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  1. All the way, probably the best player in Scottish football for many a year.
  2. Was waiting to be totally offended with that post , got me great picture.
  3. Absolutely brilliant from Gogsy and everybody who made this happen . Great cause and beautiful dug .
  4. Would love to see him staying but unlikely , i just hope Liverpool extend the loan period .
  5. Old bear here, been working on call all week no drink😩 Until about an hour ago . Would like to say i was so so proud of our team and greatest support in the world yesterday. I was so high last night i never slept a wink possibly no drink to blame as well, anyway reading the website and match report was brilliant.
  6. Never as somebody said they would see this as a victory , all we need to do is make sure some bears do not rise to the bait.
  7. Its such a lovely sight when they are not in sight . No Surrender.
  8. Could watch that all night.
  9. Agree with everything said great podcast and as said before would be great to hear you on R.T.V.
  10. That pigeon was definately a bear.
  11. Think i would be asking questions about that before giving them my money.
  12. Think that looks the best game i hope for a Talbot win, think Auchinleck is a strong Rangers place.
  13. Naw no interest in Scotland games its Rangers Rangers for me and if you are no a Ranger your no good to me.
  14. He is a bitter tarrier its shite watching the game with sound off but better than listening to him.
  15. Think we will score 2 or more goals and they will be in our faces from kick off and same as any other Scottish game they will be trying to get Morelos sent off.
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