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  1. Is it time...?

    Our inconsistency will be our only undoing,fix that,great chance,the beasts are turning on rodgers,the team are under huge pressure,...intae these bastards
  2. Is it time...?

    Even a draw tomorrow would be great, they are under pressure, no doubt, something they haven't had for years in Scotland,the only pressure they are ever under is Europe,.... and they are consistently shite,....🤞
  3. Is it time...?

    Starting tomorrow hopefully
  4. Is it time...?

    It's a time for calm heads,if the sheep man up,and even take a point off them tomorrow,its game on.
  5. Is it time...?

    My fear mate,I'd rather the cunts were away to Hamilton,or Ross County or something, the sheep shaggers won't be doing us any favours.
  6. Is it time...?

    They are under pressure tomorrow, the first time for many of their squad,... the last time they were under pressure,... penalties?
  7. Is it time...?

    Hard man stare,bad hamstring injury,stretchered off in agony,cunt frozen to death,... all after the cunts sold the sheep shaggers the game! 😁😁😁
  8. Is it time...?

    That'd be nice,watching him pulling his hard man stare,while being stretchered off in agony,would be quite delightful.
  9. Is it time...?

    Here's hoping Lego is frozen to death somewhere,with his T shirt on.
  10. Is it time...?

    I'd rather they were playing Ross County,or any other cunt,we need a wee favour tomorrow,Aberdeen?
  11. Is it time...?

    If only Aberdeen had a right blue nose in charge!
  12. Is it time...?

    The majority of their squad have never been under any pressure, only in Europe,and that went well,they'll be feeling it tomorrow, here's hoping those sheep shagging bastards can man up and give them a game!
  13. Is it time...?

    The beast are under a bit of pressure tomorrow, something very few of their squad has experienced here,... 🤞
  14. Rangers too Loyalist/Protestant for some?

    The nationalists agenda, despite losing the referendum,is to wipe everything "British " from Scotland,flags were first,their desperation to amalgamate the BTP, into the dysfunctional Police Scotland,they are now the largest party on GCC,and parades are already under threat,an interesting summer awaits.
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    -11 ...the tarrier formation? 🤔