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  1. Think the ball bobbled as he went to hit it mate on that one.
  2. Yeah mate. Kamara looks like he needs a rest more than anything.
  3. Absolutely mate. Has to be an upgrade. I would like to think the scouting staff are on this. 👍
  4. Hope he’s on it mate. It’s the main weakness in the team.
  5. We need a new left back now mate. Going into the league and Europa we need it settled. Would be surprised if we don’t beat Legia.
  6. I’m on the fence with Stewart mate, but you’re right about Docherty and Halliday. Get them shipped out ASAP!
  7. Cracking game that was. Lampard needs more from these players tho.
  8. Thanks Jules. That stuff gives me goosebumps man. 👍
  9. Almost every position in the team is beginning to ooze class. It’s time to sort the left back position to do the same and it’s not with who we have there right now between the 3 of them. Need a real left back.
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