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  1. aye, probably a better idea 👍
  2. Admin, please could you remove this ball of shite @Mykhaylychenko off our forum, thanks.
  3. It would be good if a neutral ref could give an opinion on that.
  4. This guy should have had an aftershave named after him. Lopez Ufarte
  5. Well that's my fear, they start the kicking, and our players disappear, we've seen this movie before mate.
  6. Hopefully mate, however don't think any side pre season wanted to kick fuck out of us, and that's what we've got to look forward to...
  7. If there was Internet, Imagine what the match thread would have been like in the early 80s....
  8. Like the teams we play and have had good results against in Europe, the tarriers also like to play football,and that's great, but the key is unlocking the boring Scottish football 10 man defense, we haven't been able to do that, does anyone think we've cracked it for this season?
  9. Horrific statistics mate, time this team delivered
  10. This, every season we say they aren't a great team, and they aren't, but while we implode after Christmas, they keep on winning, never mind they bastards, let's sort ourselves out.
  11. I can live with Tomket tyres, but fuck PRIA
  12. Maybe when the players are taking the knee they could give them a jack and a tomket tyre.
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