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  1. They shafted fergie with that horse, turns into a superstar suddenly he only got a loan of it!
  2. Absolute scorcher that day, had £10 e/w on rock of Gibraltar to win the guineas found out it won after the game. Back in the days before the dreaded 3 day hangover!!
  3. Lucky the Leverkusen game was home 1st, that’s banked a few quid just days before shutdown...
  4. 1hr 15min 30secs... Different class of bampot back then 😂😂😂
  5. Yes totally, market should be weaker after this
  6. His fee will defo be less than if he had went last summer, I think there will be a downturn on all players wages & tranfer fees, huge economic dip is on the way imo
  7. To get in there would need to be consensus from the other clubs, why would Leeds, palace, villa, Newcastle etc etc... want another resourceful team that can take there place in the money tree of football the EPL....
  8. I think he has shown enough in flashes that if given time to settle down & get into the game here then he could be great player for us.
  9. Hopefully the games aren’t rescheduled, let’s be honest we’ve no chance of winning it, them getting it by default takes the shine of it & fucks the chances of another treble, the Scottish cup will defo be declared void/no winner
  10. Couldn’t give 2 fucks about this, the sooner this season is finished the better
  11. 25% possession not a shot on goal in 45 mins. At home against a decent but not brilliant team is embarrassing
  12. In all seriousness, he is a wonderful player & the staff thought they had the deal over the line, wouldn’t have solved everything but would have scored & made goals
  13. Did you see the goal he scored a few weeks back, cracking player he would have improved us going forward no doubt.
  14. On the odd time get a programme always doubted that the player had any input into the article at all
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