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  1. It will certainly be a better view than from Bristol mate
  2. Yip, they lost top spot before the international break, come back and demolish Ross County, then we shite it, it's worrying, definitely.
  3. Think any other time, a point would be good at Tyncastle, but they have been horrific this season, we should have beaten them today, as ever, different posters will react in different ways
  4. Our bottle is,for me a concern, but calling our manager and players shite bags, and telling them to fuck off is way out of order.
  5. Worrying as fuck, if it comes down to bottle, we look like winning fuck all again
  6. This, shite ourselves at the thought of being top of the league, worrying.
  7. Don't know who he is mate tbh, obviously no right in the nut
  8. Not whitaboutery ,but they bastards WILL get away with what they done, it would seem no one wants to take them on, just watch, in a couple of years, every club in Scotland will be tainted by the paedophile brush, while celtic, will still be the club who generously helped starving Irish immigrants.
  9. And most definitely, not on a York to Newcastle train
  10. I'm never one to criticise, but that is honkin tbh
  11. fuck it,let's turn this right around, fatty should be in court for letting Gazza kiss her
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