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  1. DC76

    Motherless tactics

    😃 Sums them up tbf👍
  2. DC76

    Ross McCrorie what’s the script here?

    Stevie signed 4 centre half's,and a midfielder or two as.well in the summer..Ross wants a game he has to be seen to be better than the other options 👍
  3. DC76

    Ross McCrorie what’s the script here?

    Did Stevie not say he was ruined by being played out of position..vague recollections of this
  4. DC76

    Motherless tactics

    They were fuckin due that today,no mistake Did anyone catch that cunt trying to cripple Alfie? McGovern was it,same.cunt that was giving it lalldy at the pen
  5. DC76


    Your fae coatbridge pal,consider yourself lucky you get a fuckin opinion 👍
  6. DC76

    Flanagan cost us that game

    Let's not get away from the fact that Goldson was pish
  7. DC76

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Might be irrelevant, according to you brother,but still have the right to criticize..which I will do as and when necessary👍 if that's alright with you,fellow internet non-entity
  8. DC76

    Gerrard post Spartak reaction

    Frustration aside..you need to wind it in
  9. DC76


  10. DC76


    Turncoat😀 I very much doubt it
  11. DC76


    Sorry,shouldn't have mentioned the greegs
  12. DC76


    Outside of the right foot,puts it in the top corner..what's not to love..some strike to beat the greegs
  13. DC76

    The League

    Spent the bulk of our budget on Eastern Europeans who for one reason or another we can't play
  14. DC76

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    No balance in midfield doesn't help👍 What is ejaria? Box to box? Attacking? Sitting? What is Coulibaly?same applies What is Arfield?same applies All much of a muchness in there,clueless..we need guys who know their roles and carry them out