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  1. teuchterblue

    Pish Result and Performance But...

    I've thought for most of this season that we are a so-so team who blow hot & cold. It's virtually useless judging this squad of players against wee timid teams at Ibrox when the next game we invariably struggle. It was always going to take at least 3 transfer Windows to turn around this utter pi.sh Gerrard inherited. All we can hope for is to see improvements after each transfer window.
  2. teuchterblue


    Grezda played well first half, pretty anonymous(understandably) in the second. People really shouldn't take much notice of 'reports' on players. The game is full of pundits, commentators and managers talking absolute bollocks. We bought Grezda For £1.5m. 23 year old footballers signed for 1.5m are rarely outstanding. The best we can hope is that we got a bit of a bargain who will become a mainstay of our team. Right now it's too early to tell but the signs look fairly positive.
  3. Yup, great to have a decisive victory but I have given up judging this Rangers team against pishy SPL teams at Ibrox. An away game against, say, Hibs or Livi will tell us far more imo about the relative strengths of this team than a hammering of Dundee or Well at Ibrox.
  4. That's what happens when you inherit a squad of players containing only a handful of players good enough to be named in a Rangers squad.
  5. teuchterblue

    I think we need to cash in on Tav and Or Morelos

    I agree with this, I think. These sort of decisions are what make or break a management team and DoF. Very few players are irreplaceable. All options should be considered. If, and it's a big if, our DoF and scouting department think they have identified a number of targets that would improve the team, but financing them was a problem, then a cash injection from the sale of either player should be considered. Would the sale of Tav be worth bringing in 2 or 3 potentially decent midfielders? Answers on a postcard please because I have no idea. It would largely depend upon the faith we have in our new super-duper scouting department.
  6. teuchterblue

    Craig Halkett

    Re Your claim about limited ability. So Lafferty and Arfield are bad signings? Both are limited as fuck but come with the benefit of being pretty cheap. They are good team/squad options. If bargains are out there we need to take a chance on some of them. Let's face it, neither of us have a freaking clue the full potential Halkett can reach.
  7. teuchterblue

    Craig Halkett

    Our primary concern for now should be affordable quality. If some of them are free transfers from Scottish clubs then so be it. But I don't think I'd want too many players from the domestic market. I say this as someone who has absolutely no idea if Hallett is good enough for us. I vehemently disagree that price tags may be irrelevant to us anytime soon. Only the like of Man City and PSG view price tags as unimportant. We will be limiting our expenditure for the foreseeable future even if we get a billionaire investor. IF a quality free transfer is available then we should snap him up, the only issue is if Hallett is quality enough.
  8. teuchterblue

    Craig Halkett

    I didn't say I want to sign him. I haven't seen enough of him. I'm willing to allow the judgement of Mark Allen etc for that. I said our financial means is very limited. Quality bargains are hard to come by. Neither have we a great record of producing great youthful talent. My point was the we need about 4 CB' s of first team quality in our squad. I'm not too fussed if one of them is of limited ability but dirt cheap.
  9. teuchterblue

    Craig Halkett

    It's a game of fine margins. These decisions on who to sign are what makes or breaks a manager or DoF. But at the moment we are still pretty skint. Not only pretty skint but we are not exactly running away with the domestic league. I think it's getting ahead of ourselves to be thinking about future European runs when we concede 3 at Motherwell and let Livi have a barrel load of chances. If he's cheap and MAYBE good enough then he's perhaps worth a punt. If it turns out he's not good enough then we drop him from 3rd to 4th to 5th choice CB pretty quickly. We then let him go with minimum financial cost.
  10. teuchterblue

    Craig Halkett

    You virtually always need to be adding squad options imo. Worrall and McAuley are both short-term signings. What happens next season when Worrall & McAuley have both left the club and Katic, as has every chance of happening, is subject to a bid by, say, Fulham or Wolves?
  11. teuchterblue

    Absolute mind numbing negativity....

    Tbf I spent much of last night's game frustrated, mostly at our inability to create clear cut chances. If we hadn't scored those two late goals, and it was easily possible that we wouldn't stick them away, the forum would be in meltdown this morning. Football is a game of fine margins, I'm still ecstatic about the result, but the performance AT TIMES showed glaring examples as to why we are struggling in the league. After this Sunday's game we'll once more either be brilliant or shite. There is no room for an inbetwen opinion on this team.
  12. teuchterblue

    Zak rudden to become a top player

    I think if he keeps scoring there is every chance he returns to us in January. By then we'll have a more accurate appraisal of how he is progressing in the lower leagues.
  13. teuchterblue

    At Ibrox

    And he should throw multi-coloured confetti in the air as players walk out away from home.
  14. teuchterblue

    After 7 games last season

    True, but Gerrard has got us to the Europa League(with all the rotation problems that also brings). Plus, more importantly imo, a manager should expect to inherit a reasonable squad of players to work with. Gerrard inherited a shower of complete sh.ite. He has had to build pretty much from scratch(and spent relatively little). He mostly gets a pass for this season from me.
  15. teuchterblue

    Ryan Kent

    I can't help but think this is a large part of the reason. Let's just wait and see how they perform in all the Europa league games before congratulating ourselves on uncovering these talents. How they play at home against the likes of Dundee and St Johnstone isn't going to tell us much about their ultimate standard.