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  1. Jamie Murphy

    Nothing to do with Uber staunch pish your spouting there is many reasons I don’t like our players playing for Scotland the main one before going into My hatred for the sfa is players getting injured playing for that shower of shite i understand the players themselves want to represent Scotland that’s fine I’m not saying we should ban them an another thing name me a player who’s transfer value went up cos he plays for Scotland? Players that can’t even get a game for their clubs get a game!
  2. Jamie Murphy

    Hope not, fuck the national team
  3. Murty

    I’m not saying he’s the best qualified manager for the job but what he’s getting out of the team right now is as good as anybody could get out of our players an I’d rather a manager who feels privileged to be our manager than somebody like mcciness who thinks he’s earned the right I just hope he continues to keep the improvement up cos I really admire the man, he’s definetly Rangers class In the way he holds himself always humble an honest an loves this club
  4. Goss

    Look at the boy Maddison who was on loan at the sheep, Norwich took him back, played him an now they are looking for upwards of 12m for him goss looks even better than that boy but time will tell, he needs to keep it up, he’s done so well so far, it will be a struggle for jack an dorrans to take his spot an they are our players, that’s a statement
  5. Jamie Murphy

    Like Cummings mate I think both need a good run in the team an they’ll show exactly what they can do Murphy has had a run now an as I said he’s looking better an better. Cummings is a lot better than he’s showing at the minute but Morelos has been bang in form so he’ll need to be patient
  6. Goss

    Doubt it he was highly rated before he even kicked a ball for us, if his form keeps up I think the chances go from slim to none plus we are already 2.6m or whatever the fees where, for Cummings an Murphy assuming both become permanent If he goes back to QPR I think they will play him in their first team unlike hyndman with bournemouth
  7. Jamie Murphy

    Another player who is getting better an better the more game time he gets quality performance today the left side with John an Murphy looked just as effective as the right today with tav an candeias to think there was a post after his first month an some people being over critical, I said at the time it was impossible to properly judge a player after a month never mind a guy who was short of game time when he signed
  8. Greg Docherty

    Clearly his best performance to date for us but there is plenty more to come from this boy. Happy dayz WATP
  9. Goss

    Fs Ross both of us ross’s Post almost the same point at the same time lol
  10. Goss

    Getting better by the game I can’t see us signing him qpr apparently rate him highly but the boy won’t want to leave looks like he’s loving it up here
  11. What a performance

    Was gonna post that myself mate only thing missing was more goals but after getting the first goal an reducing hearts to no threat at all!! we never really needed any more goals anyway total domination! Wonder what levin thinks of that.
  12. Happy Birthday Sir Walter Smith

    Happy birthday to the living legend! Absolutely love the man gave me the best memories of my youth supporting Rangers an I hold him fully responsible, thank you Walter Smith happy birthday sir🙌🏻 🇬🇧👏🏻
  13. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Strange bedfellows..i dispise the filth they could be playing 11 member of Isis an I still wouldn’t want the fuckers to win, I used to enjoy having a debate or argument with them depending on how heated it got, but now I can’t speak football with the horrible kunts! sooner we put them in their place the more I’ll be able to tolerate the fuckers
  14. Class from Fraserburgh

    Shame a small club like them have lost money to arseholes that went to the game with the intention of fucking other bears out their seats scumbaggery of the highest order i hope no kids lost out would be a gutter tryin to explain that to a wee yin
  15. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    Tbh mate am glad they showed their true colours imagine sitting in ibrox next to a fking clown who had it in them to even clap that mob never mind full scale support them 🤮 i know of more than they 2 turncoats I’ve mentioned aswell but I only felt the need to put the worst as examples didn’t think anybody would even contemplate that it a lie.