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  1. Ticket sorted for Livi from @Johnnyren, top man 👍
  2. Making the trip up, expecting a comfortable win after the last two league games. 3-0 to the Gers.
  3. Fancy us to put in a strong performance and lay down a statement after last weekend’s performance. 3-1, expecting Defoe to start and he’ll grab a couple.
  4. Delighted to see him turn in a good performance considering he’s not played much football since the summer break. Hope he gets up to full fitness soon, his spark and creativity are vital to the team - his pass to Barisic for the goal was superb and is a great example of what stats don’t show you.
  5. Superb with those two saves again, would have been some reaction from the fans if Tavernier shiteing out a challenge cost us more points in Europe.
  6. We’ve now played each team in the group and shouldn’t fear any of them. Two home games and a very winnable away game. 7 points will see us through and I have full faith in the team to get them.
  7. WIBlue


    Strolled it tonight, he was immense at the back
  8. The big man was superb again tonight, amazing what a bit of confidence does to a player. One of our most important players right now.
  9. Take the point, should beat them comfortably at home playing like that.
  10. That Kent touch. That Barisic Cross. That Morelos finish. Superb response to being a goal behind.
  11. Like the idea of that team and the curveball of Barker, hopefully we can hit them on the counter.
  12. Fantastic news getting our future captain tied down. Sunday showed how important he is in making things happen.
  13. WIBlue

    League cup

    Winning silverware is absolutely huge for these players. Apart from Davis and McGregor, there’s very few (if any?) winners in our team. Until we do that, they will continue to perform below expectations and crumble under pressure.
  14. Before the Hearts game I was confident we could get something, maybe even a win, now I’ll be surprised to take anything. As others have said though, league is priority and Europe is just an added bonus.
  15. Doesn’t have the fight or desire to make it here. Surely Liverpool will be concerned about that for their own future-plans with him too. Was dreadful today and performances like today have been all too-common from him this season.
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