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  1. Could it be Jack? I think we've all just come to expect great performances from him. He's the best midfielder in the country and has grown immensely under SG. When Tav leaves to England, Jack is my captain.
  2. This team can bring us 55. Having said that, I think it's important to add a few pieces to show we aren't content. Send the message that the board is all in the scum are as mentally weak as they've been in a long time, a couple half decent signings could end them
  3. Croatian Manager with some interesting comments today ... “It would be so special for Borna and Niko to play for Croatia in Glasgow [during the European Championships] and that has to be their target,” Dalic told the Daily Record. “I watched them in the Old Firm game and was so pleased for both of them. It was a victory for Rangers but I can tell you we also celebrated in Croatia.” “Borna Barisic is now the number one left-back in my team and I have watched Niko closely. I considered him for the last game but he wasn’t in the Rangers side but I hope he can maintain his level and he’s in my thoughts for the next game.”
  4. Imagine his value if he can manage a decent EURO showing
  5. Why not create our own program to help officials with replay. Cut costs for lower earning teams. We could rename it "Finding The Problems" England can have VAR, we'll use FTP
  6. Can't imagine that celebration if he scores there ....6 game ban probably.
  7. One of the biggest teams in world football gets treated like a minnow in its own league. Morelos, a young dynamic player, should be the face of this league. Guy is a superstar, but gets treated like a useless nobody player. Never seen anything so blatant. Fuck them all. WATP
  8. Even if Alfie starts, he won’t get a full 90. Let Defoe have this game and score 4. Bigger things ahead for buff than away to Hamilton.
  9. Like too see big George and Niko in for this. Bring body bags for any Livi players who go near them.
  10. Was at the game, and he was immense! Hopefully he can carry it over, as I don’t quite think he’s been at his best this season.
  11. Fod Tav Katic George Halliday Aribo King Jack Barker Defoe Murph this is a game to get rotation in, emotional game Thursday, another coming up, this should be a stroll. A lot of guys with stuff to prove, let them do it
  12. Not even sure if possible, but it’d be nice to see Tav give up his #2 for this. Let Ricksen have his night.
  13. UEFA will demand a replay of the match as penalty. To avoid a similar situation at Ibrox, the game will be played in Poland. Rangers will play with 10 men as punishment for allowing those flares past security.
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