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  1. @ForeverAndEver is brand new, take care STG 👍
  2. There's so much going on, football has disappeared tbh.
  3. Cunts that ugly, even the tarriers wouldn't abuse him
  4. Remember watching a video of both matches, in between it was showing you the reaction of the English press, bye bye Rangers etc.
  5. See Rangers games from yesteryear thread mate, @Moody Blue Legend posted cracking video 👍
  6. Same mate, remember it so clearly
  7. I'll never forget that as long as I live mate, 2-1 at Ibrox, the English media did what they do best, Leeds would be beating us easily, we would have no chance.......
  8. Best Rangers top ever imo 👍👍👍
  9. Nah mate, we'll get through Coronavirus,... we are British 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. The red one (away) was a beautiful thing.
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