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  1. Probably because of the league he played in. Also because he didn’t play at a World Cup because the school masters in charge of the national team continually picked bandy legs Leighton over Goram.
  2. Goram was genuinely world class between 91 and 93.
  3. Who cares? Let’s just enjoy what we have.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. There’s no way to know.
  5. I think he has to win something first and score against them.
  6. Woody Harrelson giving the Vicky.
  7. Defoe’s finish on Sunday was class. Not many players could do that.
  8. Prefer to remember what he did for us on the pitch. Too many people get worked up by shite in tabloids that they claim not to read.
  9. Laughable. Maybe wait until this squad actually wins something before comparing to a squad which won a 3rd title in a row ffs.
  10. Grazer AK. They qualified ahead of us in 3rd place after we lost the last two games.
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