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  1. Normally I'd be a bit worried about this. But they have been woefull lately so whilst I expect them to put up a fight and maybe stay in the game for 60min or so, I think we'll win by 3 or 4 in the end.
  2. Seems strange that we opted out of a training seesion on the pitch. Surely it would have been good to get a feel for it before the game????
  3. That was my thought. Initially pleased to see a strong line up, but then thought about rotation. Then again there's another internation break coming up so at least some players will get a rest.
  4. Until I looked at that I didn't realise how similar the line ups were in terms of personell. Apart from the keeper it's Aribo on for Kent. Did we not sign 11 players ?
  5. This is what rookie mangers do. Partly because they don't know any better, but mainly because they want to be hailed as a genuise if it works. Today it didn't
  6. Not great but not disasterous. SG got it wrong this time but there's a long way to go. They dropped 27 points last season, so if there was a similar senario this season we could lose every game against them but still win the league if we get it right against the others. I won't be popular for saying this, but given their vastly superior resources, our best bet is to make sure that we're a close 2nd and able to take advantage of any slip ups they make We have to make sure we take maximum points from Aberdeen Livi Killie etc
  7. Fair enough but I've already shot my mouth off let's see how it pans out.
  8. Correct. They'll be well up for it against Cluj. Lazio don't always put out best players for Europa. Don't know much about Rennes but can't see them winning home and away. I can see them going through easily and might even top the group. On the other hand we have a much tougher group. Young Boys would apear to be the weakest side, but they're far from being weak
  9. I said earlier. No need to rest players this early. Play the best 11, worry about fatigue in March
  10. Do players need to be rested this early when they've got 3 to 4 days before next game ?
  11. If we go out it will be a big cloud but with a substantial silver lining
  12. A lot of managers don't make subs early enough and I've never understood. Obviously the players on the bench aren't considered as good as the ones on the pitch, or they wouldn't be on the bench. However the will be rested and ready to go whereas the first choices will be starting to flag. I always like to see fresh legs around the 60 min mark.
  13. A few years ago 0-0 away would be almost like a win. But then something changed and teams seemed happy to keep a clean sheet and try to nick an away goal. I still think we got a good result, but they'll be happy with it too
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