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  1. Except Nigel de Jong is on the other team
  2. Would prefer he had gone to a Hearts or a Killie, but definitely see the sense in him going to another team in the league, even if its Hibs.
  3. Klos' Glove


    Sure he's scored about 20 for England too.
  4. Cant believe St Mirren have 4th best defensive record in the league man.
  5. I'm convinced of it too - saw it on BBC Sport
  6. Folks from Bangalore despise north Indians almost as much as they despise Pakistanis
  7. Cant see us getting up to 15th this season, too many leagues ahead of us. Could well happen next season though and get 2 CL spots for 22-23
  8. Was 5-0. Highlights the massive disparity between the Highland and Lowland leagues when the whipping boys of the Highland League can pump a Lowland side so badly.
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