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  1. Kit looked nice and fresh last night. Love the shade of blue too. Far superior to the awful sun bleached blue of the past few years.
  2. Not wanting to dip into your cheap cider fund?
  3. I read how upset you were at not being mentioned in people's favourite posters so I don't want to tip you over the edge
  4. Says the King of the Mongoloid's? I think we'll turn up big style for this friendly. 5-0.
  5. From our website: "The Rangers crest on the left chest, as worn, is white raised rubber"
  6. Not sure, I think it's similar to our 1993 colour.
  7. I quite like the pinstripes on the darker one.
  8. Mid 1940's! Are you in your 80's? I can just picture you posting that
  9. Fucked by a team who finished 8th in the Czech league?
  10. Also I reckon an African team will win the World Cup. France.
  11. You lot clearly know fuck all about tactics. The plan now is to lose to Columbia so the team will be fully rested in time for 2022.
  12. I still think it will at least feature some orange after the tease.
  13. We'll end up playing in our blue training tops for the TNS game. I don't think it is likely these are the kits. We'll make a fuss with a proper launch. Besides, the Twitter video suggests the away will feature Orange.
  14. ^ I got my new photo taken fresh from an argument with my wife. I've got a proper fucking serial killer expression going on.
  15. Don't like these. Looks like they fell off of a truck from the Pakistan wing of TK Maxx.
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