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  1. Exactly that mate. Quote, “ I dont think it’s a big issue”. Edit, Quote, “I’m not convinced it’s a big issue”.
  2. The lurgan bigot doesn’t think it’s a big issue. FFS!
  3. Would love to see one of those Hitler in the bunker videos if this goes down. 🤣🤣
  4. Great performance from Copenhagen and their goalie. Not a penalty for me.
  5. Cheers mate. Bit more luck and that could’ve been 6 or 7. Alnwick made some cracking saves and some shots blocked by their defenders. Some great passing from us as well.
  6. We should be playing hardball mate. We find the odd good player and cunts want to shaft us. I like this that we have set prices on our assets now. If you don’t meet the price, you can fuck off. We hold the contract. You want the player? Here’s the price.
  7. Wish I had a job reporting shite mate and not getting pulled up for it. Makes you weep man. Cunts get away with it all the time.
  8. Bang on mate. I’m sure there are players out there that left us and thought to themselves what the fuck did I do. It’s a funny old game innit?
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