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  1. Steven should hold the team back and let the beggars know exactly what the Ibrox crowd think of them before sending out the famousπŸ‘
  2. Deserved a run out...that is all
  3. Fuckin solid today and we arguably wouldn't have won without him..gaun yirsel NikoπŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. They really are shite..fuck knows how they've managed the results they've had against us this season
  5. Nope about to take ma girl up to bed,she's had enough Moana...are you?
  6. There ye are the fuckin school night drunkard has spoken.πŸ‘ Anything else?
  7. Mean time I'll wait here for the next horrendous potential lineup to face the sheepπŸ‘
  8. Sneak back in that kitchen,then motherfuckin bitch
  9. "school night drunkard"πŸ˜€ It's good but it's not right
  10. Yep..tho if we're going all out to make a cunt of it why not bring back Waldo in place of barisic/halliday/flanagan
  11. Aye yer probably right,let's change make 3 changes and lose any momentum we had
  12. DC76


    Nae worries Keyser ya fuckin botton..be sure to let me know if I've made decent usage of the quote function πŸ‘
  13. Am I allowed to comment further? I mean it is gettin a bit late in the dayπŸ™„
  14. DC76


    Bad use of the hyphen there sozeπŸ‘
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