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  1. It would be a bit more than 2 pages an hour. Pedantic loyal.
  2. Hard to resist the allure of blaming other clubs, the SFA, referees, etc for things that happen to us. They're all shitebags who have it coming, no doubt. But in each case it was our own failures that left the door open for others to pile in. And the danger is that we internalise this victim mindset to the extent that we become unable to sort our own problems out. If a ship gets holed below the waterline, buy all means resent the sea flowing in. Just not to the exclusion of booting the cunt that drove it onto the rocks in the first place.
  3. Feels extremely embarrassing to watch our recent performances, then attempt to blame anyone outside of the club.
  4. WTF - "celtic have blinked with one eye, but we've blinked with two" The guy's losing all credibility. Hard to take much more of this nonsense.
  5. We knew that he would have gaps in his managerial toolkit, being a rookie. The gamble was that the potential upsides made it worthwhile anyway, and I still think that's possibly the case - his good bits are very good imho. But for the life of me I don't understand why we haven't got on the books some old hand, who knows the domestic game, to fill in some of the blanks we knew he'd have.
  6. He thinks we played Braga on Thursday.
  7. No from me. But I think we have failed to support him properly. Not in the sense of money spent, which has been plentiful, but with reference to his development as a manager. When Gerrard arrived we knew that as a rookie he'd have gaps in his skill set, and we also know that Rangers is a huge stage on which to undertake your first managerial gig. While it's clear to me that he really does have a lot going for himself (I love how he sets us up against strong opposition, for instance), there are equally obvious areas where his lack of experience is costing us points. I don't think it would be hard to find someone with the right credentials to, if not mentor Gerrard, then at least be on hand to impart the wisdom/insights that managers normally accrue through seasons of graft in the lower leagues where, with all due respect, losing doesn't matter as much. The alternative is that we continue allowing him to gain that experience at our expense.
  8. We've the second best squad, so it's not really a surprise that over a season, we're coming second right now. But there's definitely also the sense that we're set up for counter-attacking football (both tactically & in our squad's composition) in a league that, given our relative strength, will see us having to break down two banks of five for most games. No doubt refs are making plenty of terrible decisions, and they don't seem to be 'balancing out' overall. Sorting out that little problem would no doubt make the gap more bridgeable. It just drives me crazy to watch us repeating the same formula that's failed us over & over against domestic opposition. By the same token, this counter-attacking setup sees us do well in Europe & against celtic, because it makes sense in those contexts. Why can't the manager see that we need a totally different style for some (most!) games?
  9. Dread


    Morelos is always a bit of a lightning rod because his play stands out so much, he never hides. His miss of the penalty obviously adds to that today. But anybody criticising his (or any other player's) performance today was watching a different match from me. We could've easily won four or more nil with how we played, we were the only team on the park. Obviously this is a sore one, but I'm feeling weirdly ambivalent. In the wider scheme of things I think we'll look back at this performance as the start of a new and happy chapter. Fuck this shitey cup, the league is clearly there for the winning.
  10. Glad this Morelos performance came after the EPL window shut.
  11. Honestly think the sentiment is too negative on here. They are not as good as most think, and more, they seem to know this as a team. All we have to do is keep the pressure up, hound them down, and their natural tendency to commit defensive errors will give us plenty of chances to settle the game. Half the league now understands how to play against them, and we have by far the best players to do it. 1-3
  12. Knew we were taking on a rookie manager, with all that entails. It's his seeming passivity in the face of unacceptable results that's beginning to grate. He'll have my undivided support until 2020, but I hope to fuck he's showing more anger behind closed doors.
  13. Fuck me, it really is the hope that gets you. Of course any team will have off-days against well organised opposition, but it's the sheer gutless way we go about matches that does my head in. The idea that any player (let alone this shower of shite) could turn up in front of an ibrox crowd without fire in their belly is an insult. Their attitude is all wrong.
  14. Feels like we could learn a bit about the team & manager today. Killie are always well drilled, but there should be no contest if our heads are in the right place. Wouldn't mind at all if we grind out an ugly win.
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