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  1. Make a substitution, change the formation, do something fuck sake
  2. Did they start heating the pies then turn off the ovens at 1pm... will they be ok for consumption now been heated twice, this is what we need to know
  3. Right stevie 2 up front - Morelos & kamberi, take 5 of this mob
  4. Last 32 from a tough europa group, 1st win at parkhead in years, forgetting the last few weeks a good 1st half of the campaign... I assume we have more points now than we did this time last year
  5. I’m impressed with gerrard, he’s not done everything right but he’s done more right than wrong... you don’t become a bad coach in 4 weeks I have no doubt he will keep improving the team
  6. The conspiracy theories regarding Dubai.... we played the same football on Boxing Day as we have since after the winter break
  7. Start a run of winning league games, pap hearts out the Scottish cup, get to last 16 in Europe
  8. And it’s no double figures if we win it read the post I was replying to
  9. The performances this year in Europe against teams that are of higher standard than any of the shite in Scotland tells me we will get back on track
  10. gerrard took over an absolute fucking shambles - this was never gonna be a quick fix
  11. You’ll obviously no be going to any more cup games then this season
  12. Aye they probably will win it, double figures you need help if you think that
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