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  1. "Battle of Britain " Liverpool v Rangers Two clubs who define football, Liverpool would be favourites, but never underestimate Rangers (especially before new year)
  2. It was great times mate, you know what the English media are like, we were totally written off, rammed down their throats, will never happen again imo
  3. Your spot on with the first part of your post, not so sure about the serious opinions mind you 👍🇬🇧
  4. Yir nae diplomat, but nae tim
  5. Every fibre of my being is telling me not to ask, ... however, who's a tim? @TamCoopz???
  6. Turn the other cheek, and watch said games old chap 👍
  7. As diplomatic as ever Thomas
  8. And you started a thread about them?
  9. Rangers attempts to rid Scottish football of its corruption has failed, the tarriers just been given a title they didn't win, instead of keeping the head down about being gifted a league title during a pandemic, the tarrier breaks into Ibrox stadium to plant a flag, aye chief, everything's good again.
  10. More Loyalists at the protest tbh mate
  11. Their parades are a fuckin hoot as well mate, shite bands dressed like tramps, absolutely no pride in themselves.
  12. An infestation of vermin
  13. Wait til a lurker on here tells him about this post, the rodent will shite his troosers
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