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  1. He wasnt playing for Dundee before that. He was injured/downed tools along with others in the Dundee squad. One of the worst teams in the modern Premier League dont stop playing such an impressive player unless for good reason.
  2. I'm not sure the 'art' of bringing through young professionals is about coaching & training, at least once they get to a certain age, say, 18-21. You kinda assume that if the club has done even the slightest amount of homework on the club they are loaning to then the loanee will get passable coaching at the club he moves to. I think the loan system is a way of keeping young players on the books and hoping they develop into senior pros. It's notoriously difficult to predict which youth players will kick on to top class pros and which ones will fall by the wayside. Chelsea have dozens of youth players out on loan. Not every one of them will become EPL class. Loaning them out ensures Chelsea will have every opportunity of seeing which ones will make the grade before releasing them or not.
  3. He, along with a number of others, had effectively downed tools at Dundee earlier this season.
  4. Yup, apart from maybe the 4-2 game that's the most clear cut chances we have created against them this season. In fact it's probably more than we created against them in about 3-4 games combined. Just think back to all that huffing and puffing against them at Hampden in the semi final, we created virtually fuck all that day.
  5. teuchterblue


    This. He's not much different to what we already have, but going by yesterday(I realise it's too early to fully judge) Kamara appears to be better at it.
  6. The game is also live on YouTube if the Alkass site isn't working for folk. The site has been horrific for me to watch live. Sorry, I can't post links on this device.
  7. Still early days but I think he's looking better by the game. If there is further improvement to come then we'll have signed a cracker.
  8. I'm maybe biased because he's one of us but this is one of the most positive and inspirational replies I've heard from a footballer. You'd want this guy in the footballing trenches with you. I think this kid is gonna be a top player either at Rangers or somewhere else.
  9. That's quite a decent move for Dundee. Rossiter, who has also been mentioned as a loan to Dundee, ain't keeping Dundee up. Hardie just might.
  10. Yup, it was always going to take at least 3 transfer windows to fully turn us around imo. The dross of the past couple of years was never going to be overcome after only a single window.
  11. teuchterblue


    This is a fair enough comment, I think. We'll probably know soon enough whether Defoe still has it. I tend to think his natural level now in England is either lower Premiership(Bournemouth wouldn't dare loan or sell him to an epl rival) or somewhere in the Championship. It's almost impossible to predict which players can maintain a high level of play at an older age. Some fall by the wayside drastically in their mid thirties, others can maintain a high standard.
  12. I've thought for most of this season that we are a so-so team who blow hot & cold. It's virtually useless judging this squad of players against wee timid teams at Ibrox when the next game we invariably struggle. It was always going to take at least 3 transfer Windows to turn around this utter pi.sh Gerrard inherited. All we can hope for is to see improvements after each transfer window.
  13. Grezda played well first half, pretty anonymous(understandably) in the second. People really shouldn't take much notice of 'reports' on players. The game is full of pundits, commentators and managers talking absolute bollocks. We bought Grezda For £1.5m. 23 year old footballers signed for 1.5m are rarely outstanding. The best we can hope is that we got a bit of a bargain who will become a mainstay of our team. Right now it's too early to tell but the signs look fairly positive.
  14. Yup, great to have a decisive victory but I have given up judging this Rangers team against pishy SPL teams at Ibrox. An away game against, say, Hibs or Livi will tell us far more imo about the relative strengths of this team than a hammering of Dundee or Well at Ibrox.
  15. That's what happens when you inherit a squad of players containing only a handful of players good enough to be named in a Rangers squad.
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