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  1. Hadron Collider

    ***Official Rangers vs HJK Helsinki Thread***

    What happened to Barasic? Feed went down and next thing he’s on ground writhing in pain.
  2. Hadron Collider

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Think you could be right there. Don’t know what he’s playing at with no recognized striker. A high ball into the box is no good when you have Pedro, Willian and Hazard up there. 1 shot on goal I believe yesterday.
  3. Hadron Collider

    The Boxing News Thread

    Broner thought he won the fight. Ha Ha Ha. What a fucking roaster! Manny schooled him.
  4. Hadron Collider

    The Boxing News Thread

    Come on Manny. Put this prick on his arse.
  5. Hadron Collider

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    That would be the one mate.
  6. Hadron Collider

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    See that speccy cunt lost his first game at Notts Forest. Ya beauty!
  7. Hadron Collider

    Defoe's Wages

    In between dozens of cans of coke a day.
  8. Hadron Collider

    Domain issues

    I see that the site being down for a couple of days has brought us all closer. FFS.
  9. Hadron Collider

    Game off

    Ye can still drown yer sorrows mate wi that cargo.
  10. Hadron Collider

    Game off

    Wtf? Local referee?
  11. Hadron Collider

    Game off

    Fuck! Nae fitba since end of December and now this! Fucking beelin!
  12. Hadron Collider

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    Huv you got hair on yer baws yet? Things were looking good for a bit there. That statement has fucked it.
  13. Hadron Collider

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Slimeball O’Halloran has signed for St. Johnstone.