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  1. Think we’ve fucked this one up. Should’ve stayed away.
  2. Some of us fans do hang on until the end. As we should anyway.
  3. Worked a fucking treat that one. 🎣.
  4. I honestly think he should be at right back. Don’t think I’m alone here on this.
  5. Think he’s starting to see that some of these players in front of him are not good enough.
  6. Very good point there mate.
  7. He hasn’t been able to turn up mate in bigger games against better teams as the shite in behind him haven’t done the job. If we’re stronger behind we will help him do the damage. I for one am not putting this all on Alfredo.
  8. I hate it too mate, but that’s ott. We need stability now. A quick fix was not going to happen. Give him some time.
  9. They had decent players around them that’s for sure.
  10. I would say SG has some poker face. Hope to fuck that he sees what’s needed for next season. Realistically though, I didn’t think we would win the league this year, but thought we could’ve got to a cup final. He should be given a lot more time.
  11. Yes, Shagger fucked up no doubt about it.
  12. He does look worn out. Good point.
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