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  1. People wanting to leave and people not willing to join the bastards. I like it.
  2. Think it might be too late mate. Thought I saw something in the threads where messages have been sent to his employers. Edit. Unless I missed something.
  3. I know. Some of these shout it on par 4’s and 5’s. Fucksakes!
  4. Translation Denya please. Think I might know.
  5. Great mate, another catenaccio cunt to look forward to next season. Set yer fucking team up to not lose. Bat phone hotline to alky clarke.
  6. Apparently they have 2 thumbs employed at the the filth. Oops! Looks like one is suspended!
  7. Yeah, maybe enthusiasm was the wrong word. Voracity to see justice done perhaps would have been better.
  8. I like your enthusiasm mate for all of this. Hope you’re right as justice must be done ASAP. They seem to making up rules as they go along.
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