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  1. Plenty of time to find a replacement, season is fucked.
  2. If he's such a great guy he should resign. Paying him out is the problem.
  3. Some team in trouble might buy him out before end of season. Keep him till end of season. Give us time to get a suitable replacement. Rangers are a classy team, it's in both parties interests.
  4. No problems keeping him till end of season, give us time to get a replacement.
  5. A balanced view when he joined was 3 transfer windows with budget, at least one trophy. He failed. He needs to go. It's that simple. He's brutal, he had his time to make mistakes, reflect and evolve. He didn't.
  6. 3 windows, 2 seasons, doesn't learn. Probably can't walk and chew gum at the same time.
  7. He fucked the league, 2 seasons and a good budget, 3 transfer windows. Doesn't learn from his mistakes is the tragic bit for me. We will never win the EL, should have prioritised the league. He's fucking brutal.
  8. Pointless exercise. There will be no football when there is a plague. Wouldn't go buying flights.
  9. Team should start hitting peak fitness now after a few weeks lul from the hard sessions in Dubai. Similar to last season, push they Fenian bastards all the way now. Here's hoping anyway!
  10. Hope that's the turning point for the season, just before the first goal 👍😂
  11. He was given a fair budget and time. His blindspots over selection and mid winter break twice are now tragic. Keep him to the end of the season and start looking for a replacement.
  12. He had 2 seasons and was fairly well funded in transfer windows. Wish him well but we need to move on.
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