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  1. Paulbrian11

    Earliest Rangers goal you can remember

    Davie cooper against Dundee Hibs in the 1981 cup final replay.
  2. Paulbrian11

    Summer of 92

    Football changed forever around then. Start of Premiership and champions league and also the break up of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union.
  3. Paulbrian11

    Our crowds early 80's

    My first game was in 83 against Dundee United. There was actually a reasonably big crowd of about 25,000 there as, believe it or not, Dundee United were champions and brought a big support. It was a shit game, 0-0 draw. It was pretty grim for the first few years to be honest. Then Souness arrived and people who hadn’t been in years suddenly started going again haha
  4. Paulbrian11

    Semi final allocation

    West front. Shite view, no doubt. I hate Hampden.
  5. Paulbrian11

    Steven Gerrards Rangers

    Ten games is the record for one season. The overall record is 12 games which is doable as well.
  6. Paulbrian11


    I thought he was pretty good last night. What a ludicrous thread. There’s some fuckin weird Rangers fans on the Internet.
  7. Paulbrian11


    It’d be fuckin magic if we go through and they don’t.
  8. We just drew 2-2 in Spain and hopefully we’re about to mount a title challenge for the first time in years. It doesn’t matter anymore.
  9. Is there really any need for this shit? Just drew 2-2 in Spain and all cunts want to do is rip into their own. McCoist stopped being Rangers manager years ago ffs. Move on, the club definitely has.
  10. Paulbrian11

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    I just think today showed how many loonies post on message boards tbh. Especially me.
  11. Paulbrian11

    The day hearts went down to 7 men

    That wanker Pointon got sent off for kicking the post. That’s when it started to get farcical. When the 4th player went the crowd was audibly frustrated with the red as was Gough. Ally came on and tried his hardest to score when everyone else had given up haha.
  12. Paulbrian11

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    They say it to wind us up. That’s what football fans do, permanently on the lookout to humiliate and demean your rivals regardless of facts. I think the ultimate irony of the whole ‘yous are deid’ ‘naw we urny’ thing is that it’s so childish and puerile it makes any sane observers want to fuckin top themselves.
  13. Paulbrian11

    We’re still scared of them

    The only discernible difference between this season and last is we have a much better goalkeeper.
  14. Paulbrian11

    Bursaspor 1 - 1 Rangers

    Lisbon was ace. Big Mo with one of his patented last minute tap ins.
  15. 1-0 up. A few on this thread will be happy.