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  1. Typical lazy journalism from the cunts. Rangers rebuttal should’ve been separate from original story.
  2. Would really like to understand this boys parents stance on this when this all happened. Especially after reading that the father was a police officer possibly? It begs a lot of questions. Where are the parents now? Has Daly talked to them? I smell shite.
  3. And that’s only for the ones on trains.
  4. Imagine getting done for common assault for kissing a fat burd. FFS!
  5. Thought Alexander did well for us too. Couple of cracking saves.
  6. That’s the lowdown I was expecting.
  7. Need some proper insight here from @denya
  8. Usual Scottish pish coaching and selections for an important game. Japan deserved it.
  9. It’s all about the Rangers Tef. They’re shitting themselves.
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