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  1. Play him. His scoring has dipped (disappeared) but his play off the ball allows Hagi and Aribo to excel. He makes this team better. As long as he’s here, he plays.
  2. Turns out this is what they meant by everyone, anyone
  3. Cancel their season. Bring Hearts back up.
  4. Really thought a couple weeks of training and a game against Hamilton would be enough to get us to mid season form .......
  5. For those of you who have heard enough about that fat prick, here’s a picture of a jacket most of us will surely over pay for
  6. Explains why all the XXXXL sold so quick. Fat prick bought them for himself
  7. Better chance to see him in their midfield than managing
  8. Auchenhowie baby, it’s just different
  9. thread is stuck on 54 pages. Kit release will bring us to 55
  10. West Ham and Leverkusen were in on him, a good sign. Praise from Maddison as well.
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