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  1. Ludogorets looking fairly certain of their CL spot, 3-1 up with 20 to go. So now we just need one of Astra (Romania) Or Aberdeen (Scotland) to fail to qualify and by my calculations we're seeded for Q2. Would also get there if Hapoel Beer Sheba fail to qualify, but their maths make that very unlikely - they need to lose by at least 4 goals and the other result to go against them by the right margin.
  2. By Saturday night we should know if we're seeded for Q2 or not. Possibly earlier if Hearts do the cup.
  3. Lived there for 2 and a half years. Went to a Legia v Lech Poznan match which was basically a title decider that season - was like watching Motherwell v St Johnstone with a bigger crowd. That was 2 years ago and seems their standard has dropped a since then too.
  4. Legia Warsaw in Q3 would be ideal. They have a high coefficient as they used to be ok 5 years ago, so they would get us seeded for the play off. They're honking now so we'd run them ragged.
  5. This season all 3 Scottish teams start in Q1 because Scotland are down to 26th in the rankings. Due to this season's performance, Scotland are again up to 20th, meaning next season 1 club gets a bye to Q2 again. That will be the cup winners, or if the cup winners are already in the CL then it goes to 2nd in the league.
  6. Aberdeen have a higher coefficient than us,so them qualifying could be the difference between us being seeded or not in the second qualifying round (which is touch and go). Some folk might care because of that (perhaps not many), and most probably don't care.
  7. Anyone got their contact details?
  8. 19th June is the draw for the first 2 rounds.
  9. Let's be realistic, they're not getting papped out by a fiddly team first couple of rounds. Best thing is if they get good long trips every second Thursday, win home and away first couple of rounds (association coefficient points) then get papped out by someone like Dinamo Zagreb in the playoffs. Best case scenario they win 7 lose 1 and go out, that way they gain 1.75 points for the national coefficient in the qualifiers, but don't get the CL cash.
  10. Yeah Hearts have to win the cup, but if they do then sheep still make it if they finish above Killie. If Killie are 3rd and Hearts win the cup then sheep get the League Cup group stages instead of Europa League.😀
  11. Correct. If Man City win the cup the Man Utd are in the group stage and Wolves in 2nd qualifier, if Watford win the cup then Watford in group stage and Man Utd in 2nd qualifier.
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