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  1. Klos' Glove


    Robert Huth is a free agent
  2. Klos' Glove

    Gareth McAuley

    Earlier in the window when he was suggested as a main CB target that was a problem. As a back up I'm not against it provided he's free and wages are not too high.
  3. Klos' Glove

    ***Rumours thread***

    Read somewhere we put in a 200k bid for Boyata. Not sure he's worth that but could probably fill in an emergency.
  4. Klos' Glove

    Club and league UEFA coefficients

    Haha taigs
  5. Klos' Glove

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    This happening or not?
  6. Klos' Glove

    What is still required?

    Crucial this window are 1 more CB and one striker. Both should be first team quality. This gives us options to: play 3-5-2, cover injuries and suspensions in the current formation (or and 2 CB 1 ST formation), and possibly inject some competition for these starting places. Desirable, but able to wait until Jan: another CB, another striker, attacking CM. If Wallace goes we also need another covering LB.
  7. Klos' Glove

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Watching U9s in Vietnam sounds like a Taigy sectional interest.
  8. Klos' Glove

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    Rangers manager in racist anti-Muslim tirade scandal. Scenes.
  9. Klos' Glove

    Armin Hodžić (Dinamo Zagreb)

    But maybe he meant that they're actually Serbian because Bosnia is Serbia.
  10. Klos' Glove

    Gerrard “it’s been happening for seasons”

    Shaming the SPFL into something is obviously a non starter. An official allegation to UEFA of systemic bias against the club is obviously the way to address this, along with a statement from King with a veiled reference to applying for admission to the English League on the basis of the systemic bias against the club in the Scottish League. Suspect that these two things in conjunction would start to see some change.
  11. Klos' Glove

    *****Europa League Playoff Round draw*****

    Hivs got Zenit
  12. Klos' Glove

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    In fairness that's 1 per game except the 2-0 win against the 4th best team in Andorra in last year's first round. They need to score at least 2 to put us out.
  13. Klos' Glove

    Europa League Draw tomorrow

    If we draw AZ or above then we're seeded for the Play - off round if we get through. Since the group stage is the aim and we have to play a tricky team at some point, would be best to get one of these higher seeds to make it only one very tough tie rather than two.