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  1. IIRC, there was a supporters branch who resultantly changed their name to: 'We hate Mo Johnston celtic Supporters Club'. Recall my late dad being livid: 'Have you ever seen anything so pathetic in your life...'.
  2. Never seen this before either. Were you there and was it you who nicked the goalposts! https://youtu.be/MGhp_HTsEYI
  3. Wow... didn't know that, muchas gracias amigo!
  4. Came across this and again, sorry if well known. Just that it was apparently uploaded only two months ago and it's fabulous... https://youtu.be/SK6EDP3WhBk
  5. Was it ever broadcast? I wouldn't know, because in the Scottish Borders we are subjected to ITV Border, based in Carlisle, instead of STV. Do not get me started on that...!
  6. Absolutely for sure, you can see and even feel that tension! Can't find out who made this documentary - they deserve an award, especially for those interviews. Enjoyed Barry's... thought that was particularly, 'heartfelt'...
  7. Delighted that brought back those recollections! The documentary also incorporates Scottish Cup final triumph. Arthur Numan: "The Cup Final was the last game of my career and actually to finish a career winning the treble was a actually a fantastic finish to my football career"...
  8. Due apologies if this has been highlighted previously. However, never personally seen before now and wondered if not only myself... https://youtu.be/rWaBJ9O2dcE
  9. Great to see this being recognised and wisnae just me! Posted this on match thread, just after the goal... "Might I suggest, the more will watch Defoe's part in that goal, the more we will realise what a, class, intelligent player... ....and will always put in some shift for the jersey. Wish we had him for most/all of his career!"
  10. Mowed the lawn, did the relentless weeding, painted the fences and finally got around to cleaning those gutters... Well, would have done... except for other events today and instead sitting in the Sunday afternoon sunshine, with fellow bears, enjoying a cold Belgium premier lager... Not the worst day ever, to be honest...
  11. Just a thought about supposedly being unable to compete... IMHO, do not underestimate just how significant today might be when we look back...
  12. Guys, not only myself who has younglings staring to read this wonderful resource... Hope that makes sense to both of you.
  13. If you think this day couldn't get much better, this encapsulates everything I was hoping for from our manager. Give him another season and more - it was never, ever, going to happen overnight...
  14. I recall he passed a ball out of play... Other than that moment, if it was said he was a significant absence due to injury/suspension, I honestly wouldn't have noticed the difference!
  15. How ya doin' mate! Been away from the forum due to illness. This one's especially for you!
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