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  1. Ok I get it. You act all aggressive to avoid giving yourself away. Go away ya Paedo Lover. Smell pricks like you a mile away.
  2. Aye ok... also talking about RoI trying to push for Independence. Now fecknoff with your accusations
  3. Eh? Did you not see the news today ya feckin idiot?
  4. Ireland maybe becoming one. That’s not right - Belfast belongs to us... we need to do something about this.
  5. Just watching it back... he does catch him. Plus as SG says he does have history. Needs to stamp it the nonsense (pun intended).
  6. Might be out on my own here... but I think he is right in what he says. Get the basics into place then kick on from there without setting unrealistic expectations. Same as this season, we hope to compete but it is unlikely we will win the league (mainly due to the dark forces) but at the time Warburton was correct in his assumptions.
  7. Hope so, but genuinely feel he was a bad signing - best days behind him
  8. We will come second (because if the injustice) but stay strong as we will stop 10 in a row. I really trust in Stevie G.
  9. Seems that every Ref already has a Red Card with his name on it before the match starts. Then they decide if they give it or not. Pathetic.
  10. Ffs.... Morelos given extra game ban, McGregor given 2 game ban... and they deny Boys Club is the same club? Should we be surprised? Complete joke.
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