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  1. Domestically this season they averaged 2.5 goals a game before he arrived and only drew a blank once every 8 games, in the 14 games under Lennon they're averaging 1.4 goals per game and drawing a blank ever 3.5 games. Even in their cup final on Saturday they only registered 2 shots on target the entire game and it took a penalty from a dive to get them over the line against a woeful half strength hearts team. Rangers must get this summer spot on, we will never have a better chance. Edit: also just seen Lawwell in the papers this morning insisting that celtic aren't in need of any major rebuilt and that the the squad is fine.
  2. We hold the psychological edge now. There will be little pressure on Gerrard as no one would expect him to take over a shambolic Rangers and deliver a title in his first attempt at first team management. However, if Rogers were to lose against a rookie with a fraction of his budget it would end his career, nobody would think of him as a serious candidate again for any job and he must know it. His team are constantly going backwards no matter what he tries to fix it and he knows now after the last game that this Rangers team mean business. Add this to the fact that we're making signings that despite their age definitely improve use, while he's been forced to take yet more gambles on unknown 'prospects' who more often than not aren't worth a fuck, which is why he's still largely reliant on deila's team after what, 20 signings? I usually bite my tongue given the amount of false dawns we've had, but I'm allowing myself to get all optimistic this time.
  3. Shake up required after last night. Mind we tried a 5-3-2 at the start of the season (motherwell?) have we ever tried it since? Could be worth looking at again with the few extra players that came in since. McGregor Goldson McAuley Katic/Worrall Tav Barisic Jack Mcrorie/Rossiter Kent Lafferty Grezda
  4. Here's a question, why aren't celtic sueing Torbett? If I set up a company, called it Amazon and used the Amazon logo, then used that company as a front for illegal activity then I'm sure that the actual Amazon Inc would send an army of lawyers after me for not only infringement but also bringing their company into disreupt. I'm no legal eagle but is this not an avenue celtic should be taking if the boys club really had nothing to do with them?
  5. See for me the fact that they think being outraged by one of the worst crimes it's possible to commit is solely motivated by point scoring perfectly sums them up. Twisted fucks are so morally bankrupt that the can't even recognise a natural human emotion. The victim mentality has become so deeply ingrained within their support that anything even slightly negative towards celtic is automatically viewed as some kind of sectarian assault on their irish catholic heritage, and any narrative regardless of context must be seized and turned into an opportunity to attack anyone who doesn't toe their line. And to think they have the nerve to call us zombies.
  6. Ok forgive me if I'm missing the point, but does a link between them and the boys club even fucking matter? I mean do you need a legal obligation before you can start being a decent human being and just do the right thing? They knew, they could of stopped it, they didn't, end of. If I had evidence that my neighbour was a rapist do I need to have some sort of legal link to him before I could inform the police and spare more potential victims? Is that how they think this works? It's unbelievable that after the last 6 years of hammering us for using for using a legal loophole to save on some tax they're now trying to use a legal technically to try and absolve themselves from their moral failings of standing by and knowing the lives of children where being destroyed in the must horrific of ways. Disgusting, reprehensible, sub-human cunts. Never again can they be allowed to lecture anyone on morality. Never.
  7. Do euro competitions still require a certain number of 'home grown' players in their squads? Have they ever registered a boys club player as a product of their academies?
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