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  1. Nice to be in a position to struggle to pick our best 11 never mind our best formation. Hate the constant rotation of the squad in general but it’s a tough problem facing our gaffer. Hope he suss’s it out as I’m struggling 🤔👍
  2. EverestGers

    Don’t give a fuck what anyone says

    Move your arm towards the ball is 100% a penalty, no ifs buts or maybes when blocking a goal bound shot. I reckon the gaffer knows shaming these cunts isn’t working after the Colum pish so being savvy as fuck he’s trying another tact which is being non confrontational when clearly wronged but doubt that’ll work either so I’d be shocked if later in the season as this imbalance carries on he disnae come out full barrel stylee and really hits the target. Cunts.
  3. EverestGers

    They dont want us to win the league

    Mortgage on Thomson getting the nod, it’s the only reason he was slow dishing out cards tonight in my opinion. But come the 29th he’ll be back tae his normal routine. The sad thing for me that’s telling is when these cunts officiate your half expecting a bad decision against you now whereas the mutants know they’ll be favoured out of fear and pressure. Says it all about what we’re up against till we win the league in spite of the controlling cabal.
  4. Why they highlighting it’s the third celtic bheast prosecuted? Does John Cullen and Jim McCafferty no longer count? Five and counting so go convince anybody with common sense that there wasn’t a peodophile ring on the go. Sweep sweep 🧹
  5. So what your saying is the shite they spout makes you feel underclass to the fenians? What a sad state of affairs for ye. If your influenced by the agenda of others to the point your not still thanking yer lucky stars yer da wasn’t a fan of the rattlers maybe it’s time to swerve reading the media bud 👍
  6. Hopefully whoever it was skelped the dirty bheast lover good 👏👏👏
  7. EverestGers

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    The wee naebody clocked early on that if you act like ye hate the Gers then their thick as fuck support will idolise you. The cunts a scumbag Hibee but plays they monkeys like a fiddle. His implosion couldn’t have happened to a nicer cunt. Hope the rumours of a failed suicide attempt to back up his failed drugs test finally puts the wee knobs gas at a peep 👌👌👍👍
  8. EverestGers

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    He shook the Rapid Vienna manager’s hand in the tunnel so your talking pish but on a side note, the travelling fans deserved a wee bit of accolade even though we’re out we’ve made impressive strides for a group of recently assembled players 👍
  9. EverestGers


    So just to square it up, we’re on our way positively in our European adventure and your talking this shit??? Admin👀👀👀👀🤦‍♂️
  10. Serious question, how many peedos need jailed before its officially a ring. I assume three.
  11. EverestGers

    Candeias, Katic, Barisic and Grezda

    Strange hypothetical association Bronzy, surely you recognise they two bufters you’ve mentioned are too close to pass the non bender test??? Not our boys, staunch pussy blasting dudes without doubt 🤔😎👍
  12. EverestGers

    Big Jock Knew

    Less is more imo, if it's a banner with "peedos" and an arrow pointing to them from both the broomie and govan stands I'll be a happy point scorer.