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  1. pishing myself at this guy behind the goals going wild 😂 well done my man
  2. Fucking YAAAAAAAAAAAS Rangers
  3. Seems the best option for me, dont give there players time or space to play in the middle, then when we break Lafferty knows all about playing up on his own and Kent & Candeias are fast enough on the wings to provide support to him.
  4. Begby

    How much do you expect to win?

    I just look for 4/5 teams that seem good value, near evens sometimes but you'd look at them as the favorite, then depending on the odds stick 10 or 20 on it
  5. Begby

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    I can just imagine mate
  6. Begby

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Sorry i should have posted it right enough didnt want to post it for folk to back it though and to turn out a bogey, that's normally my luck
  7. Begby

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Wish I put more on this now, finished 9-0 livi 😂 seen a message from Liam Kelly that used to play for us and is now at livi saying that they had tonnes of first team boys playing so put it on as soon as I seen that
  8. Begby

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Got that up on Saturday then was up £100 from the roulette in the Corinthians on Saturday night, happy days pays for a new pair of trainers!
  9. Begby

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    I was in Ayia Napa in 2016 & Craigs bar was class. The whole place was absolutely heaving, amazing holiday. Ayia Napa as a whole seems to have quieted down now though which is a shame, was my favorite out of Napa, Ibiza & Maga.
  10. Begby


    Wasn't even in the squad on Saturday, seen him going in the front door about 20mins before ko
  11. Begby

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    Fucking hell how they expect us to show them any ounce of respect is beyond me. Typical slimey fenian cunts
  12. Begby

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    What was their tour of Japan??
  13. Begby

    Club urged SFA not to help Rangers in 2008

    I know it wont happen, and probably wouldn't be much point but id love to see the club make a strong statement on this, might look like a bunch of crybabys but fuck them, its obviously been going on for years and this has finally come from a good source. As for the 'helping' us 5 games in 11 days, complete joke.
  14. Begby

    Fucking media at it again.

    She didn't post the tweets when she was 2 mate