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  1. When he's not throwing his toys out of the pram. He acts like a wee shite most the time....but yeah without him we wouldn't be above the sheep shaggers.
  2. McGregor for me more consistent. Think playing AM as one up top regardless of opposition or circumstances just depresses me. So I have developed an illogical bias against AM.
  3. Manager can't do the basics. Appoint a suitable captain, make the right subs and set the team up. No signs of learning from mistakes either. He's never a manager, was a good player though....
  4. He will be gone by Christmas if he doesn't learn from that meltdown on the pitch yesterday.
  5. Try downloading the browser chromium. Works for me when it plays up on Chrome.
  6. Buy game on RTV. Get hola addin free for Google Chrome browser. Set location to USA. Log in and watch, all money goes to Rangers.
  7. Gerrard said he's his unofficial captain on Sky Sports interview after the game.
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