!
  2. Fucking love the Rangers

    Don’t worry about being steamin mate, or not until the morning, haha. Standing proud beside you, WATP!
  3. Happy Birthday Sir Walter Smith

    Why you have to mention that sheep Law. Total spoiler eh!
  4. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I know I’m still new here and not meant to be unsettling anything but JWAC, what the fuck are you on about?
  5. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Church is a tough one mate, we often miss it if the wee one has parties or the like, most often cause the parents are hungover, haha. But fuck it, we are not a type that frowns apon it. We don’t need to go when and as often as they go. I don’t ever pray, I just think of the men and women who go and fight for our nation and respect those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  6. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I second that!
  7. Guess who's back back again

    Catching up on messages m8, I owe you one. Haha
  8. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    I’m proud of who I am mate, I’m proud to be blue, I’m proud to be whatever those taig minks want to call us and up here, whatever those inbred sheep c@nts who don’t realise what the fuck they are on about as they are too interested in our history than their pile of shit club! You know what a lot of it comes down to, it’s bot just being part the Rangers, not just a club, a Protestant club, part of Glasgow. It’s more than all that put together. It’s Rangers, The Rangers. They all try to divide us but together, standing together, we’re simply the best!!!!!
  9. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    How on earth can you be too Protestant? I completely understand the sigma that goes with being protestand, I’m a 33 year old Bear living in Aberdeen and the idea of going to church on a Sunday morning is alien to 99% up here. I know it’s not all about religion for some some but what is wrong with living a life you choose to. I’m sick of being labelled a Protestant, is that not what the majority of this country and more importantly nation are.
  10. The boy has realised where he is . He gets what we are, he gets where we we going. He’s staying. Watch this space lads and try and prove me wrong.
  11. New deal for Wes

    The boys on here with any negativity towards Wes need to seriously have a word with themselvesThe man has saved so many games for us it’s unreal. Better than Goram by a heap!
  12. The boys a blue, first major team to take him, he knows that. Top goal scorer this year and beating it next, 10+ against those taig c@nts. Get it up them wee man!
  13. Wes victim of racial abuse.

    Scum, utter scum in the lowest form. In this day and age we don’t need fucking fools like this anywhere. We have men and woman of all colours giving the ultimate sacrifice for Queen and country and we have a silly little boy spouting this! Grow up and see how the world is, I don’t see you trying to make a difference.
  14. Windass

    I want to jump on the back of this and call him out for being a fud but theirs part of me that can see him being pushed by Murty and the lads around him, fuck, even us giving it to him, and JW becoming a name for us, do we give him a chance, I say yes.
  15. Guess who's back back again

    Training staff is where he belongs, he’s done enough and we are thankful for it. Teach others how to be as good as you Kenny, that’s the best you could do for us.