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  1. Just back from visiting a relative who’s up in the ICU at the royal and seen the nick of the celtic fan in question, I’d be surprised if he pulls through tbh, wasn’t looking too good, cops hanging about outside his room and a waiting room full of tinks 🤦‍♂️👍
  2. Need to leave that midden on Sunday with three points however we get them cos I still believe we’re in wae a shout if we do
  3. A board with backbone and a better PR department will solve half our issues as we’ve been robbed left right and centre this season imo
  4. The other driver is dead apparently 🤦‍♂️
  5. Cracking seat Billy, cheers big fella, appreciated 👏👏👍👍🏃‍♂️🇬🇧
  6. Why worry about who these players get loaned out too, if we can’t break down the shit we face week in week out regardless then we need to strengthen, fuck the rest as we’ll always be the big scalp for all the naebodies until we win back the league.
  7. Better player in theory than in reality sadly
  8. Nice to be in a position to struggle to pick our best 11 never mind our best formation. Hate the constant rotation of the squad in general but it’s a tough problem facing our gaffer. Hope he suss’s it out as I’m struggling 🤔👍
  9. Move your arm towards the ball is 100% a penalty, no ifs buts or maybes when blocking a goal bound shot. I reckon the gaffer knows shaming these cunts isn’t working after the Colum pish so being savvy as fuck he’s trying another tact which is being non confrontational when clearly wronged but doubt that’ll work either so I’d be shocked if later in the season as this imbalance carries on he disnae come out full barrel stylee and really hits the target. Cunts.
  10. Mortgage on Thomson getting the nod, it’s the only reason he was slow dishing out cards tonight in my opinion. But come the 29th he’ll be back tae his normal routine. The sad thing for me that’s telling is when these cunts officiate your half expecting a bad decision against you now whereas the mutants know they’ll be favoured out of fear and pressure. Says it all about what we’re up against till we win the league in spite of the controlling cabal.
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