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  1. “Let the people sing their stories and their songs And the music of their native land Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy” *Except if you attend Rangers matches or are a follower of the Church of Scotland
  2. Remember the bloodbath we were warned about a couple of Hogmanays ago? Towns and cities up and down the country were predicted to look like re-enactments of Bannockburn and Culloden
  3. It’s not to give them more recovery time, it’s catering to their religious beliefs that’s all. As everyone knows their fans are obsessed with religion so they’ll all be in the chapels the length and breadth of the country Sunday morn
  4. You can hardly say “black” in relation to anything nowadays, you’ll sure as fuck not be able to say “black” anything in a decades time C’mon bears, lets win this cup for Tommy!
  5. Alex Salmonds private army living up to expectations as per usual. A shower of shiftless bastards unless it involves one of their own
  6. Fuck them. They got everything they deserved and I hope there’s a warm reception for the two cunts when they get off their iron lung Let this be a lesson to any cunt looking in who fancies there chances when the Gers come to town. Nobody and I mean no cunt takes a bear down and gets away with it
  7. What’s wrong with that like?
  8. A big shout out the our fans in attendance. Absolutely top class If the shoe was on the other foot and we were going for the title today then, just like in 99 the bheasts would be showing themselves up as the classless bigoted cunts they truelly are Well done bears
  9. Fuck off ya prick Ive been a Ger since your mum and dad were only brother and sister
  10. We’re not Rangers anymore If we were then we’d be putting up more of a fight than this shower of cunts who are wearing our famous jersey Losing 0-5(more pending) through lack of skill I can forgive but the sheer lack of effort these cunts are showing is completely unacceptable Bheasts throwing missiles at our corner. Scum of the earth
  11. Lustig should be arrested immediately. As far as I’m aware removing a police offers hat is a criminal offence Will anything be done? Will it fuck. Sturgeons private army will sweep it under the carpet
  12. What does Jason Cummings actually do apart from swagger about as though he’s a world beater after scoring against lower league shite
  13. Fuck off back to the san giro you kiddy fiddling nonce cunt
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