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  1. Brings back painfull memories of my "winner" on Esha Ness
  2. Let's face it. There's going to be one of two outcomes. The league resumes and all remaining games are played. Or the league doesn't resume and current standings are considered final. With an * Might not be what we want, but we might as well start getting used to it
  3. Not sure abouts the maths here. They have 80 points after 30 games. We have 67 after 29 games.
  4. Speeding, parking, dropping litter, posting stuff on line. Etc etc...
  5. If I had booked I would still go. It's no worse in Germany than it will be here in a couple of weeks.
  6. Did Diesel D'Alier in Nov when it won over course and distance. Got 12-1 in the morning, went off at 13/2. Obviously a harder race today, but I'll stick with it
  7. Tomorrow 2.10 Battleoverdoyen, sounds like ????
  8. I did quite well with fallers and PUs. Always tomorrow.
  9. Oh well onto the next one Espirit Du large. And that's my £4 gone
  10. Want to see how far £4 will get me. Starting with £1 ew on Elixir D'Ainey in the first.
  11. Why. I don't like seeing a goalie as captain, but I'd rather Greegsy got the armband than Goldson
  12. And yet he is captain ?????? WTF
  13. Hava a campaign to get celtic admitted to the EPL 😡
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