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  1. Like too see big George and Niko in for this. Bring body bags for any Livi players who go near them.
  2. Was at the game, and he was immense! Hopefully he can carry it over, as I don’t quite think he’s been at his best this season.
  3. Fod Tav Katic George Halliday Aribo King Jack Barker Defoe Murph this is a game to get rotation in, emotional game Thursday, another coming up, this should be a stroll. A lot of guys with stuff to prove, let them do it
  4. Not even sure if possible, but it’d be nice to see Tav give up his #2 for this. Let Ricksen have his night.
  5. UEFA will demand a replay of the match as penalty. To avoid a similar situation at Ibrox, the game will be played in Poland. Rangers will play with 10 men as punishment for allowing those flares past security.
  6. Shag Tav Swede Katic Borna Aribo Jack Arfield Ojo Morelos Kent plenty of depth for European rotation.
  7. The high of qualifying for Europe days before made the fall back down that much worse. It wasn’t necessarily the result, but how it happened. Players weren’t up for it. Manager wasn’t up for it. Disappointing all around. Hopefully this provides a lesson and reminder for future games.
  8. They tried to keep us out; said 3000 couldn’t go but it doesn’t fcking matter cuz we’ve got el Buffalo !!!!
  9. Same lineup as first leg, bring on Jones around 60’ to keep pace high on the wing. Legia defenders were hopeless late in that game but Ojo had nothing left in the tank.
  10. How long until the “Kamara doesn’t fit our style” thread begins ?
  11. Let’s just remember the name that was on the number 9 jersey a few months ago .... I think we’ll be okay
  12. his best moment of the year was having a good game against them. whoa. a complete hold your breath defender. im sure he has more to offer, just seems at times like he thinks he is better than the league. id rather someone who at least pretends to give a fuck
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