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  1. What is he even insinuating?
  2. Begby


    Pretty strange for him to follow them one after another given he only follows 800 folk, hopefully something in it a risk I would definitely take. What a player when he’s not being a fanny
  3. Begby

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Just googled him to see if there was anywhere reporting us being interested in him and an article came up saying he made the trip cause his wife hates flying fair play that's some shift
  4. Begby

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Probably didn't want his pregnant wife travelling home on her own with their young daughter
  5. Begby

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    I remember being happy when we signed Nicky Law, madness 😂
  6. Begby

    Glen Kamara

    Not overly impressed with this, seems like another laboured in possession run of the mill midfielder. Happy to be proved wrong and I suppose on a free it’s low risk.
  7. That’s where I seen it, had been retweeted by tonnes of taigs. I just assumed it wasn’t him but sounds like it is then. Mental from him jumping in there after that game tbh.
  8. It wasn’t me that put it on Twitter mate, it’s all over that. I don’t know how to delete a post on here but if one of the admins will do it for me just incase. That'll be him in the shit.
  9. looks dead like him as well 😂😂 just can’t imagine John Beaton kicking about in a stone island jacket, Dsquared jeans and prada trainers hahaha
  10. Begby

    Jermain Defoe

    So many old boys from the prem fail in Scotland, would be happy with the signing but a bit apprehensive until he delivered. Anyway I’d imagine wages would be a stumbling block
  11. Begby

    Ryan Jack

    He was brilliant tonight, what a frustrating game that was, we just couldn’t get the breakthrough we were superb though
  12. Begby


  13. Begby


    Thank fuck he’s finally got himself a set of metals, been bambi on ice too many times
  14. Begby

    Steven Davis

    Not seen him play in years so can’t really comment, seems too old though and still a bit of a rat bastard