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  1. https://www.scottishgolf.org/event-manager-events/
  2. Really nice, it’s a good wee set of holes. The 10th can get a wee bit wet underfoot but all in all a good set up 👍
  3. How the board can accept this endless SFA shit show without going all out guns a blazing on the attack is incomprehensible to me. Just don’t get it? It’s like they couldn’t care less as long as we keep pumping in the dough every year. Scunnered 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  4. 68 scratch at Kirkintilloch 😎😎😎
  5. The reality of seeing fans getting selfies with “struthi” bear outside the SOS’s store on PRW recently only reiterated the demeaning lengths our current custodians went to when fighting for power. Promises of future favours banged out left right & centre. As a Rangers fan I’d rather serve my team if possible instead of profiting personally. Imagine the SLO’s da never charged £3.50 for a bottle of bud but £2 to cover costs? Naw me neither.
  6. Let’s get it back on track, fuck McNeil and all the other fenians, 7 down four to go FTP 🇬🇧👍
  7. Just back from visiting a relative who’s up in the ICU at the royal and seen the nick of the celtic fan in question, I’d be surprised if he pulls through tbh, wasn’t looking too good, cops hanging about outside his room and a waiting room full of tinks 🤦‍♂️👍
  8. Need to leave that midden on Sunday with three points however we get them cos I still believe we’re in wae a shout if we do
  9. A board with backbone and a better PR department will solve half our issues as we’ve been robbed left right and centre this season imo
  10. The other driver is dead apparently 🤦‍♂️
  11. Cracking seat Billy, cheers big fella, appreciated 👏👏👍👍🏃‍♂️🇬🇧
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