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  1. You should have placed a comma after 'him'. I just wanted to talk about Rangers.
  2. Morelos (hope I spelled correctly this time) is only 22. He is a Columbian international and will only improve. He has been singled out this season because of how good he is and I don't think we could replace him. We need to stand by him because he needs our support.
  3. You new that already, so why post because of an incorrect spelling of a name. If you are going to reply then post something with substance. Your reply makes you seem like a child.
  4. It was a typo, but well done.
  5. It was a typo, but well done.
  6. Morales is the future. I would love to see Defoe stay, play and coach, however I think that celtic are scared of Alfredo and our supporters need to back him. They want us to sell him! I really hope we don't.
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1860950273981375&id=127256559100 Vinny Jones ???
  8. Seems like a lot of our fans would prefer a nice destination with their mates rather than what's best for our club. We're not ready for some of the best in Europe. Let's get an easy group and protect our confidence.
  9. I personally can't understand any negativity towards Gerrard. Guardiola came from managing the Barcelona B side and Gerrard has as much experience, skill and respect in the game. You only have to look at the amount of negative spin being pushed by our haters regarding this appointment to know they don't want this to happen and unfortunately some of our support are listening.
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