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  1. What’s wrong? Isn’t my post like number high enough to be taken seriously?
  2. If you read the op you would have seen my reasoning. Looking for a different perspective to the game and see there reaction to the scum who attacked Tav and I wasn’t shocked to see some are defending the cunt
  3. Maybe people are happy for our club to continue being a soft touch with the authorities but I for am sick off it. The cunts are laughing at us and now resorting to racially abusing Alfredo. Meanwhile some of our own don’t have the backbone to stand up and defend our beliefs and honour the good name of our great club. Some call it whatabouttery but I call it looking for a non bias authoritarianism from sfa
  4. I usually like to have a look at other fans forums and try and see a different perspective of the game so I took a look at Hibs.bigot to see their reaction to the scumbag who attacked Tav and I was disgusted to see a bigoted post directed at one of the linesmen Not only did they attack our players at Hampden Not only do they abuse fans from the away corner at Ibrox, both verbally and physically Not only do they mock the dead ie Wallace Mercer Not only do they sing xenophobic and racist chants at opposition players ie Rudi Skacel and Jean Claude Darcheville respectively Not only do they launch glass bottles at opposition players ie That cunt Sinclair Not only do they have fans entering the field of play at Easter Road to attack Tav They have now resorted to bigotry on their fans forum I posted a year or so ago why I hate these cunts more than celtic which is my opinion and I was shot down by a lot of folk. These latest incidents may help people understand my reasoning behind my opinion I’m absolutely fuming that these cunts get away with murder but it’s always Rangers who are the bad guys And to add insult to injury the cunts have just equalised ** Apologies if this is in the wrong section
  5. “Let the people sing their stories and their songs And the music of their native land Their lullabies and battlecries and songs of hope and joy” *Except if you attend Rangers matches or are a follower of the Church of Scotland
  6. What’s common denominator with all three?
  7. He doesn’t have what it takes to be a Ranger. Terminate his contact with immediate effect
  8. Remember the bloodbath we were warned about a couple of Hogmanays ago? Towns and cities up and down the country were predicted to look like re-enactments of Bannockburn and Culloden
  9. It’s not to give them more recovery time, it’s catering to their religious beliefs that’s all. As everyone knows their fans are obsessed with religion so they’ll all be in the chapels the length and breadth of the country Sunday morn
  10. You can hardly say “black” in relation to anything nowadays, you’ll sure as fuck not be able to say “black” anything in a decades time C’mon bears, lets win this cup for Tommy!
  11. The league cup semis have all been midweek from about 2000 till around 6 or 7 years ago
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