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  1. Glad you made it out mate. Terrible day that.
  2. We’ve a chance to sign this boy, and just watched those highlights. Imagine if we had even better players around him. The lad has vision. Just need players that can clue in to what he’s trying to do. He’s only going to get better.
  3. Saw that. Wee ginge is right.
  4. Nice wee slap in the face for the cunts
  5. The big picture is too big for these other clubs. They had a chance to change things. They fucked it! Hope they die.
  6. Really wish he would stay. Not seen the best of him yet.
  7. Yes mate, Jones can fuck off anytime.
  8. You should go to Ibrox at night with a flag. You’ll get in to the ticket office no problem.
  9. Just fucking win the league Rangers.
  10. What a striker of a ball he was!
  11. What a fucking tool! Imagine growing up like that and that is what you aspire to. Obsessed cunts they are.
  12. Did they get the cunt mate? I haven’t seen news on it.
  13. Was playing in a tournament in Montreal that weekend. Was absolutely blazing on the way back to Mississauga that night. What a bus ride back that was!
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