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  1. Wil198

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1860950273981375&id=127256559100 Vinny Jones ???
  2. Wil198

    Europa group stages

    Seems like a lot of our fans would prefer a nice destination with their mates rather than what's best for our club. We're not ready for some of the best in Europe. Let's get an easy group and protect our confidence.
  3. Wil198

    Fight the sfa

    Your spot on, however we play kids mixed with fringe players (like the top teams in the English premier do) and it's win win for us. We lose and our kids get experience in playing in a conpetative match and the revenue for other clubs drops and if we win it's a confidence boost and an embarrassment for other teams ?
  4. Wil198

    Fight the sfa

    Easy solution just play our kids teams.
  5. Wil198

    BBC Article

    Your talking about this case as if it has happened in the modern era. The lack of the technology we have today meant there was no electronic means to do background checks. The only way to check someone was on a personal level and as Jimmy Saville has proved peado's can be capable of hiding their true nature. The safeguards that are required today were non existent in the eighties.
  6. Wil198

    Sheep escape piggery

    Did the same. Unfortunately I was recently made redundant so not in a position to donate. Knew the would lay down just like against Hivs. Least their cheating is helping me take care of my 5 year old.
  7. Wil198

    Jamie Murphy

    I personally said he was 'one of our best players. I'd be genuinely interested to hear who you think is better?
  8. Wil198

    Jamie Murphy

    Murphy is easily one of our current best players. You have to wonder why some of our 'so called' support are constantly negative. There has been a lot of talk about needing a cull of our playing squad. There should also be a cull of current RM members!
  9. Wil198

    Jonathan Johansen

    Sorry but as much as he was a hero of mine McCoist lost my respect as a coach when he was out singing Karaoke with the players after the Raith defeat. Most modern footballers try to live like athletes and unfortunately McCoist hasn't moved on. I'd much prefer to see him telling stories, making people laugh and be where he belongs, a guy that makes you laugh on the TV. Lacks the right type of professionalism for a modern day coach.
  10. Wil198


    The club didn't make the decision. Everyone is assuming it was down to money however Scottish League v German. Which is better?
  11. Wil198

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    I personally can't understand any negativity towards Gerrard. Guardiola came from managing the Barcelona B side and Gerrard has as much experience, skill and respect in the game. You only have to look at the amount of negative spin being pushed by our haters regarding this appointment to know they don't want this to happen and unfortunately some of our support are listening.
  12. Wil198

    Is Gerrard the "vanity" choice as manager?

    Steven Gerrard played a long career under some of the best manager's in the world. Captain of a top club and his country. European Cup winner as Captain and Captained England during World Cups and Euros, however you compare him to Murty? Ffs!
  13. Wil198

    Mindrot beyond the point of repair?

    'With experience of grabbing their collective scruff of the neck'. A European Cup final springs to mind.
  14. Wil198


    I agree. What are our options: 1. Pay off the remainder of his contract. 2. Sell him (No-one will buy) 3. Pay for rehab and help him. (If this works we get a good player and show the world we actually care about our players). Three would be my choice, what do we have to lose?
  15. Wil198

    Rangers culture retweets neil simpson

    'Meh' is your reply? Even after his injury Ian Durrant was class, something you severely lack.