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  1. Very misleading thread title. I had the hankies out and everything ffs
  2. I’m not going to waste my precious time with a friendly. I’ve got things to do.
  3. Aberdeen went out in 80’s with the fax machine.
  4. 2011 league cup final when Jelavic scored the winner. It was just after we got absolutely pumped 3-0 at Parkhead and the squad, Davie Weir especially, looked finished.
  5. Lyngby Away was great too. My first euro away trip.
  6. Useless big lump of wood. Pedro was a total fraud of a manager.
  7. Liverpool isn’t Glasgow. The rivalry isn’t the same.
  8. Love Souness. Was the best time to be a bear when he arrived and breathed life into the club.
  9. Cork will be relatively trouble free if we end up playing them I’d imagine. Be different if we drew Dundalk or Shamrock Rovers or Derry City. It would be bedlam then.
  10. Great memories of the big man. He cost £500k from Killie first time around. He repaid that many times over with his goals. Wish him all the best.
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