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  1. Neil Lennon doesn't need anything to look like a fud
  2. He must have looked at himself in the mirror and thought, ok ,I look like an absolute mongo, i know, I'll stick my white ankle socks on,sorted!!!
  3. Imagine standing there, and trying to take anything that fuckin shape says seriously while the cunts hiding scott broon up his jumper
  4. Boat sank mate, tarrier bastard drowned,... shame
  5. Always see the Bears on here desperately trying to get tickets for away games, most don't get one, then watch the game on the telly, and half the stadium is empty, surely a good thing.
  6. Didn't even know the Stoltmans were blue noses mate, nice one 👍
  7. Happy new year troops X
  8. Never use that term mate, as if we have some association with peado, ira sympathising reptile bastards.
  9. This, yip, tell them it's all Rangers fault, and how they don't need to sign anyone in the transfer window, the mongos fall for it, and Lawwell picks up his £3.5m
  10. Reading this and loving their pain, has got me blootering my Corona much quicker than anticipated, hope every one of the reptile bastards has a miserable new year, .. hic, ..
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