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  1. Again, almost right. There are bonus points now for each round further a team progresses (QF, SF and F). So that comes to 0.2 per round advanced for both Greece and Switzerland - we need a win and a draw to put it theoretically out of Switzerland's reach, as if Basle win all 7 games they get (7 × 0.4) + (3 × 0.2) = 3.4. As it stands they could get to the final and lose it and still finish above us if we lose both games. They won't win all their games and we are already practically guaranteed top 15.
  2. Almost right, Basle also get 0.4 for a win and 0.2 for a draw, as Switzerland had 5 teams this year.
  3. An, Sporting next and Benfica in the QF
  4. Yes, but Copenhagen progress to the next round, at which point we are still ahead of Denmark but they could still get past us if Copenhagen get more points than us rest of the tournament.
  5. If they go through tonight (win or 0-0 draw) then we're guaranteed top 15 since Denmark cannot then finish above us. If they go out tonight, we could still be 16th if all the following happen: We go out next round losing both games AND Olympiacos put Arsenal out and then win 4 more games (I.e. progress to at least the semis winning both legs in the next 2 rounds) AND Basle win at least another 7 games (I.e. progress to the final winning both legs of every round in the process. So yeah it's basically guaranteed already.
  6. If we drop more points than them between now and playing them in March then it becomes tougher - as it stands it's in our hands, even without them dropping their usual points in the run in, which is as reliable as us doing it after New Year.
  7. The league is nowhere near over - just need to find a bit of form again. 12 points dropped in 23 games, no reason to doubt.
  8. Dead ringer for Darth Vader after his helmet came off at the end of the 6th one.
  9. Perhaps he prefers to sign for West Brom so he can live on the south coast.
  10. As far as I can see, all of the teams currently in the top 6 are teams we will have played twice at home by the time the split comes. How does that work out for post split fixtures? I assume we cant have 5 away games post split (though I wouldn't put that past the powers that be). Also assume that if we're given a fair split of games there will be at least 2 other clubs (plus them) all screaming blue murder. Anyone know how itll work in practice?
  11. Triple including the EL. I'm not asking the question because I think we should be relying on it to get ahead in the league. More because I'm concerned about a 5 games in 10 days type scenario like we had 12 years ago potentially costing us a couple of trophies.
  12. When is the game v St Johnstone going to be scheduled? Looks like 8th Feb is the only available date before April - any reason it's not been scheduled for that date already? Danger is if we don't play it then we get into a 2008 situation with a massive fixture pile up at the business end of the season.
  13. Still nearly 2 weeks until the Stranraer game, ooft!
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