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  1. Id wank myself into a coma if we come away wi a win. If it’s a draw then not quite a coma but probably more of a light snooze.
  2. We almost won there under Murty ffs a few year ago so there’s no doubt that not winning since 2010 is a bit misleading.
  3. Take a draw right now tbh. As long as we win tomorrow against Killie.
  4. My first one was 1986, quite an auspicious start.
  5. Good words but I bet he secretly wishes Arfield would chuck Canada but.
  6. Talking of old tunes I heard Green Grassy Slopes getting an airing against st mirren the other month, took me back about 35 years that one.
  7. It hardly ever gets going at Ibrox anymore. You hear it fairly regularly at Away games though.
  8. Probably because of the league he played in. Also because he didn’t play at a World Cup because the school masters in charge of the national team continually picked bandy legs Leighton over Goram.
  9. Goram was genuinely world class between 91 and 93.
  10. Who cares? Let’s just enjoy what we have.
  11. Maybe, maybe not. There’s no way to know.
  12. I think he has to win something first and score against them.
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