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  1. The summer of 1995 was a brilliant time to be a bear. Gazza, what a player he was.
  2. Remember just feeling total relief when he came back.
  3. Brilliant! Also love the fact that that Greegs still calls Walter 'gaffer'.
  4. He was a bit like Naismith but with more predatory instincts.
  5. He was good in the title run in for the 02/03 season. Scored since vital goals.
  6. What we achieved in the previous 140 years means not winning anything for the last 9 years will be viewed as abject failure.
  7. Can’t believe Alfie is even being mentioned in this thread tbh
  8. Alfie Conn used to go for a pint with Alfie Conn.
  9. Was really nervous for this, the sheep had a good few decent chances before Hateley scored. After that went in there was only one winner but. Mind mccoist coming on for the last 20 minutes or so and he could barely walk never mind run.
  10. Cowan was a decent player up until that injury, we went and signed Davie Robertson after this game.
  11. We strolled to the title that season, the first and only time we won it comfortably since 2000.
  12. Our European record since the 50's is pretty abysmal for a club our size. The trouble in Manchester was more the fault of Rangers fans than some will ever admit. Morelos record against celtic is embarrassing. Our club lost something with the signing of Mo Johnstone, as good as he was for us and as big a giruy to the taigs as it was we lost a part of our identity. The way Adcocaats team completely wilted at the first sign of a proper challenge was fckn pathetic and the performances away in Sturm Graz and Kaiserslautern were as bad as anything during Smith's first spell. Souness should have won the European cup with us.
  13. On another note, that Laura Woods his copresenter on talksport gives me the horn. Oh, and well said ally.
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