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  1. Was motm mate. He had no chance of keeping that ball out.
  2. What a fucking manager and spokesman we have!!!!
  3. Correct. I said in a post somewhere earlier that Kent looks like he’s got something else on his mind. Must say though, that if Joe Aribo can get his confidence up in his football he’s going to be a real plus for us.
  4. Fucksakes man. We lost the midfield after 65 mins and the we’re coming at us. Tav was good tonight.
  5. A lot of the players were out on their feet after 65 mins after the league cup exertions. You could see what was happening as we went back deep to defend. We bring on a useless cunt in Ojo for an out ball to take a sting from them and it didn’t work. Needed help in midfield and new legs. Those guys did a stellar job tonight. If they weren’t so tired Jack doesn’t get the red. I know we’re through but we should’ve won the game and the group tonight. Well done Gers.
  6. One fucking substitution and you could see the boys after the weekend had given their all. It was Ojo that came on. Didn’t deserve to draw this game. A bit naive for the last bit of the game when it comes down to it. Needed fresh legs. Raging.
  7. Absolutely. He’s had a smashing game. Get him off and get new legs on.
  8. Kent looks like a player who has some shit going on in the background. He’s been off lately.
  9. Ally says Aribo should’ve taken it on his right shite. FFS! 😂
  10. Good luck with that to them.
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