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  1. Really enjoyed that the camera work was brill as well.
  2. Think we will have 99.9% of the play and draw 0-0 .
  3. bighorse


    I hate the sight of that wee turncoat but he . Naw i can not bring it upon myself to praise him.
  4. Switched off 10 mins ago , what a bunch of shite bags playing for us. Another thing i think i even hate Nashame more than Broonaldo.
  5. Need to educate our players to understand , no one likes us but we dont care . So man up and fight like fu-k.
  6. 5 First thing we need is a very strong leader on the park who will fuc-ing demand 100 % effort from every player. Our board to call out the corruption of the septic run S.p.f.a. whose reffs are terrified and instructed to make sure septic win the league . We need another captain like my hero Sir John Greig.
  7. Really starting to hate this wee S.N.P . and i,r,a , loving country . F-ck them all . NO SURRENDER.
  8. To Antarctica research brilliant and great photo , would love to have some voddies plenty of ice of course with you guys . Any way, keep safe and No Surrender.
  9. Brilliant loved that was at the game but sitting here just now let out a mighty roar when Barry scored . Wife dropped cup of tea on floor and somehow that was my fault .
  10. Great watch could not disagree with any thing , do not know who the bear is but will look out for him .
  11. Naw tis no am luvin it am 65 years young an like it.
  12. We will never forget.
  13. Don see what you mean and you are correct.
  14. He was running to our fans . Club should be telling police same rules when they come to Ibrox . No more of Broonaldo or thumbheid trying to start a riot.
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