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  1. Callum_Doon

    Domain issues

    Is this the one? Noticed my mobile bookmark was being redirected by searchnow.com, which is a malware, browser, hijacker. Ran a virus/malware scan - nothing detected - then realised it was only this website being affected. Very weird - all evidently sorted now though! As an aside, perhaps the perfect opportunity to highlight the following for those using the Android OS. There's an app, 'Lit Photo', which seamlessly compresses an image by circa 90% - takes seconds and saves a lot of bandwidth if uploading same (...and presumably something similar for other OS's?).
  2. Callum_Doon

    Most Extraordinary Goal Ever?

    That's mental!! Cheers for same... reminds myself of watching a Junior Cup Final, played at Firhill... must have been circa 1966-68. IIRC, a new rule had been brought in, that if the game ended in a draw, as it did, the winner would be decided on who won the most corner kicks. I would only have been 8-10 years old at the time... Am I imaging this?
  3. Callum_Doon

    Most Extraordinary Goal Ever?

    'left winger' and 'Creampuff', can't directly reply as there's nothing to quote and don't want to take up unnecessary bandwidth by copying your uploads... Had forgotten about that Scott Nisbet goal! Sublime!!! Creampuff, that was just a wicked reply!!! If OK to stay on this, how about... the best OG ever...?
  4. As always, apologies if posted before - I never tire of seeing this again! https://youtu.be/lMQ-lwTi7WU
  5. Callum_Doon

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Just fabulous. As an aside, wondered if this maybe worth mentioning...?
  6. Callum_Doon

    The bbc at Ibrox

    Seems remiss, not to include this. Please watch until the very end and heed that legendary advice...
  7. Callum_Doon

    The bbc at Ibrox

    One for us older Bears... Have a great New Year...
  8. Callum_Doon


    "I have never experienced anything like that today, the way they were singing my name for the last 10 minutes, I will take that to the grave". https://m.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/andy-halliday-describes-Rangers-win-as-probably-the-best-day-of-my-life-37665919.html
  9. Callum_Doon

    When your expectations are high...

  10. As a former research journalist, that's a thoroughly well composed article - most imperatively, it evidences all of the salient points.
  11. Callum_Doon

    Tell all the Tim’s you know

    Seven years... took a while to let that sink in there. That long!!! And indeed well earned, at least we're competitive now and massive uplift from dark days in recent years.
  12. Callum_Doon

    Tell all the Tim’s you know

    I thought so - didn't really make any sense otherwise!
  13. Callum_Doon

    Rangers related picture thread

    So, I've posted it previously, to your profound amusement... Fair enough... Not done with this though...! We'll see...! A 'Pirate Program'!!!? Wow, anyone else never come across the likes of such a possibility before?
  14. Callum_Doon

    Rangers related picture thread

    Some more 'old stuff' which has come up and hopefully not duplicated.
  15. Callum_Doon

    Rangers related picture thread