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  1. Begby

    Sheyi Ojo

    Being deadly serious when i say id rather have Windass and i fucking hate Windass
  2. That’s what I get for betting on the tarrier bastards
  3. 2.30 Barney Roy 4.20 Phoenix of Spain 5.35 Willie John Thats my picks for the day, i know fuck all
  4. Its grown on me a bit however that "we will follow Rangers" is fucking gay
  5. Looking for a ticket for the Stobo Castle Ladies day at Musselburgh next weekend if anyone is cba losing a rake of cash
  6. VAR to be used in both this weeks Champions League Games 3/1, stuck a tenner on it
  7. Thought our right back was brilliant, along with McPake who seemed a cut above the rest. I did not think Dapo, NYC & Kai Kennady stood out massively but that is the only time i have seen them play so i wont judge! Great win boys!
  8. All three are disappointing imo
  9. Teeing off at Castle Stuart at 11:20 will be rushing round to get in the clubhouse for 3pm hopefully wont be too late. Tough game but going to go 3-1 to us
  10. That is unreal that one, mental that’s some random wee guy on a computer can often make nicer kits than the specialist brands 😂
  11. Mad isn’t it!!! Won’t look to pretty even when it’s stitched up
  12. @Rfc52 @Moody Blue Legend Apologies thought it was! fucking grim though
  13. Ended well for him. Released yesterday saying he’s not apologising and it’s the best thing he’s done 😂 suppose that’s karma
  14. not a player but an obvious one is Walter first time round
  15. Begby

    Fifa 19

    https://www.fifauteam.com/new-fifa-20-stadiums-vote-favourites/ Get voting for Ibrox, would love it if it was in the game! Id imagine PES has the rights to it though
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