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  1. No a fan of these songs for players tbh, that said, the referee's a bastard used to be one of my favourites.
  2. Means fuck all, when they are parading the league trophy.....
  3. They effectively won the league after beating us at parkhead, we've played great since, under no pressure, that worries me.
  4. They read us like a book, ok, so you change it, nope,points dropped, I know SG is learning his trade as a manager, but ruddy hell, if it's not working, fkn change it!!!!
  5. Bit strong for pre season mate
  6. Definitely, trying to do the same thing, when it wasn't working cost us dear.
  7. Lost all respect for you when I seen they trainers you bought...
  8. It's a season we'll all look back on and think like yourself, the draws killed us, fine margins indeed,I think they will spend a few quid in the summer,although it goes against the grain,they know the rodents want 9 at least, its what we do....
  9. There's only one Scott Arfield?
  10. Don't know about that, the kilted hordes singing songs about Steve's English friends in Chelsea, who dramatically saved him from sectarianism, may see him lose the plot.
  11. Definitely, never quite understood that rodent grant as assistant, mind you, he was born a number 2 💩
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