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  1. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Every rancid bastard is having their say, that mongo brown saying the original rodent are better than us, these players owe us Loyalists 1 fucking display, one!
  2. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    Get in about these reptiles and you have a chance, every team that goes at them gets something, get 2 up front, attack the bastards.
  3. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    I had that resigned, not giving a fuck attitude to the game on Sunday, then overheard a few rodents in work today, sitting laughing at the thought of winning the league by giving us a hammering, it would only be delaying the inevitable, but it would be nice to go there and spoil the bastards party.
  4. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    The fact we have one up front, against a shite Hearts team, makes me want to greet!!!
  5. Union bears

    It does mate,unfortunately
  6. Foderingham

    Glad to see Cummings get a chance, hope he takes it.
  7. Who made our kits pre umbro?

    Bloody hell, i remember ma wee maw sewing the badge on to my top 😁
  8. Favourite Rangers Kit

    Loved that top 👍
  9. Hummel

    Better than Bukta I suppose
  10. When was our last "non turbulent season?"

    Depressing mate, can't see it changing any time soon, fkn grim
  11. 27-8

    That'd burn the eyes out your head,fucking grim.
  12. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

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  13. 27-8

    They used to have all the possession, then we'd kill them on the break.
  14. 27-8

    Someone posted the other day,how we used laugh at Aberdeen always getting gubbed by the tarriers, now it's us, fucking depressing
  15. Twenty years since the little General arrived

    Get the UVF flags on the back