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  1. Fuck me fell asleep around 65 mins, just woke up
  2. Lets get these pumped Rangers.....Intae them NS WATP!
  3. www.hesgoal.com/news/42817/Rangers_vs_Kilmarnock_----_PC.html
  4. Wisnae happy with SG's 'Rome wasn't built in a day' comment......Would have been better if he used this analogy imho ' Baby Bull said to Daddy bull, lets run down this hill and fuck one of them cows., Daddy Bull looking at Baby Bull says, Fuck up son...….Lets walk down the hill and fuck em all'
  5. Its just unfuckingacceptable!!! Perform like that in your own day job week in week out and youd get your baws kicked..... Fuck knows what the answer is?
  6. Just disappointed as fuck mate, has cost me a fortune coming up from Newcastle this season, fucking skint, fucking pissed off...….
  7. Turdidge, just Fucking Turdige that is all!
  8. I have had the misfortune of seeing people who have been shot rolling around less than that...… We're getting FUCKED hang on lets try for an Oscar!!! Pure Pish by the way. Man the fuck up and get into them. # Raging
  9. This is so disappointing.... We've got absolutely FUCK ALL in our locker,
  10. www.streameast.live/soccer/Rangers-vs-aberdeen/
  11. Mon Rangers...…… Fuck the game plan..... Lets get stuck in to these sheep shaggers.
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