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  1. Fuck them firty manky greetin faced scum of the earth rotten child molesting un washed Pedo covering up bastards..... That is all!
  2. We're up to our knees in PEDO blood Surrender or you'll Die........ Has a no bad ring to it.....Swifly followed by Big Jock New 😆
  3. Next week, turn the heating up in there dressing room and we'll get them pumped....
  4. in SG's game plan we trust...….give them some deep blue hero stuff @ 1/2 time Stevie!!!
  5. Can see a real difference from last year imho
  6. We're really gonna have to want this tonight, hopefully SG will ignite the belief at half time!!
  7. Mon the famous intae these green and black polish punters!!
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