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  1. Hadron Collider

    Paul Gascoigne

    It’s about selling rhags. Anything do do with Rangers or former Rangers players sells. Most of their buyers are dhims. They can’t afford to lose them or it’s bye bye like the hootsman last week.
  2. Hadron Collider

    Paul Gascoigne

    The only person who can help Paul Gascoigne now is Paul Gascoigne.
  3. Hadron Collider

    Paul Gascoigne

    Yeah, same. They couldn’t wait to get it out there. Could be wrong but I thought it was the ET.
  4. Hadron Collider

    Paul Gascoigne

    Already in the Scottish mhedia mate.
  5. Hadron Collider

    McAuley Starting For Northern Ireland Tonight

    Here fishy fishy.
  6. Hadron Collider

    McAuley Starting For Northern Ireland Tonight

    If Fod was in goal this season we are nowhere. Out of Europe and not as close as we are in the league. Never rated him. I’m talking ability here.
  7. Hadron Collider

    McAuley Starting For Northern Ireland Tonight

    All I know is that if there’s a chance of us winning the league, it’ll be done with McGregor in goal. Not that wank Foderingham.
  8. Hadron Collider

    Drone Racing

    Looks like a lot of fitness required. Couch, fridge, couch fridge. Not for me
  9. Hadron Collider

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Get rid of the lot of them. 😝
  10. Hadron Collider

    Big Jock Knew

    There’s a big lawsuit started at Dartmouth college in the states because of sexual issues and it’s all over the papers and internet. How the fuck is it not happening in Scotland or even the UK about these fiddling bastards? It’s mind boggling.
  11. Hadron Collider

    James Bond Son of William

    Take a bow my man.
  12. A like would’ve been nice mate. Just imagine if the Famous had gone down. It would’ve been cheerio to the rhebel. Fuck all for them to talk about. Sorry state of affairs with that so called newspaper. We are the only real show in town.
  13. Hadron Collider


    I’m not so keen to kick this in touch. Recently there has been a problem with Katic. Fuck know what it is. Goldson has dropped level because of fatigue possibly. We need an old head or 2 and hopefully McAuley will be able to help. Not against this at all if true.
  14. Hadron Collider

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I agree mate. Ashley is just a cunt. However, how many of those cunts can actually afford House of Fraser gear as they are too busy shooting up. Unless there is a Dhim discount now.