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  1. Hes a dirty bastard but i like that in him, if only our outfield players had a bit of his psycho in them
  2. What happened to Sir Erec? take a fall?
  3. Quel Destin down to 3/1 now, money must be coming in! Put him on as there wasn't much value in value in Sir Erec, got Sir Erec on in an Acca though. Good luck lads
  4. Tempted to stick the £120 i won on Epatante
  5. Im about to greet i hate this
  6. Get a load of this fud possibly the worst impressions ive ever heard and that last one of him addressing the taigs that are abusing him is class hahaha. Hes most defiantly gay
  7. Vinndication at 6/1 for the 13:30 for me. Then got £15 free bet to wax on an acca possibly
  8. Shitebagged it actually not putting anything on cause i don't have a clue
  9. Got a free bet so going to go with you on Ask for Glory
  10. Blue Sari for the 5:30 then?
  11. I don't think these games were lost/drawn because McCrorie wasn't playing, would he really have made much a difference in these games? given he is a battling midfielder & limited going forward. We had 62% possession yesterday with 17 shots, Hibs on Friday the game should have been over at half time with the amount of chances we had. Although i rate McCrorie highly i feel our problems are further up the park, when Morelos is off the whole team is off.
  12. Might go a wee bit each way on it as well then mate! not going to lump it but will put a wee bit on!
  13. Yeah that was obviously a massive mistake and set the tone for the rest of the season
  14. Id imagine the reason hes not played is because we beat Killie 5-0, Hamilton 5-0 & Dundee 4-0. The gaffer is not going to change the team after big wins like that.
  15. Is anyone with a bit of knowledge able to advise me on Galvin at the 13:30? been told to lump it
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