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  1. I wouldn’t have taken 1 win from the opening 4 games no.
  2. We are, it was a cowards performance. We stood off them and let them toy with us, if McGregor wasn’t in goal it would have been the 5 goal defeat of Murty and Warburton and people would be calling for Gerrards head.
  3. We pressed high in the 0-0 game in December and outplayed them with weaker players than we had today, I thought our game plan was cowardly.
  4. Poor interview. Wants to blame the ref instead of himself and his team for a garbage performance. Losing to celtic won’t be accepted here and if he doesn’t learn that quick him and his band of scousers will be back down the road in double quick time.
  5. Stevie G shirking responsibility in his interview was really poor. We lost the game today not the referee, we were shit.
  6. I am because it was a petulant kick and he should never have given the ref an excuse.
  7. I’m trying to avoid knee-jerk statements but we can’t afford to carry a striker who is a red card timebomb, being sent off once in your Rangers career for petulance is one time too many, and it’s not the first time now.
  8. Yeah we know ? premier sports still responding to enquiries about the game and I’m not interested in paying another bloody fee on top of my basic rtv subscription to watch a Rangers game knowing the fecking server will crash
  9. Premier sports said they’re finding it hard to get but they’re still trying to get the game and want to give news about it later today, they tweeted that 3 mins ago.
  10. Premier sports still seem to be hopeful of broadcasting the game which is odd.
  11. By the sound of premier sports replies RTV outbid them.
  12. Absolutely, c’mon the Rangers, no politics in bears den.
  13. Sometimes the club needs to remember not every bear is computer literate, I’ve got older relatives who want to watch the game but don’t have a pc. Games of this magnitude should be on tv not a stream.
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