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  1. Done. Great to see us all together
  2. I think players etc get 20% hospitality have first dibs on all then it’s something like 55% to cccs rest RSC which as proven with Fraserburgh can be changed at anytime my numbers could be wrong but it’s along those lines anyway
  3. The They didn’t ask for CcCS details is pish anyway. no Bus does all you need is the Rangers number to be registered as member, cccs details mean fuck all if you apply for away tickets you do buses don’t need that information as I’ve said all they need is Rangers number
  4. The back tracking is hilarious
  5. I literally spend 80/90% of my income following Rangers home and away and I love being part of it met many great people through it all got a seat transfer last season now regularly meet boys next to me for beers in off season, away games I’ve met many I’ve spoke to off twitter all keep in touch now but a grand upfront would be a struggle for me. i love following Rangers had my ST since I was 5 now 27 but to price not just me but other loyal Rangers supporters out is wrong, I’m glad the vast majority are against this idea. My final word on it is roll on Friday and let’s hope for a successful season, play up the Glasgow Rangers
  6. Thing is we literally do spend thousands already when you take everything into mind mate. Lunacy has struck
  7. It all goes on games and age groups for example even if you’re an adult ST holder but your ticket gets sold to concession you get what they would give for that if you get mate
  8. They’ll have no money mate. They aren’t going to charge staff and players. Hospitality do get charged for extra tickets they take as I’ve a friend who has his own box and he has got tickets before for friends but they have to pay and it’s not like the Broomloan tickets that get allocated Tarrier games that say £0.00 they have the £50 price on them
  9. I don’t think they would have mate, would have went as unsold as they’re given out as comps. A disgrace to treat ST holders that way, thank fuck I can make all the games
  10. Yes mate. SLO said it on thread on FF
  11. It’s proving secondary ticketing has been done wrong mate. Did the ST holders get the money for returned tickets? I very much doubt it with them going to players, staff etc. Makes a mockery of the system Edit although that is not Greg’s fault that’s the club.
  12. I would like this post but I’ve no idea how to (still half cut from the culture yesterday)
  13. I haven’t mate a signed up a while ago forgot my password then remembered my email would still be in my inbox ?
  14. I’m not sure who GB is but I’d imagine you could arrange with him and TO to print a paper ticket off mate. I’ve seen a lot people mention this method on twitter
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