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  1. 2nd Flute

    Cheer up troops

  2. 2nd Flute

    Cheer up troops

    You could have been born catholic,.... and sent to meet the local priest!!!.....
  3. 2nd Flute


    This, I'm no Walter Smith, but Defoe scores goals, if no one makes chances, Defoe won't score goals.
  4. 2nd Flute


    Aye,fair play
  5. 2nd Flute


    The ramblings of a simple man here, but Gerrard played in the same England side as Defoe, rookie manager, ok, but as a top class midfielder, surely he should know how to play Defoe?
  6. 2nd Flute

    We better win the cup

    The inconsistency will see us win no cup, we'll probably gub the tarriers at Parkhead, when the titles already gone, then lose to shite in the cup, fuckin hard going.
  7. 2nd Flute


    Feel sorry for Defoe, after the sheep game, he had his own song, now he's an auld bastard who shouldn't have got a game for Kyle Lafferty!!
  8. 2nd Flute

    Type Shitehole on Google

  9. 2nd Flute

    First Rangers game you attended?

    Can't remember my first game tbh, always sat in the centenary stand with my wee da, always remember bottles getting thrown at George Best, when playing for Hibs,mad
  10. 2nd Flute

    Where are the biggest Rangers towns?

    Love Ayrshire, brilliant part of the world, don't care if it's full of Bears or not, great place, simpsinns, Ardrossen, Irvine, Troon, quite delightful.
  11. I'll second that mate
  12. Scholes has taken charge of Oldham I believe, a great footballer, I wish him the best, I'd love to hear the conversation between Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Beckham etc, about what our gaffer really thinks about Scottish football...
  13. Nice one, like Lampard, hope he does well 👍
  14. Good shout, have tbh ,not been following his Derby side, he been doing ok?
  15. 2nd Flute


    Many oil rigs have been decommissioned, let's decomission Aberdeen, horrible fucking place.