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  1. JentleJames

    F$$k your coefficient

    celtic going out the champions league will probably help the coefficient as they’ll win more EL games anyway. We need a better coefficient because I don’t want to starting in July till the end of time. And a second champions league place would be ideal.
  2. JentleJames

    Reserves v Falkirk - IRN BRU Cup

    The 1st team have lost games at Falkirk so losing 2-1 there isn’t too bad with the 20’s side tbh. celtic were hammered 4-0 by Annan, it’s a hard ask for 20’s sides to take on 1st team pro’s.
  3. JentleJames

    Interesting stats

    He doesn’t work for the club, he’s an independent data analyst. He can do what he wants.
  4. JentleJames


    The OP makes a good point, last season Dorrans was trying to play every midfield position at once, with Coulibaly and Jack behind him he could play an advanced role and be creative knowing he doesn’t have to worry as much defensively.
  5. JentleJames

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    It will probably help our coefficient if they get knocked out tonight because they’ll have a better chance of winning games in the EL. Also if we have an extended European run for instance at least the group stage, I hope they have one as well so that neither side has a games advantage in a title race.
  6. JentleJames

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    No that’s true actually, and there’s not much between our league going upto 19th, if we want a serious chance of regular qualification for group stages we need a stronger coefficient. Getting upto 15th would mean a second champions league place.
  7. JentleJames

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Before the red- excellent, after it - professional.
  8. JentleJames

    No more leaks

    The leaks are still happening and it clearly wasn’t Miller. The only person I heard accusing Miller apart from on here was Chris Sutton. Tells you everything.
  9. JentleJames

    The tides turning

    This, we’ve not won a league game yet.
  10. JentleJames

    Police Scotland once again

    First of all the bus driver has phoned the police for probably no reason whatsoever, the police are then forced to come onto the bus because they’ve been ordered by the driver. Secondly I don’t know why the policeman ordered them all off the bus and I’m thinking it’s because rather than picking someone out the driver reported “everyone at the back of the bus”. Thirdly the fans on the bus should act calmly, if you start shouting at a police officer they’re gonna use it as an excuse to jail you. You can’t shout at police officers and expect a calm response. TBH the driver acted poorly, The fan should have responded calmly and put his case forward differently and finally I think the cop was probably going to just take the back of the bus off and speak to them and let them back on but the fan has turned it into a difficult situation tbh. I think fans are often treated unfairly (all fans I would add, nobody should get a police caution for singing a song) but seems to me the issue here was mainly with the driver, and obviously we can’t know based on the video whether any of the fans were really guilty of anything.
  11. JentleJames

    Marc crosas

    That’s the one mate, you keep supporting totalitarian dictators as long as you think it’ll annoy the SNP in some way 👍 .....or you don’t have to side with totalitarian dictators and just make a logical decision with every issue separately like democracies should be based on.
  12. JentleJames

    Marc crosas

    That’s not an SNP logo that’s a Catalan prisoners symbol mate 😂😂 Guardiola was wearing one last season. Was to do with the politicians the Spanish government jailed.
  13. JentleJames

    Marc crosas

    The irony is these chaps that spout pish about our demise will be long dead and forgotten and this club will still be winning trophies.
  14. JentleJames

    Darren Moore

    Gerrards every inch a Rangers manager, nobody would fuck with him.
  15. JentleJames

    Another wee positive ...

    He said we were a good draw for Maribor and I asked him why he fancied a trip to Ibrox instead of getting another unseeded team from Lithuania or the like and he never came back on 😂