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  1. Is the Sunday post still going?! Jings, crivvens and help ma boab!
  2. That Dunfermline game was the most tense match I’ve ever attended. The taigs were ahead of us a couple of times. De Boer and Thompson scoring two in two minutes settled the nerves slightly.
  3. I thought Defoe’s goal in that same game was a belter as well.
  4. That near post run De Boer used to make was absolute class.
  5. I’d say Gazza just shades it. He was still a global superstar despite his injury problems. RDB is up there though, even in among the Advocaat era I couldn’t believe it when we signed him.
  6. Ronald De Boer was a huge signing at the time, even in among the excesses of the Advocaat era.
  7. I don’t think so but I’d say it’s probably changed our support a bit. There’s a worrying trend towards accepting mediocrity and a victim mentality that’s growing ever more pervasive. Every time we lose or draw it always seems to be the refs fault, everything seems to be part of an anti-Rangers agenda. It’s the kind of loser talk that the taigs hit out with for decades.
  8. Of course it is. Brown was a classless prick when Walter was winning trophy after trophy and he was repeatedly called out by the celtic minded media. His temperament was continually questioned especially when he was made captain. He was criticised heavily when he got sent off in the 1-0 Edu game. Now celtic are on top and he’s untouchable. Knock them off their perch and he’d be an irrelevance/liability again.
  9. You’re telling me that perceived poor punditry and failing to stand up for us - I’ve heard him stand up for us plenty of times, by the way - is more important to people than 300 goals and 10 league titles? That simply can’t be true. It may be true of obsessives on message boards who analyse every negative comment about Rangers to the nth degree but not of the wider support surely. I was at Rugby Park a few months back and thousands were singing ‘Super Ally’ at him and giving Sutton dogs abuse. Not particularly scientific obviously but I’d bet the wider support is a lot more forgiving and less likely to hold grudges than people online.
  10. What’s your point exactly? McCoist was a bad manager, is anyone saying otherwise?! It doesn’t make him a bad person.
  11. He’s highly sought after by BT, Sky, Talksport and ITV back when they had the champions league. He’s also spent a lifetime in the game mostly successfully. Not bad for a man with no skill sets eh?
  12. Easy to do when they’re probably about to win their 3rd treble in a row. celtic used to get savaged by the media in the 90’s when roles were reversed. William Waddell used to forever criticise Rangers when he was a journalist.
  13. What nonsense. A large section of the message board community may not like him but that has little to no reflection to the support in real life. Most grown ups know that punditry and managing a football team are two completely different jobs requiring completely different skill sets.
  14. Exactly, some seem to put ex-players on ridiculous pedestals and then lash out like petulant children when it turns out that they’re fallible humans. I just can’t take anyone seriously who acts the way some are acting in this thread.
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