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  1. How about blue blue christmas always liked that song.
  2. Me and my can of stella love this love a sash bash.
  3. Tell you what i am sitting here right now listening to my tunes and i love them and believe it or not i am not offended , even if fairy said i should be.Same as nil about septic.
  4. Only thing to say about ouy manager is he is class personified.
  5. Sorry Shanks picked you op wrong , correct Blackpool is a shit hole.
  6. Every body to theiy own , what i like when watching Rangers games is being in the company of people who love the team same as me. Tunes before the game , half time and long after the game has finished . good drink as i said and good company, possibly not up to some peoples expectations but i loved it , thank you Pioneer bears and G.S.O.Q.
  7. As somebody else posted he is not injured, still playing give him a break.
  8. Neigh bother sorry couldny help that.
  9. Truth is drove back today home about 3 hours ago , straight on to the beer. Some cracking posts above about big horse .
  10. Sorry about above , just came on to say had a great time in the club for Thursday and Sunday games . If any of you bears who run the club are on this site would like to thank you i had a brilliant time with all my own kind.
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