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  1. He's a wanker mate. Sad bastard loves trolling folk for no reason and completely derails every fucking thread, then his wee arse bandit forum mates come along, same ones every time to like his posts whilst giggling away like a bunch of poofs.
  2. It gets them away from that depressing shithole for a few hours, don't blame the woolly bastards.
  3. It's just a bit of fun and it's the taking part that counts sunshine.
  4. I'd rather 55 by far this season. We can't beat Motherwell and Livingston so what chance have we got of winning the Europa anyway.
  5. They can Ram their request up their Baackside.
  6. She needs to retire and go back to acting. She was fucking brilliant in the Green Mile.
  7. Probably a combination of lack of sleep, alcohol and weed.
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