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  1. There’s nothing honourable about that shower of child molesting cunts
  2. Ooooh hard man aye? What you gonnae dae like?
  3. You really don’t do irony do you. A wanky phrase if ever there was one
  4. Auch just fuck off If you want to be a soft touch and continue to find these tin pot cunts then that’s your prerogative Just put me ignore until you find yourself a backbone
  5. Our pathetic excuse of a board won’t have the backbone to tell Killie to ram their 3 stands up their hole next season Hivs cut our allocation last game of last season and possibly the first game between the two clubs at Easter Road this season and the statement released said we’d reconsider our ticketing options in future, but, when none of the Leithiopian junkie fucks didn’t buy home end tickets in March we were happy to accept a full allocation If were going to make a stand then fucking stick to it
  6. I’d have to be demented to think I’d get a decent discussion with the cunts on here
  7. A complete no mark who frequents social media for likes and shares to boost his ego by helping the homeless and underprivileged, all while Facebook liveing off course. Seems to be good pals with convicted perjurer and king of the swingers, Tommy Sheridan The minute you start blowing your own trumpet about the charity work you carry out then you lose all credibility as far as I’m concerned. There was a clip of some interview he done with a hoor from Glasgow who told a story about how she shat in a dog bowl and her customers ate it I wouldn’t take any of his podcasts seriously
  8. What’s wrong? Isn’t my post like number high enough to be taken seriously?
  9. If you read the op you would have seen my reasoning. Looking for a different perspective to the game and see there reaction to the scum who attacked Tav and I wasn’t shocked to see some are defending the cunt
  10. Maybe people are happy for our club to continue being a soft touch with the authorities but I for am sick off it. The cunts are laughing at us and now resorting to racially abusing Alfredo. Meanwhile some of our own don’t have the backbone to stand up and defend our beliefs and honour the good name of our great club. Some call it whatabouttery but I call it looking for a non bias authoritarianism from sfa
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