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  1. Glad this Morelos performance came after the EPL window shut.
  2. It's too early to say anything about the manager. We knew from the beginning he's a rookie, and will consequently take some time to find his feet. His potential upside is huge, so we have to accept what we knew would be stumbles along the way. March appears to be becoming a bit of a nightmare month though. If I remember rightly it was a similar situation last year. I don't know if it's just the self-belief that comes with playing in a successful Rangers side (or doesn't), but I think it'll sort itself out when we're back to full strength. It's clear to me that we're still recovering.
  3. Honestly think the sentiment is too negative on here. They are not as good as most think, and more, they seem to know this as a team. All we have to do is keep the pressure up, hound them down, and their natural tendency to commit defensive errors will give us plenty of chances to settle the game. Half the league now understands how to play against them, and we have by far the best players to do it. 1-3
  4. Knew we were taking on a rookie manager, with all that entails. It's his seeming passivity in the face of unacceptable results that's beginning to grate. He'll have my undivided support until 2020, but I hope to fuck he's showing more anger behind closed doors.
  5. Fuck me, it really is the hope that gets you. Of course any team will have off-days against well organised opposition, but it's the sheer gutless way we go about matches that does my head in. The idea that any player (let alone this shower of shite) could turn up in front of an ibrox crowd without fire in their belly is an insult. Their attitude is all wrong.
  6. Feels like we could learn a bit about the team & manager today. Killie are always well drilled, but there should be no contest if our heads are in the right place. Wouldn't mind at all if we grind out an ugly win.
  7. I knew we weren't getting the finished article in Gerrard, but it feels like he's too content to just drift along as we are, losing these big games through guttlessness & a lack of ideas. Sickened tbh.
  8. No need for this tarrier chat (for the record they are filthy child molesting bastards). It doesn't matter what I think Morelos is worth, we're talking about what rich clubs will pay. Until he's proven himself on a bigger stage, the big money is unlikely to materialise. Literally the difference to these clubs between a ~£10m and a ~£20m player is his having demonstrated he can cut it at the next level. That's the very thing they pay extra for. Clearly Morelos has the raw ingredients to play at the top level, but that doesn't tend to be enough on its own (especially for players at Scottish clubs) to seal the big money deal. We'll see. I'd love to be wrong.
  9. An in-his-prime Barry in the middle with Kamara and we would tear this league apart. Wouldn't need anyone else brought in. The way he used to control the game, slow it down before launching an attack, it's exactly what we're missing right now.
  10. Morelos will rightly earn us a substantial return on our investment in him - he's a good striker who is still developing towards his potential. But we're setting ourselves up for disappointment if we think it'll be a £20 million fee, or even half that, without him demonstrating a few things to potential suitors. Chiefly, playing well over a decent number of games against quality opposition, and demonstrating that he has the brains to go with his obvious skill & power. More encouraging is that we seem to be on the right track. Buying rough diamonds & polishing them up has to be our approach - the days of off-the-peg quality will not be back for a few seasons at least. When eventually we do part with him (I'd accept £8m right now, hopefully more in a year), we must ensure that his replacement(s) are already scouted & ready to sign.
  11. Best bit of business in who knows how long, SG's knowledge paying off there. The key will be finding the right player to play alongside him - do that and we'll have the makings of a league winning midfield. Something like a poor man's Luka Modric required in the summer.
  12. Dread

    Great result

    He's getting very hard to listen to these days. I guess time is on his side, but if there isn't another twist in the tale, history will record the story of Ally McCoist and Rangers as a bittersweet one. Not something I'd have foreseen in my youth.
  13. We're a bit overrun in midfield. Either stretch the game with fast passing or change shape I think.
  14. A red in any other league in the world.
  15. Not holding my breath, but it would be great to see a strong response from the club on this. We need to back our players when they're under attack.
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