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  1. In all seriousness, just realised how long it has been since I frequently posted in the Bears Den - 2018. Wow... didn't realise it was so far back and largely due to illness, but rest assured I have considerable, 'previous'! From the, 'Rangers related picture thread':
  2. Just meant to be a sample eulogy. It's not easy this, I see now. .... and don't you dare be suspicious - away and see who started the lengthy thread way back, 'Gerrard from Day One' and the list of contributers to our Broxi fund! 😀
  3. That is worth a great deal, thanks for taking the time. Background was being a subscriber, on a non football related forum, where folks were having some fun with the website: http://www.tombstonebuilder.com/ Just create your text and take a snapshot. This is more what I had in mind and wondered if the web site may be of interest, on this topic, here as well.
  4. Has this somehow been taken the wrong way? The point was that we obviously never 'died' it was only the person buried therein. Maybe put too much thought into this... ...or simply not enough. Hope this clarifies though and when in better health, did contribute considerably to the, 'Rangers related picture thread' - just in case anyone is wondering 'otherwise'. Think I was just trying to be overly smart there - lesson duly learned.
  5. You are a bad person. Nonetheless forgiven. Continuing with my parole, wondered if this was a little known photograph, published in the Sporting Life.
  6. Hope this makes up - can't recall how many times I have watched it... If possible, play video on TV @ max volume for full effect. https://youtu.be/U5GUNayUn78
  7. Duly deleted - case of poor judgment there.
  8. I was so delirious with joy... that is some faux pas ("an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation")!!! My grown up children have just seen this and are in absolute hysterics. Waa meant to be a stoat, as in, 'Post is a stoater!' Son has just posted this tale on Facebook...
  9. It's the intoxicating atmosphere of belief all round, that maybe sometimes wonder... is it imaginary!
  10. I had been thinking along the same lines and already saved a screenshot from December, five years ago: Goodness sakes... twas grim indeed! As you say, some comeback though and if it hadn't been for incompetent officiating against Aberdeen and in the League Cup final... Anyway, thanks for bringing up this perspective!
  11. Dear Chris, Such tearful sentiments. Now you just away and dry yourself - we'll get your tissues. There they are...
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