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  1. 17th gets us to start in Q2 rather than Q1. 14th means we start in Q3, but being 15th means if the CL holders qualified automatically through their league then we start in Q3. Need to get up to 12th to start in Q4 (13th if holders qualify through their league). 12th isnt going to happen this season, but a good run in the knockouts make 13th vaguely possible, if Copenhagen do badly.
  2. Klos' Glove


    Against Azerbaijan, not some diddy country.
  3. It's the only fair way to decide a 3 way split. If the exact opposite results happen in all 4 games (us and Porto lose tonight, then us and Feyenoord win final games) then its us, YB and Feyenoord all on 10 points and us and YB go through and Feyenoord go out.
  4. If us and Porto both win tonight, we are on 10, Porto and YB are both on 7. Then if Porto and YB both win the final round of games, all 3 of us are on 10. If that happens, Porto top the group on head to head (7 points, 6 v YB + 1 v us), YB are second (6 points, 6 v us + 0 v Porto), we are third (4 points, 4 v Porto + 0 v YB).
  5. To be fair most of it is right. Just the bit about if us and Porto both win we qualify cos they can't catch us - that bit is wrong.
  6. We're also definitely through if we draw and Porto draw, no scenario where we could go out then
  7. Yes. We beat Feyenoord 1-0. If they beat us by 2 goals they have a better head to head against us. If all four teams finish on 8 points then its goal difference.
  8. Here are all the permutations for those unsure: If we win on Thursday: We go through if YB beat or draw to Porto, but if Porto beat YB then we need a point final game against YB to go through and top the group if Porto also beat Feyenoord. If Porto fail to beat Feyenoord then we're through second if we lose to YB. If we draw on Thursday: We go through if YB beat or draw to Porto, but if Porto beat YB we need a point final game against YB to go through if Porto beat Feyenoord. If we lose on Thursday: If Porto beat YB, then we need to beat YB if the Porto v Feyenoord game has a winner, bit only need to draw if they draw (unless Feyenoord beat us by 2 or more goals in which case we have to win anyway - in this scenario everyone has 8 points and it goes to GD). If YB beat Porto, then we go through if Porto beat Feyenoord even if we also lose to YB. If Feyenoord beat Porto we need to beat YB. If Feyenoord draw to Porto then a draw is enough against YB provided Feyenoord haven't beaten us by 2 or more goals, in which case we still need a win against YB. If YB draw to Porto, then we need to beat YB if Feyenoord beat Porto, or if Feyenoord have beaten us by 2 goals then draw to Porto. We only need a draw if Porto beat Feyenoord, or if they draw and Feyenoord only beat us by 1 goal.
  9. Permutations wise, makes absolutely no difference to us going through whether we win or draw. Either way we are through if Porto fail to win at YB, but might need something final game if Porto beat YB. We could still lose both games and go through (if YB beat Porto and Porto beat Feyenoord). Two draws sees us through regardless of other results. I think we will draw on Thursday and beat YB final game - top the group.
  10. Similar similarities are the best.
  11. Scotland's league coefficient is now up to 16th. Getting to 15th means 2 Champions League spots from the season after next. We are one draw away from overtaking Cyprus, who only have 1 team competing (APOEL) and while we obviously could slip back too, it looks more likely that we'll go onwards and upwards than that we'll fall further back. What a difference having Rangers in Europe for a couple of seasons makes - 18 months ago we were in 26th place.
  12. If all 4 teams are level on points it simply goes to goal difference. So in your scenario us and YB would go through as we'd both be +1, Feyenoord would be 0 and Porto would be -2
  13. Not all CL drop outs. We could get one of 4 best drop outs if we finish 2nd, one of 4 worst if we finish first. So still theoretically easier.
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